There’s A “No” In Normal

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I wish I could bring you sunny pictures or some fine dining but it’s been rainy and gloomy here in New England for a week now and I’m afraid that’s not on the agenda. Yesterday I made The Peanut Butter Boy’s PB & Chocolate Scones(sans the chocolate) and they went great with a nice cup of joe. Oh, and I added a 3rd carton to my exclusive pints-of-ice-cream-I’ve-eaten-in-one-sitting collection, but that was about all the excitement. Instead, I can offer is some ramblings on a little thing called life.


It’s silly when little questions lead to big answers. I started with “Do I take a rest day? Run 4 miles? Or maybe today I’ll aim for 7.5?” This is a question I ask myself pretty much every morning. And then, after making a decision, comes the natural: What do I eat? Here’s a little fact about me: I’m currently trying to gain weight and calorie count to make sure I get (at least) 2500 calories a day. And every day I end up right around 2500, even though I have different activity levels every day. But does this make sense? Should I be having 200 calories more on days I run 8 miles? Well, maybe, but I’ve set 2500 as my normal(Here’s where the title comes in).

But there clearly is no normal; every day has its subtle nuances that makes it unique. So why do we set and follow “norms”? Well, my only answer is because they work. In this particular case, sure I may burn more calories on certain days than others, but I am slowly and steadily gaining weight so clearly it’s working. Go with what works. That’s the grander lesson. Nothing’s perfect, but certain things come closer to perfection than others. And so, until we find something better, we tend to stick with what we got.

So naturally this leads to another question: What can we do to reach those almost perfect things? Well, it’s not easy. It’s a lot of trial and error, but here are some points I’ve thought of.

  • Firstly, stop thinking about “things” and start thinking about people. A good friend is worth more than any object. Find normalcy in family and friends because they’ll never let you down in the long run.
  • Find comforting(and healthy :-P) prepackaged foods. Think about it; things that come out of a box always taste the same. Load up on the ones you love and keep them close by. Maybe don’t do this if your comfort food is deep-fried twinkies, but rather look for foods that have some nutritional merit as well. My picks are below.


  • Don’t be afraid to be boring. I hate it when people point out the things that I constantly do, or the foods that I constantly eat. But then I try and swap it up, add some excitement to my life, and that I often hate more. I’m not saying never try new things, I’m just saying be yourself. You know what you like so don’t listen to others and live your own life.
  • Learn to laugh because there really is no normal. I’ll admit this is what I have the most trouble with; I’m the first to throw a hissy fit over the littlest, stupidest thing. But it’s definitely something I’ve noted about myself and will work on.

One addendum: Check out IowaGirl’s awesome giveaway here: I’ve been eyeing the PureBars at Hannafords, what a great prize that’d be!


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2 Responses to “There’s A “No” In Normal”

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Such good reminders 🙂

Love those scones – one of my fave foods!

Good to know other people are “boring” like me. Dangit, there are some foods I just like and yes I’m going to eat them EVERY day. So what! Who has time to be a gourmet at every meal?!

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