(Half-)Marathon Monday

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Yesterday when I got home, the gang was there to welcome me:



I can’t decide whether he looks annoyed or apathetic. My grandmother was also there to slip me a little money for the food(thanks, grams!). I was a little worried, because the only thing I smelled upon entering the house was chicken. I’ve decided that chicken and turkey that’s not wild or grass fed I am more than happy to give up for good. Thankfully, though, there was a slab of salmon hiding in oven as well. My mom apparently felt that for the 4 of us we needed broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, a chicken, and salmon. My plate simply looked like this:

Sweet Potato, Salmon, Brussel Sprouts

Sweet Potato, Salmon, Brussel Sprouts

Salmon, sweet potato, and brussel sprouts. Isn’t this my every meal? Of course it was all delicious. The only problem was that this occured about 20 minutes after shoveling in my muffin and cream cheese so afterwards I felt the bloat–majorly. I parked my butt in front of the TV and caught up with my beloved Food Network. Tivo records Unwrapped so I caught up on all the inside scoop with marshmallow foods, and then it was time for Paula’s Party. They cut open a coconut; I now have much more respect for anything I eat that has a decent amount of coconut milk because that is not easy stuff to harvest. It began snowing quarter-sized flakes at 2pm:

Snow In The Backyard

Snow In The Backyard

What month is it? This is not ok with me at the moment. By 3 we decided to hit the road, not before raiding the freezer of course:

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

Just because it’s snowing and I’m bloated does not mean I’m not in the mood for ice cream. Let’s not make that mistake. I seriously love this Snickerdoodle, which I reformatted the product review specially for this post, so if you want to hear all about it click on the link. Or, ya know, just buy it and take my word on that. We swung by Hannafords because I remembered they sold a certain new favorite product of mine:

Coffee Bean And Raspberry Dark Chocolate Attune

Coffee Bean And Raspberry Dark Chocolate Attune

Attune bars! I only had 1 coupon left but both of these flavors sounded so promising I didn’t mind paying for the other. These really do come in plenty of fun flavors and I hope they taste as good as they sound. It was snowing ridiculously, but for some reason I feel so much calmer riding in the snow; I guess it’s fun to think of the whole “carriage ride in the snow” thing even if you’re just in the car. I managed to spill coffee all over my freshly washed jeans–way to go, Evan. When we got back, I didn’t have much to put away other than a ton of clothes. I was feeling like something wheaty but a big bowl of oats right before dinner wasn’t appealing. Instead I had toast!

Toast With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Toast With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

My jar of Cookie Dough Peanut Butter is almost gone, which on the one hand means oats in a jar! But on the other means I’m going to need to swing by the 1 store near home I know that sells it soon. I might have accidentally ditched my friend for dinner, not thinking we were meeting up tonight. Oops. Well he ditched me last night when his parents came and he got a real meal so I’m going to play the even stevens card. Instead, I put together this in my room:

Flamegrilled Gardenburger With Ketchup, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Carrot And Zuchinni Medley

Flamegrilled Gardenburger With Ketchup, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Carrot And Zuchinni Medley

The first thing I loved about this meal was that it was entirely vegan! I could never go vegan or really any restricting diet for a prolong period, but I love eating different ways at different meals. Look at the size of those broccoli spears; I love it when my cafeteria has those available. And sweet potato? How luck could I get. I was really craving the flamegrilled gardenburger(my last one :-() doused with ketchup. Trader Joe’s ketchup is much more vinegary than most and definitely a unique twist.

The Patriots completely owned Tennessee last night, but apparently this wouldn’t prevent them from showing the game and screwing up the primetime line-up. Instead I caught up on some Simpsons and their treehouse of horror; it’s such a weird thought that that’s gone on for 20 years and the show is older than me! I knew precisely what I wanted for probiotic source #2 for the day:

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Attune And French Vanilla Coffee

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Attune And French Vanilla Coffee

This bar was definitely unique and delivered on the promised flavor. You can catch my full review here. I really love anything dark chocolate and berry or berry and peanut butter; they definitely don’t make enough foods with those flavor combos. Do you think we should petition for a chocolate raspberry vitatop? I do. I also needed–yes, needed–to have this bowl of oats:

Pumpkin Maple Oats With Pepita Sun Butter

Pumpkin Maple Oats With Pepita Sun Butter

I forgot how amazing pumpkin oats with the real deal maple syrup could be. Don’t get me wrong; I still love my salty pumpkin messes. But this sweet variety is also quite nice. The single(and I do mean 1 and only) thing I don’t like about this and other Naturally Nutty peanut butters is that they don’t melt so purdy on oats. I’m actually more of a fan of runny, need-to-stir peanut butters and Naturally Nutty makes a point of their no stir formula. Oh well, at least the flavor is spectacular.

