Rest Day?

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Ugh, the rain is back in New England apparently 😦 Maybe this will actually get me to take a rest day. It’s been over two weeks now and I’ve squeezed in a run every day, and I think my bones are starting to feel it but my mind isn’t. Anyone else find they have a hard time not running? I think getting on some sort of a training program would help me moderate my running/rest days, but I’m not sure which one to use since I’m not training for anything. Suggestions?

Well, if running’s of the to-do list, there’s plenty other things to keep me entertained. Definitely going to Market Basket where I’ll be picking up some goodies, but probably not too much new stuff since I can’t think of anything new to try. Maybe I’ll pick up some exotic fruit on sale; I’ve been slowly working fresh veggies and fruits back into my diet because I’m finding they don’t keep me as full or bloated as they did when I started gaining weight. Oh brocolli, how I missed thee! Speaking of gaining weight, I’ve gone up 3.6 lbs since Friday lol. It’s a little dissapointing when the change is that drastic since you know something funky’s going on there.

Today I’m also going to make a list of books I want to read over the summer. I just feel like my days are basically 1) running 2) eating 3) internet and I’d love to add a 4th thing to spice things up. Right now, I have The Beak of The Finch to read for school. I started The Poe Shadow in December so I might pick that back up. I got the Food Network’s How To Boil Water to learn cooking tips and tricks, and I have a teach-yourself-Italian book which I think I’ll try my hand at. I tought myself French this past year leading up to my March vacation, but I think I’ve forgotten most of it, so I might have to blow the dust off that book as well. What else should I think of reading?

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2 Responses to “Rest Day?”

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The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a good one. I read that this past winter. As far as training plans go, there are some out there that have up to six days a week for running with one day completely dedicated to rest. You could try your hand at 5 days a week of running and one day of cross-training, like biking or swimming. Your overall fitness will improve significantly if you mix things up instead of running all the time. The body eventually adapts to running and makes itself more efficient. Changing it up also allows you to strengthen muscles not used in running and prevent injury. While I run a lot on the days that I do run, I always have at least one rest day and one cross-training day a week. It’s worked for me so far (knock on wood)! 🙂

Healthy Skeptic & In Defense of Food are two good foodie books!

Definitely give PB yogurt a try. You can surely taste it, but it is not overwhelming…it depends on how much you use! But it’s sooo good! 😀

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