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After going through a mountain of circulars and clipping some coupons I noshed on this little guy:

Juicy Peach

Juicy Peach

Peaches seem to be a favorite of bloggers, myself included. This turned out to be a cling peach, which I don’t like nearly as much as the free stone peaches(although not liking nearly as much is still liking a lot). Any other people with a preference one way or the other? I also like peaches with a darker orange flesh. White peaches are just not up my alley, sorry to get all racist on ya’ll. For lunch we were grilling but I did my own thing.

Turkey And Avocado Sandwich, Newman's Own Organic White Cheddar Soycrisps

Turkey And Avocado Sandwich, Newman's Own Organic White Cheddar Soycrisps

Turkey and avocado is just so tried and true I couldn’t turn it down once it got in my head. And I really like the Newman’s Own Organic white cheddar soycrisps(and the fact that they sent me 2 bags since the first is almost gone ;-)) They’re much better than their barbeque counterpart I decided after trying these again. For dessert I killed some dead weight:

Stonyfield Cookie's N Dream Frozen Yogurt

Stonyfield Cookie's N Dream Frozen Yogurt

Doesn’t it feel good to empty out a pint and make room? I don’t even know what I’m going to replace this with, but I’m already racing my mind. Any suggestions are welcome so long as it’s an all-natural brand/flavor.

I really didn’t think today would be all that exciting or interesting until my mom came up with a great idea–berry picking! We went to Tougas Farm a while back for blueberry picking, from which we still have some berries, but this time we wanted something different. We decided to be fancy and mix it up.

August 23rd 004

August 23rd 005We decided to get 1 pint of blackberries and 3 of raspberries, since raspberries are just that pro(and so expensive to buy in the store). I really kick the other people in this family’s asses butts when it comes to picking berries, mostly because I find the really ripe ones and then put them in my container instead of my mouth. I ended up doing about half the total picking, including this pint which I proudly labeled after getting home.

My Pint O' Raspberries

My Pint O' Raspberries

Peaches were also in season at the farm(!!) but there was a bushel minimum. I enjoy my peaches, but a bushel plus the ones we already had would make enough pies for a Southern State Fair, so we just bought some already picked. I asked the lady distributing them who said they were free stone, which has me pumped to try one.

Tougas Farm's Peaches

Tougas Farm's Peaches

After that my parents needed to get some coffee from price chopper. Folgers is definitely not the best part of waking up, but they got 2 containers for 3 dollars, which I must admit was a killer deal. We also stopped at Trader Joe’s for some whole wheat hot dog buns for an upcoming meal. I was also getting the snackaroo’s at this point and figured it was a great chance to try one of Trader Joe’s muffins.

Trader Joe's Carrot Ginger Muffin

Trader Joe's Carrot Ginger Muffin

Normally, I’d say avoid any store or cafe muffin, but Trader Joe’s are the real deal. They’re well sized with decent nutritional stats–full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. I love that all the ingredients make sense and are things I would put in my muffins. And what I love more is that I don’t have to lift a finger to make them 🙂 I chose the carrot ginger flavor since it sounded like my most beloved dessert–the carrot cake. The carrot and ginger flavor was present but subtle, which I liked because it made this muffin taste like a muffin and not a dessert. The oatmeal and oatbran added a lot of texture, and the water, oil, and white grape juice kept the muffin moist. Overall it was a great, filling snack and would make a killer on-the-go breakfast. I definitely want to stock up on these to shove in the freezer and heat up whenever I’m feeling a wee bit lazy.

Before dinner I took a little note from my previous day:

Stonyfield After Dark Chocolate With 365 Crunchy Peanut Butter

Stonyfield After Dark Chocolate With 365 Crunchy Peanut Butter

2 pints free from the fridge? Ooo, I could buy a quart of ice cream now 🙂 Another pick-up from Trader Joe’s was some Wild Atlantic Salmon for dinner.

Summer Squash, Atlantic Salmon With Homemade Sauce, Trader Joe's Brown Rice Medley

Summer Squash, Atlantic Salmon With Homemade Sauce, Trader Joe's Brown Rice Medley

I made my own sauce for the salmon instead of turning to my standby Island Soyaki and am so glad I did. All I did was take 1 part apricot preserves to 1 part soy sauce, added a few squirts of agave nectar and zested a little lemon and voila. It was light and citrusy and asian, so basically perfect for this meal.

Of course dessert started with this little number:

Plain Greek Yogurt With Agave Nectar, Raspberries, And Slivered Almonds

Plain Greek Yogurt With Agave Nectar, Raspberries, And Slivered Almonds

I totally had this in mind when I was picking my berries. It’s one of those combos that you just know works and is going to be good. Nothing beats berries and cream in the Summer, am I right? I tried to toast the almonds for 6 minutes, which didn’t really work but I was feeling a little impatient. If you have the time to, toast away–it really brings the flavor out. Then I noshed on a little more homemade banana bread with coffee.

Banana Goodness Bread With Coffee

Banana Goodness Bread With Decaf Coffee

One idea I had was to bake the bread with instant coffee granules to give it a bit of a mocha taste, but if it had any caffeine in it I probably would be afraid to eat it past 5pm because, yes, I am that much of a lightweight.

This morning I really didn’t know what to run so I did the same 6.7 as yesterday. My time was only 1 minute slower than yesterday, which I thought was pretty good considering my legs weren’t feeling 100% and I was slightly bored/hesitant running the same path. Maybe I’ll be spending more time on Google Maps today looking for something new. As I write I’m sitting down to a deliciously orange breakfast:

Carrot Juice, Peach, Carrot Ginger Muffin With SB PB, And Wallaby Yogurt

Carrot Juice, Peach, Carrot Ginger Muffin With SB PB, And Wallaby Yogurt

I love whole grains at breakfast but I always turn to toast or oatmeal. One of the challenges of the breakfast challenge for me has been how to work whole grains in in a new way, to which my response is this delicious muffin top, smothered in peanut butter. The peach from the farm wasn’t really free stone, but it didn’t matter. It was so ripe and buttery it all practically fell apart and tastes amazing. Alas, that was the last of my quart of Wallaby Vanilla Bean yogurt that I got for 2.50. That was a good Whole Foods sale. Today I plan on getting a lot more college stuff done. i can’t believe I move in in less than 2 weeks; it seems so close yet so far!


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7 Responses to “Pick Me! Pick Me!”

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yumm I love homemade banana bread!! I’m lovin’ all of those peaches as well!! Lots of good eats.

i love peaches, too! however, i really only discovered them about 2 weeks ago. i know, what was i thinking?! so i don’t know what my favorite varieties are yet. i just know that it is REALLY hard to find ripe/good ones around here right now.

you peach bigot, you.

Oh man, I get super excited when there’s new space in the freezer… In fact, I’ve got a corner just waiting to be filled right now 🙂

Fruit picking is so much fun!! I can’t wait for Fall-time apple picking! Ok I can wait because summer is my fave, but it’s so satisfying!

i’m a peach freak…i think i prefer the stone ones just cause they’re easier to cut. i’m lazy.

I’m sooo jealous that you got to go berry picking, I’ve always wanted to do that! I doubt many berries would make it back home with me, though, because I would instantaneously eat them all! That carrot ginger muffins also looks super yummy:)

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