Roaming With The Roomie

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Hey y’all. Lemme give you a low down on the weekend. I’m probably not going to have time to post my regular hilariousness(oh he thinks highly of himself). Well turn those frowns upside down, because I do have several product reviews ready to be posted that I’ll put up in place of my dailies, and hopefully be back and blogging by Monday. Get it? Got it. Good.

Yesterday was basically all a-go-go so I’m glad I fueled well, starting with this guy:

Homemade Lemon Cashew Nectar Bar

Homemade Lemon Cashew Nectar Bar

I had the other half of the bar from yesterday. Cleaning out your freezer definitely has its perks, like discovering tasty little goodies you forgot about. I grabbed this and felt like stretching my arch which gave me some trouble on the run by taking a walk. On the route I came across this lil’ bugger:



Was he not a little weird? His head and behind were bright green, and his mid section silver. I seriously thought he got a heavy dose of spray paint but it seemed au natural. The second I got home I needed to whip up a lunch to eat in the car.

Vegan Veggie Burger With Avocado, Habanero FSTG Chips

Vegan Veggie Burger With Avocado, Jalapeno FSTG Chips

How can you ever go wrong with a nuked soy burger topped with avodaohmythat’sgood? I also gave the jalapeno Food Should Taste Good nachos a try because I wanted something spicy on my plate. My oh my did these deliver. At first I didn’t find them particularly flavorful and then I hit a pepper and got my wish and more. These might have been a little too intense to eat plain. I’d love to try them with a wet and chunky salsa. Mild will do–these definitely bring their own kick!

Well I ate in the car because we were on the way to my old stomping grounds.

Boston University

Boston University

Honestly, I don’t think I gave myself enough time away from this place. It was nice seeing some of the old faculty but it had only been 3 months. I had much higher expectations of seeing all the same people even walking down the street whom I would pass daily last year. But the times have changed and a new bunch of froshes arrived and it just felt weird.

Well we only stayed at my school for 20 minutes before going to Boylston to meet up with my new roommate! I must admit: I was very nervous going into this and felt kind of awkward. Then I thought “You’re feeling awkward about meeting someone you’re going to live with for the next year?” Yeah, that definitely got me over it and I walked in with a positive mind. After a bit of searching, my mom and I found him and his mom and said our hellos. Right away they were starving so we brought them to Ufood Grill right around the corner to sit and chat. Turns out I’m basically living with myself! He’s very chill, a lover of good food, messy but not dirty, and did I mention chill? He’s actually 20 and spent the past 2 years at a school in Hong Kong. How cool’s that?! While we were learning about each other I grabbed a snack:

Tart & Raspberry FroYo Swirl

Tart & Raspberry FroYo Swirl

I never got these at Ufood because we always went for lunch and I would be full after my meal but I figured I’d get some today. It was deliciously tart, like a plain low-fat yogurt. We talked a bit more and found just how alike we are: Last month I showed my parents this restaurant and said I would be interested in eating there. Raw and vegan obviously didn’t appeal to my family enough for them to take me, but it turns out they went to that restaurant just last night after wandering around the city and coming upon it by chance–how random!

After that we walked around a bit and talked some more. They really wanted to see something famous so we took them to Mike’s Pastry:

Mike's Pastry

Mike's Pastry

Where I had this:

Coffee And Bina's Peanut Butter Cup

Coffee And Bina's Peanut Butter Cup

Confession: The peanut butter cup was not from Mike’s; it was actually from Bina’s alimentari where we stopped at a bit earlier. Mike’s is authentic Italian-American treats, but Bina’s is the real Italian deal. Things there are made in such smaller batches and it’s so less commercial that it really comes out in the quality. Case in point: My roomate and his mom split a cannoli, but we forgot to tell them to ask for ricotta so they got the commercial cream filled ones, which just aren’t as good. Oh well, now they have something to go back for.

After that we walked around some more. These people really like to walk apparently. Don’t they run 6 miles in the morning? Haha I guess that’s just me. We ended up saying goodbye to them at their hotel and heading home rather late. We didn’t get home until 7:30 which none of us were expecting. I kind of threw this dinner up on the fly:

Bison Burger With Basil And Steak Sauce, Refried Pinto Beans, Yellow Corn FSTG Nachos

Bison Burger With Basil And Steak Sauce, Refried Pinto Beans, Yellow Corn FSTG Nachos

Let me tell you, this did NOT taste like a thrown-together-on-the-fly dinner. That was the last of the bison burgers I made a while back. So sad to see them go; what’s tastier than a patty you make with your own hands? And for nachos from a bag, those Food Should Taste Good chips tasted better than the stuff they make in house at most Mexican restaurants. It was crisp and not greasy, with that perfect corny taste. The flavor was good enough for it to be eaten on its own and subtle enough to enjoy refried beans with. Another Food Should Taste Good Winner!

Getting back so late, I had A LOT to catch up with on the web and what not. needless to say I needed a pick me up and turned to a pint.

Carrot Cake Ice Cream

Carrot Cake Ice Cream

What kind of pint did you think I’d be talking about? Of course I finished off the Rice Divine Carrot Cake ice Cream. I loved the bits of hermit cookie dough in this one and definitely want to try one of the company’s other fun flavors. Like I mentioned, my google reader was all in bold, but I worked my way through it. Afterwards I had soe good ol’ breads and spreads.

Toast With Almond Butter And Raspberry Jam, Deep Chocolate Vitatop

Toast With Almond Butter And Raspberry Jam, Deep Chocolate Vitatop

I nuked the vitatop for about 10 seconds more than normal and it came out amazingly soft and pillowy. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, as Guy Fieri would say. Salted almond butter and raspberry in my opinion is one of the best combinations out there; you get the saltiness and the tartness. It’s even better on Trader Joe’s 10 grain bread with sunflower seeds. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, that’s one loaf I definitely recommend trying out. i can’t believe there’s no Trader Joe’s in Providence! Argh, we’ll have to fix that.

This morning I told myself I’d be fine with 6.7 miles. But something inside me really wanted to go for it and capture that special moment last Friday when I broke double digits. After 6 laps I still felt really good so I went for it and ran 10.04 miles in 1:22:18. I’m having such a great runner’s high right now and I feel as though I can leave having conquered the neighborhood. Now I’m blogging with an incredibly healthy breakfast:

Stonyfield Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt

Stonyfield Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt

JK. Not about the frozen yogurt, about the healthy breakfast thing. After 10 miles, I just want some quick sugar and probiotics. Don’t worry, I’ll fix myself a real breakfast filled with peanut buttery goodness once I’ve licked this cup clean.

P.S. Zevia giveaway!

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5 Responses to “Roaming With The Roomie”

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ahhhhhhhh i just caught up on the blog, and oh my word – your eats are ridonk. for reals.

good luck this year at college – your roomie sounds great. i want a homemade lemon cashew lara. pretty please?

how is the rice dream ice cream? does it taste okay? i mean with carrot cake goodness, how bad can it be? right?

I think the rice dream has the least fake-milk flavor out of most of the ice cream alternatives I’ve tried.

~Evan ~”Don’t say ‘Wow the Emmy is heavy’, of course it is, it is filled with the shattered dreams of four other people.”

isn’t going back to school feel like you never left?!

Congrats on the double digits! I’m glad things went well with the new roomie. Have a great weekend 🙂

Glad you got to meet the roommate, and that all is well there! Very exciting!
And Creme Caramel FroYo for breakfast, sure why not! I approve!

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