Time Crunch

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Thank God there’s so little expectation to get anything done on Friday because I certainly didn’t(anything productive, that is. Plenty foodie). Yesterday morning I was in a bit of a downer mood after my not-so-splendid 10 mile run. After I thought about it, I realized how great it was that I’ve come to the point where I can run 10 miles and became thankful for that, forgetting the rest. 1 bad day can never spoil the week. It also might of helped my mood when shy, slightly uptight girl who sharpened a pencil with her knife(remember her?) felt extremely uncomfortable translating a poem with the words “sex session” in it. After everything that was translated in that class, she could have gotten much worse. I didn’t think anything would top the vitatop with chocolate sunflower butter I had for breakfast, but the lunch room certainly did a good job trying:

Portabella Mushrooms In Sauce, Vegan Chana Masala, Broccoli

Portabella Mushrooms In Sauce, Vegan Chana Masala, Broccoli

I’m not sure I know what Chana Masala is other than magical and Indian. Best yet, I know if the lunch rooms version is this good, the authentic stuff must be amazing. I’ll have to track that down. The mushrooms were meant to be stuffed in a hoagie bun but I liked them straight up with a fork(plus, the buns in our lunch room, despite being whole wheat, have partially hydrogenated oils in them. No thank you). I love a nicely cooked mushroom for all its earthiness and thought this was excellent, although the dried herbs were a little tough to get between the teeth. Between Greek History and Epic Poetry I checked my mailbox and was excited to find these!



The tiny package was some samples of Barney Butter. I see that brand all the time on Carrots N’ Cake and I can’t wait to try it out. The other was a letter from my Aunt Leslie who I saw over the weekend. It was a thank you card and picture from the birthday party and she even slipped a little present in to buy “yummy food” with. Oh, I will 🙂 At Epic Poetry we got the essays from last Friday back. I didn’t even look at it all through class and later until 5. Frankly, the grade didn’t matter to me when I realized I think I’m the only Freshman in that class and I haven’t taken a formal English course since 11th grade. It’s a class I’m taking because I want to, not because I need to, and the important thing is enjoying it. I actually did better than I expected: a B. That’s somewhat what I was used to in High School English class, which was always my weakest area. I think she went a little lenient on me because she knows I’m under prepared compared to the rest of the class.

When I got back to my dorm, I had an itch to go see the weekend sales at Whole Foods. It was a bit of a cold walk but thankfully not raining? Looking on the bright side here. I perused Whole Foods and Eastside Market. Seeing swordfish on sale is like a knife in my heart with no way to cook it; I should man up, buy a pan, and make use of the communal kitchen in my basement. What I did end up getting was just as good, though:

Grocery Loot

Grocery Loot

The Oikos and Attune were from Whole Foods; I found the dark chocolate flavor! Can’t wait to give that one a taste and review. Vitabrownies were “on sale” at Eastside Market(though not for cheaper than I could get them at home) and I had such a hankering for them recently I needed to grab them. I also got a jar of my favorite Banana Pineapple Rum Jam. At 7.19 a jar, it’s definitely a luxury. I decided to forgo getting a cupcake for Cookie Friday and just be content with the money I spent. I did get my cookie on in another way, though:

Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Close enough, right? I spent way too much time walking around, so I didn’t get to eat this until around 5, at which time I had a ton of online reading and reviewing to get done(did you catch my seed butter reviews?). What happened here? Like I said, thankfully there’s no expectations for the first day of the weekend in my book. I was honestly not feeling up to eating at the dining hall; they didn’t have anything I wanted, it was freezing out, and I was still feeling overwhelmed. Instead I decided to make a mess of what I have:

Vegetable Mess And Maccaroni Mess

Vegetable Mess And Maccaroni Mess

I’m not nearly as talented with yogurt messes as some other bloggers, but I think I make up for that with these. The vegetable mess was with a medley of peppers, zuchinni, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, plus a sliced sweet potato. The macaroni was Trader Joe’s instant microwave mac n’ cheese with 1/2 can tuna and 1 1/2 strips tempeh bacon. Basically, it was one big salty delicious mess, especially with added sea salt. I caught up to The Office and 30 Rock. I love that that show’s back. Bring it on, Liz Lemon. I hope Pam and Jim get back soon, though. She needs to have that baby!

