What’s In Your Yogurt?

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And no, I don’t mean what do you add in. I mean what is already in there that you don’t want. For me, the answer to that is artificial sweeteners. I’ve recently become a lot more aware of those and have been trying to cut back. And now that I see how many of my favorite yogurts have aspartame or sucralose in them, I’m saddened and shocked. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not cutting artificial sweeteners out of my life completely. I’m going to put a Sweet & Low in my coffee every time, but I feel better knowing that I’m putting 1 Sweet & Low, and not that some factory is putting in God knows how much. I’ll also still have a diet soda once and a while because everything in moderation and I just can’t give up a good diet Mountain Dew.

But back to the yogurt, that’s a food I love and consume at any time of day. So I’m thinking it should have natural ingredients to keep me energized and running right. That’s why I’m setting this challenge for myself and anyone out there willing to take it: only eat all natural yogurt. I’m cleaning out all the yoplait lights and weight watchers from my refridgerator(bye, bye, Boston Creme Pie :,-() . The next task is to figure out which yogurts to put back in. I know StonyFields has a lot of natural flavors, but I haven’t been a huge fan of them in the past. I always have a Trader Joe’s plain Greek yogurt in there since that’s such a good value. I’ve been thinking of picking up a 12-pack of Chobani from BJ’s, which might also save a buck or two.

In terms of flavors, I’m starting to see that I will be increasing my options rather than reducing.  A tablespoon of jam or preserves will liven up a half cup of Greek yogurt while adding a moderate amount of good sugar. A couple mini peanut butter cups, PB Puffins, or crushed up Andes mints wouldn’t hurt either. Hell, I could even buy a Boston Creme pie at Hannafords and blend that in there.

So that’s the goal I’m putting out there for myself and anyone else willing to try. On a side note, I need to get to the movie theaters this weekend because there are so many good movies coming out. The Hangover looks hilarious, and My Life In Ruins looks about 75% like a foretelling of my own life from the trailer. What movie out there do you want to see?


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One Response to “What’s In Your Yogurt?”

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Hey, I totally agree with you here! Yogurt is touted as a healthy food but it’s been so corrupted by all of these companies adding artificial sweeteners or heinous amounts of corn syrup and sugar. Let me add my own sugar and mix-ins!!!

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