Where To Eat: Ufood Grill

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Boston has a lot to offer culinarily(is that a word? doesn’t matter). There’s a lot to decide when you want to go out for lunch: Should I eat at a chain resteraunt or a mom and pop joint? What type of food do I want? Is this going to put a hole in my wallet? Clearly, it would take quite the restaraunt to be able to satisfy all these questions and more.

Ufood Grill is located in 4 locations around Boston. I have visited the Commons and Fenway buildings. Both of these have a tiny yet cozy interior, though truth be told they could use an expansion(then again, space is hard to find in Boston). Most of their menu options range between 5 and 8 dollars, offering sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, and a medley of side dishes including their famous Unfries. The small chain boasts using the finest and freshest ingredients which are good for you, as well as complete cutomization of your meal; you can switch out whole wheat wraps and buns and substitute tofu for any of their meats in their wraps. Lastly, in every Ufood Grill is a Uberry which has a complete line of protein smoothies as well as their own frozen yogurt which has 90 calories per 4oz


I thoroughly enjoy this restaraunt for many reasons. First of all, after reviewing the nutritional information on their site, http://www.ufoodgrill.com/index.html, it’s quite clear that you’ll have a hard time making an unhealthy decision. The menu truely has a variety of flavors, from the simple chicken caesar salad, to an italian meatball wrap, to an asian tofu bowl, to the American standby: burgers. The chain even offers bison burgers, certainly a rare find in Boston! This health chain never skimps on the flavor of the sauce as others might making all of their dishes enjoyable. Their famous side, the Unfries, certainly have a lighter, almost soggier, texture than their fried cousins, but are an enjoyable healthy indulgence nonetheless. I would suggest, however, that you stay away from the Uberry; the flavor of the yogurt is deliciously tart but an 8oz serving will cost you 3.50 and their fresh toppings add a dollar to that. Certainly, the things to try here are the bison burger and the Chopstick Chicken Ubowl


So next time you’re in Boston and need a reliable place to eat that’ll satisfy any taste bud, be sure to check out Ufood Grill.

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