Ghost Whisperer was touching, as usual. I love it when that show doesn’t try anything fancy but just goes with its regular formula. I might or might not have had this dessert planned since Wednesday:

Caramel Walnut Vitabrownie And Narrangasett Creamery Kefir

Caramel Walnut Vitabrownie And Narrangasett Creamery Kefir

I never did the brownies and milk thing as a kid, but this is definitely my style. I took a regular vitabrownie and added caramel sauce after microwaving it. I couldn’t microwave the kefir without killing the probiotics, so instead I let it sit at room temperature for the afternoon which got it warm enough. Yum! That’s my milk and brownies for ya. I’m still on the look out for a good store bought kefir. I love the tang to it and want to find one like that. Something tells me the Farmers’ Market one is whole milk and it’s a little heavy for a nutritious drink. In fact, it was so heavy I didn’t bother with the last 1/3 of the glass; that was more than enough for me. With my sample of Barney Butter, I needed to give the oats I drool over on Carrots N Cake a try:

Banana Oats With Barney Butter

Banana Oats With Barney Butter

For this I whipped half a banana until the fiber was practically gone, cooked the oatmeal in that like usual, and topped with Barney Butter. I was so impressed how thick 1/2 a banana made the oats! I’m not a huge banana fan, but if I was it really would have given pumpkin a run for its money(watch out, Libby). I loved how much of a melting butter Barney Butter was, but I’m not sure I got a good sense of the flavor. My first impression was a little bland, which was unexpected for a nut butter with sugar and sea salt. I added a ton more sea salt and enjoyed the bowl that way; I’ll have to give it a second taste before reviewing. I also figured I’d end the day the way I started it for good measure:

Bread With Chocolate Sunflower Butter

Bread With Chocolate Sunflower Butter

I say “bread” and not “toast” because I was too impatient to eat the sunflower butter to make toast; what can I say? It’s good and I’m lazy. I forgot I’m not the only member of the blogosphere who loves Vermont Co. Bread; it’s one of pbandjenny’s favorites. We have good taste 😉

This morning I got to sleep in until 8:30 since the gym won’t open until 9. I actually got such a good nights sleep that it was hard to sleep in. Can you imagine that? Oh what a hard life I live… I was the first one in, obviously, and got some good running in to the tune of Saturday morning cartoons(much funner than CNN in my opinion). I broke the machine again. Broke as in it wouldn’t go as fast as it said it was after a while, so I jumped ship and moved to another. Overally I did 8 miles at a challenging pace and finished in 64:33.

Nature's Path Organic Multigrain Raisin N' Spice Oatmeal With Cinnamon Raisin PB, Peanut Butter Oikos With Dark Chocolate Chips

Nature's Path Organic Multigrain Raisin N' Spice Oatmeal With Cinnamon Raisin PB, Peanut Butter Oikos With Dark Chocolate Chips

When I got back and showered I didn’t sit down to breakfast until 10:40! Well now I just feel lazy. For a quick breakfast I went for quick oats–quick cooking that is. I tried out one of the new oatmeals Nature’s Path Organic sent me. I’ll be sure to start my next post with a review, ya know, once I actually get a chance to eat it and all 😉 And of course some Oikos with peanut flour was welcomed to the table. My Oikos didn’t have a code under the lid 😦 Does anyone know if it’s because it just wasn’t new enough a container or are they only under Stonyfields lids?

Chobani giveaway over at Hop Skip Leap. Another yogurt always welcome to the table.

And a vitatop giveaway! How lucky could the winner of this one get?

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12 Responses to “Time Crunch”

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indian food is always magic. i haven’t had it in forever, and it’s starting to make me sad.
if you’re by a trader joes ever they have lots of easy lazy microwave indian meals that are tasty.

Great run! I’m a huge Barney Butter fan. I hope you give it another chance 🙂

I’ve never noticed a code under my Oikos labels. I think you’re okay.

Enjoy your Saturday!

oh so jealous of the barney butter action! I’m dying to try that stuff too and taste it’s “wonderfulness!” Thanks for the link buddy!

nice work on the english grade, definitely my weakest subject too.

and don’t be too sure that your prof was lenient on you, i’ve found that most prof assume that everyone in a class is the same age so she might think youre just as old as the rest of ’em. so be proud of that grade!

i’ve tried barney butter before and i wasn’t impressed. i kept hearing how it was better than pb but i’ll take my skippy extra crunch any day ha

I need to try Barney Butter, asap. Looks delish!

Your meals are all pretty simple but they look so yummy 🙂

haha we totally know what’s up when it comes to carby goodness 😉 the sprouted wheat is amazing too!

Isn’t barney butter the best? I ordered 50 packets last year and may or not have went through them in a little over a month. Good stuff!

must find those vitabrownies. we only have the muffins here 😦 . i did pick up cashew butter and ‘peabutter’ today at the grocery store…anybody try it? i’ll post some pics once i swirl it on some bread or something. great run – do you always run for at least an hour? you seem to run high-er mileage most days!!

i have yet to try the infamous barney butter. i don’t believe the hype, especially after your review!

I am SO impressed by your school cafeteria! Why can’t ours have channa masala??? Putting caramel sauce on the vitabrownie was pure genius, by the way:)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
That vitabrownie looks fabulous! I Love chocolate and caramel together!
Isn’t it fun getting mail/packages! I always get so excited!

I got the same little sample pack from Barney’s. Have you ever tried Justin’s Nut Butters? FABULOUS! Seriously.

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