Finally The Amazing Race came on but it coincided with Brothers And Sisters; since I really hate falling behind on my dramas, it was a pretty clear choice which one I’d go with. I’m loving the progression of this season with all its twists and turns; it’s a wonder why this show doesn’t get the hype of others. I had one last bedtime snack:

Deep Chocolate Vitatop

Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin

For some reason, I’m just not a big fan of the muffins. It should be the same as the vitatops or brownies in theory, but it doesn’t feel that way. At least it was better digested than last time’s english muffin. By the way, I have a great roommate who vacates the room at 10:30 because he knows grandpa here wants to get to sleep.

This morning my alarm went off at 6:30… and then again at 6:40. I felt I needed a little pre-run fuel even though I didn’t have much of a plan:

Decaf French Vanilla, Whole Wheat Bread With Mighty Maple

Decaf French Vanilla, Whole Wheat Bread With Mighty Maple

Love that mighty maple. By the way, it’s pitch black here until 7. When did that happen? Bread’s not easy to spread in the dark. I got to the gym and started on the treadmill at a really easy pace of 7.1mph. After a while I knew how far I wanted to go if I continued to feel this good and that it could be my 2nd half marathon. Around mile 9, I had to do a quick bathroom break, and the last mile was definitely a push, but that’s no time to call uncle. I ran 13.1 miles in 1:50:56 and it felt great. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do that every day? I think I just heard my legs laugh. Anyway, that really put me behind for my morning and breakfast was a quickie to help me catch-up:

Jumbo Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Roll With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Voskos Vanilla Bean Yogurt

Jumbo Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Roll With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Voskos Vanilla Bean Yogurt

The cinnamon raisin rolls by Zen Bakery are amazing; even after time in the freezer and the microwave it’s still delightfully yeasty(giggle, giggle), light, and airy. The butter toffee peanut butter made a good frosting, too. I’ll write up a review for this Voskos yogurt, which was a sample from the company. I haven’t ate it yet but I see real vanilla beans(!!) so this is muy promising.

And have you ever wondered how any of the Peanut Butter & Company peanut butters are? Well, this weekend I set out to reformat my entire nut butter review section if you remember. That was far too large an undertaking, but what I did accomplish was the PB&Co. section so check out those if you’ve ever had any questions. One of the flavors even gets a perfect 10/10! Which could it be…

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17 Responses to “(Half-)Marathon Monday”

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omg your food is insane, evan!

I got a huge box of vita samples of the vita tops, no muffins in there though! good to know they arent as good as the tops though…some of the tops are kinda iffy too, the cranbran tasted very dry-certainly sticking to the chocolatey ones!

great review on the PB&CO peanut butters

happy monday! and congrats on the half marathon, thats amazing!! 🙂

your doggie is such a cutie!!

omg, that dog is SO ADORABLE
also, that back yardie is gorgeous!

Aw, Montana is so cute 🙂
Pumpkin oats sounds so good. Must try.

First of all- you ran a half marathon on the TREADMILL??? That’s impressive. And your time was amazing! Great job.

Second- Cookie dough PB? I want.

Have a great Monday, Evan!

Love Montana!! 😀

I eat ice cream year-round, no matter if it’s a “cold month” – enjoy.

Even though I’ve seen every freaking episode of Unwrapped a couple times, I am still intrigued each time it’s on. Love that show…maybe I’m harkening back to the Double Dare days?

Anyway, great food porn. I too go to bed at 10:30, so fly your freak flag proud, my foodie friend.

Cute puppy! I am always up for ice cream when it is cold outside. Ice cream is great at all temperatures!

yeah, it blizzard-ed here too. it was crazy because one minute rain, the next a white wall of snow!

awesome job on the run, have you ever raced a half before? i bet that you’d kick some serious butt.

and it’s never ever ever too cold for ice cream in my book!

Awww…thanks for the puppy pic! Those always brighten my day.

I need to hunt down cookie dough peanutbutter!

Congrats on another half marathon!!

aw the pooch is such a cutie 🙂 I always wanted a dog but my sister was “allergic” aka my mom didn’t want to get one.

that PBloco peanutbutter is driving me insane — I need to just take the plunge and order some!

I’ve definitely eyed that ice cream in the store. You ran 13.1 on a treadmill?! Mucho impressed!!!

Your pup is super cute 🙂

Don’t usually here about Hannaford in the blog world – you a new englander too?

1st time reading your blog. Loved the Cookie Dough Peanut Butter. I’ve never heard of that before. Sounds so yummy!

I had to laugh because my Sunday night was almost exactly like yours. The Pats game and then the OT Bills/Jets game pushed the Amazing Race back so the boyfriend and I watched the Simpsons instead. The Race is saved on my DVR so I’ll catch up later this week.

I’ll take the ice cream and that sweet potatoe round please!! I hardly eat sweet potatoes believe it or not…but that’s going to have to change!

Do you wake your roomie up in the morning when you go to the gym? Is it far to go? Your able to get in a run and breakfast all before your first class??? Please teach me time management 🙂

Also do you do all your running on the Treadmill?

You are one of the first boys I’ve seen with a food blog. I love it. 🙂

Hello, snickerdoodle ice cream! Dang!

Great review, I am going to need to make that an indulgent purchase in the near future!

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