Food Should Taste Good Nacho Review

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If you don’t like chips, this is nacho review. Ok, I got that pun out of my system. I was thrilled when Emily over at Food Should Taste Good agreed to send me over some of their nachos. I’d never tried any before, but this company stood for a lot of the principals I’m looking for in my food. They use minimal ingredients, minimal processing, and believe that quality of production results in quality of product–don’t you just love that? From their founder,

“I love food and have been working in grocery stores and restaurants since starting my first job in high school. The most important lesson I learned along the way is that food tastes best when it is made with quality ingredients and thoughtful preperation. This simple idea inspired me to take wholesome, all natural ingredients and capture their great flavor by baking them INSIDE a chip to create a new kind of snack. It just felt right to call my company, FoodShouldTasteGood, Inc. It’s a lot of work to live up to the name, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

I love reading companies mission statements because it’s a great way to get to know them. This mission statement had me VERY excited to give these a try. And Emily was nice enough to send me their 4 new flavors–yellow corn, potato and chive, lime, and cinnamon–as well as their two spicy flavors–buffalo and jalapeno. Males tend to prefer their spicy flavors over the others; I found this bit interesting. I certainly love my spicy but I didn’t know it was a common trend. Ladies, keep that in mind when grocery shopping for your boyfriend or husband. Another fun thing I liked about these was that each bag came with suggestions for what dip worked best with each chip. It was a simple touch, but one that really impressed me and would be great for any slapped-together party. For most of the chips, however, I ate them straight to get the best sense of the flavor.



Lime: Lime is my favorite flavor for nachos. I’d been so used to the generic brands that use artificial flavorings that I was ecstatic to find a chip made with real lime and minimal ingredients. Overall I thought the lime was subtle, and perhaps a bit too much for my taste. When I added a bit more salt to the nacho, the flavor really came out and was absolutely wonderful. These were very thin and crisp and tasted freshly baked–definitely a rarity from an open bag. I would highly recommend this flavor(as would my dad who ate well more than half the bag :-))

Potato & Chive

Potato & Chive

Potato & Chive: This was perhaps the oddest flavor to me and made me the most curious to try. I loved the combination of potato and corn in the same chip; the result was slightly thicker than a nacho but with a potato chip crunch and taste. The chives added a delicate touch, which made these perfect with a little sour cream or black bean dip. I really can’t suggest them to either a nacho or potato chip lover, since they’re so in a league of their own. But I can–and definitely do–suggest them.



Buffalo: I must say I’m a bit of a buffalo freak. I’ve grown up on pizza and wings, and remember a time when bleu cheese and Frank’s hot sauce graced our table every Tuesday nights. These chips were good, though they didn’t impress me as much as most of the other flavors. I got the cayenne but I didn’t really get the tang of vinegar. I’m very used to having Kettle Chip’s Buffalo Bleu which also have powdered bleu cheese on them to add a dimension, so these felt rather simple in comparison. Serving these with a bleu cheese dip would be a great pairing, but I think you’re best going with a different flavor.

Yellow Corn

Yellow Corn

Yellow Corn: The first appealing quality of these chips were the ingredients: yellow corn, oil, and sea salt. 3 ingredients really is all you need to make a good nacho and these prove it. The salt was a nice touch which made these tasty enough to eat on their own and light enough to appreciate any salsa or dip you might be eating with them. Again, these tasted like they had just came out of a fryer. As you can tell, these were very delicious, but I think unless you are a thick and through purest your money is better spent on a more extravagant flavor.



Jalapeno: My first bite of this chip made me feeling like it was a little bland. That was until I hit a jalapeno piece baked into the chip, which really set my mouth on fire–in a good way. This chip brings excellent heat to the table just as you would expect from the pepper. I think it suffers from a common problem with Food Should Taste Good chips which is not enough salt to bring out the flavors more, but I prefer my chips be underseasoned than overseasoned. These would be great with a thick and chunky tomato salsa. Don’t bother going with spicy–you won’t need it with these!



Cinnamon: I found this as one of the weirdest concepts: dessert nachos? When do you eat them? What do you eat them with? Huh? A little puzzled, I sat down to a plate to see how they were. Oh my God. Dinner, dessert, breakfast–it really wouldn’t matter when you eat these because they’re so good. Instantly they gave off a strong aroma of cinnamon. Like any nacho, they were thin and crisp, yet somehow reminded me of a soft and chewy churro. Is there anything better than fried cinnamon? I think these nachos answer with a resounding: No.

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10 Responses to “Food Should Taste Good Nacho Review”

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EXCELLENT reviews!!

I used to order Fried Ice Cream all the time at Mexican restaurants – the cinnamon nacho chips would definitely be stellar for that 🙂

cinnamon chips could be dipped in peanut butter….and i think you’ve got a jar or two of that laying around 🙂

Great review. The fact that you had to add salt makes me want to try them. I’m probably the only person in the world that likes unsalted chips. These sound right up my alley!

wow! the cinnamon ones looks like fun! more like a cracker or cookie i bet. i want to try them so bad, but i cant find them in stores anywhere, i looked for them after the first time you mentioned them

i saw they have chocolate and sweet potato too, i bet those are mighty tasty too!

Too bad you didn’t get to try the sweet potato flavor, they were some of my fave! I’m with you, the Lime chips are awesome!

Thanks for the great review! I’ve only tried their chocolate flavored chips which were delicious topped with peanut butter:)

Ooh the cinnamon look good!! Try the sweet potato ones, they’re yummy! (with peanut butter too 🙂 )
Jalepeno look nummmmy too!!

Wow, those varieties look better and better with scrolling 😛

I love those chips!! The jalapeno one is my favorite by far! 😀

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