My Brain Was Frieday

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I loved my fluffernutter oats yesterday(obvs) but it’s leaving me with an obvious problem: oats are hard to clean of the side of a bowl. I scrubbed and scrubbed and thankfully got it all before I had to go out in the rain to my 11 o’clock class.

A Dreary Day

A Dreary Day

It’s another Classics class. The best thing about Classics is it’s a pretty small concentration where everyone takes the same classes so I’m already noticing the people who I’ll be doing a lot of studying making friends with. I missed a morning snack, though, because I always feel awkward busting out a bar in class. Don’t get me started on fruit; I love munching on an apple but I feel like every time I take a bite the crunch would wake a dinosaur. Instead I just went out for lunch, and then back to my room to finish it off.

1/2 Corn, 1/2 Avocado, Salad With Zuchinni And Tomato

1/2 Corn, 1/2 Avocado, Salad With Zuchinni And Tomato

Chicken With Olives, Portabella Mushroom, Oregon Veggie Blend

Chicken With Olives, Portabella Mushroom, Oregon Veggie Blend

One part of the Thrive Diet I can get with is eating more raw veggies and leafy greens. I threw together that salad from the salad bar, heated some corn from the farmer’s market, and cut into my own avocado(no, my cafeteria is not cool enough to have avocados. They have guacamole but it’s not the same). On the other plate was olive chicken, “Oregon vegetables”(i.e. green beans and onions), and portabello mushrooms. I forgot how good cooked mushrooms are. I should have grabbed twice that much. On another note, I feel like I’ve been eating chicken a lot because I want to know I’m getting protein, not because I want the chicken. I don’t like this and it’s something I definitely want to figure out a solution for.

After lunch was a double-header of classes. Even though you’re just sitting in a room listening to someone else speak, this really dragged the life out of me. My Greek History professor doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time, which is often more funny than discouraging; he doesn’t like archaeology because they try and date civilizations by things as simple as “pots and pans”. Not sure how much the archaeology majors in the room liked that.

After Epic poetry I grabbed some joe, walked back to my room, and made a snack:

Coffee And Toast With Secret Butter

Coffee And Toast With Secret Butter

No one has figured out what this Naturally Nutty butter is, not like I really expect anyone to since it’s pretty complex. I’ll give you another hint, though: Just because the day wasn’t sunny didn’t mean my snack wouldn’t be. I got an email saying I had a package back at the building I JUST had class at. Frustrating, but well worth the trip.

Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter

Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter

I heard about Crazy Richard’s peanut butter when I was looking up all-natural nut butters. A lot of magazines have voted them as the best in the country, which their consumers who have been loyal for the past 30 years are a testimony to. I was very happy when Nanette agreed to send me some samples. Crazy Richard’s is carried at some Whole Foods and all natural gourmet grocery stores but none around here. Thanks, Nanette! I can’t wait to try your family’s delicious peanut butter. I also plan to hand in requests for my local Whole Foods to carry this brand so I can refer my friends and family to it if I enjoy it(which I’m really hoping I will).

The rain only picked up and it started thundering. In my own house wrapped in a blanket in my PJ’s I might like this but it’s not so fun at college running to the dining hall. We were supposed to have an outdoors BBQ tonight but that got shifted inside.

Escarole Soup With Tofu, Corn, Scrod, Carrots, Watermelon

Escarole Soup With Tofu, Corn, Scrod, Carrots, Watermelon

I was sooo happy to see next to the BBQ chicken an alternative: baked scrod! I’ll take fish over poultry any day. The corn was OK but not as good as the one from the farmer’s market. I also recently discovered the tofu at the salad bar; I wasn’t sure what to do with it after plopping it on my plate so I threw it in some of the soup–delicious. I know for some people the texture is off-putting but for me it’s a total turn on… you know what I mean. And for good BBQ measure I threw a pickle and some watermelon on my plate. I give so much reason for people to think I’m weird at the dining hall. I take pictures of my food, and I salt everything(Yes, I salted the soup and the watermelon). I’m wondering what’s wrong with these people that they haven’t asked anything about that.

Rainy nights always make me feel like a movie and popcorn. Unfortunately my stomach was about 12 times its size after that dinner plus some watermelon on the way out, not to mention I forgot all my DVD’s. Determined to make the night special, I pulled out the most amazing sounding Vitatop.

Fudgy Peanut Butter Vitatop

Fudgy Peanut Butter Vitatop

From the beginning I was worried about this one–worried for its own sake. Anything that calls itself “fudgy” and “peanut butter” is setting some high expectations for itself. “Fudgy” is a little misleading since I’m pretty sure this has the soft, cake-like base as any other chocolate vitatop. That’s one of the things I really like about them; they taste like a light and airy baked good even though they’re from the freezer. The fact that there were 4 peanut butter chips across the whole top seemed a little sad; and the peanut butter tasted a bit more like dietetic peanut butter than the real deal. If I were a dieter this might be more appealing, but I could use all the calories I can get and prefer to smother things with peanut butter, so this was a bit of a let down. Overall, the vitatop was OK, but didn’t leave me loving it. I’m still a bigger fan of the deep chocolate vitatop and chocolate pomegranite vitabrownie.

I had some more unpictured snacks as I watched Larry King Live. Normally I hate that show but Kathy Griffin was the guest and she’s always hysterical. Have you seen her Kate Gosslin spoof?

I knew it was supposed to rain this morning, but it seemed good enough to go out. Bad idea. Not a mile out it starting pouring cats and dogs. And since you know me, you know I’m too stubborn-headed to turn around, so I went the full 6.4 miles livid and drenched. All I wanted to do was shower and eat some oatmeal when I got back. One thing I don’t like about having roommates who sleep in is making breakfast. Let’s face it: oatmeal and microwaves make a lot of noise. But I try to do what I’m going to do and just as quietly as possible. Breakfast this morning kind of reflected how I was feeling: a mess.

Oatmeal With SB PB And Banana, Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Maple Syrup, And Peanut Flour

Oatmeal With SB PB And Banana, Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Maple Syrup, And Peanut Flour

Something rain makes me want a nice, thick peanut butter like smart balance. For the first time I tried banana in my oatmeal–not a fan. It just made the bowl taste more plain and distracted from the peanut butter. I was looking for a change from chocolate chips but CLEARLY I’ll have to go back to them. Oh what a hard life it is… 😉 This yogurt concoction with the peanut flour is probably better suited for post-run with it’s carb:protein ratio than other’s I’ve tried, but I still prefer vanilla Chobani with peanut flour. It’s more rich, thick, and decadent.

I was planning on taking a trip home today already but I’m so happy to be doing so after that awful run. I have a bag of wet clothes now begging to be washed. Hopefully I’ll hit up a Trader Joe’s back home since there are none here and get some dorm-room goodies(on my parent’s pocket, that is). I also can’t wait to see my dog again who I hear misses me(though that could be a big fat lie) and maybe even a special dinner? We’ll see 🙂

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That PB looks delish. Your run sounds intense with all of that rain .. glad you made it home safely though! 🙂

oh vitatop – i find they’re only good when you eat them with something else.

ouch for the rain. i’m about a half hour north of you and all that rain missed me 🙂

and kathy griffin = funniest person ever…i’m going to have to try and find that spoof because i haven’t seen it yet!

I tried to embed it in the post but it doesn’t appear to come through. Here’s the link

sunflower seed butter???

i’m amused and confused at your oregon vegetables… there are so many more things that are much more distinctly oregon than that. did they get delivered in a subaru by a white liberal arts grad with a neck tattoo? that’d make it more oregonian.

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