How The Time Flies

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As it turns out, when you’re really behind, an 80 minute class being cancelled isn’t as much a savior as you’d think. Like I mentioned, I crawled back into bed yesterday morning and did plenty I’d been neglecting around the room

  • Watch Amazing Race
  • Read blogs
  • Dust coffee grinds and salt off desk
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean plates and silverware

It felt like so much more at the time; how depressing. I got word(aka, I used the internet) of a special dish in one of the dining halls across campus, so I walked over and it was better than I could have hoped for:

Pumpkin Apple Soup With Flax, Toast With Mighty Maple, Fakin' Bacon

Pumpkin Apple Soup With Flax, Toast With Mighty Maple, Fakin' Bacon

The menu said there’d be squash apple soup. Well they ran out of squash so instead it was pumpkin! I added a bit of flax from my fridge and the tempeh bacon and peanut butter of course. Let’s ignore the fact that this is essentially my breakfast everyday and just focus on how the maple/salty/pumpkin all went together so well. I really hope that wasn’t an oil heavy soup because I ate a lot of it. While I was out I also picked up some mail and got something really exciting:

Lightlife Mail

Lightlife Mail

After discovering their new line of Tempehtation products, I got in touch with Lightlife. You know me; I’m by no means a vegan(more on that later), but I love trying out new cuisines and was so impressed by what they offered. They sent me coupons to pick out and review some of their products. Naturally I was overjoyed and went out on a special Whole Foods trip right after Days and Rachael Ray.

It was incredible in New England yesterday; the weather actually warmed up and the clouds cleared. I walked and read some Ancient Greek odes to Demeter and Aphrodite(because doesn’t everyone do this on their way to Whole Foods?) and was there before I knew it. I must have been fast in the store, because the whole trip(1.15 miles there and then back) took only 80 minutes. On the way back I had a snack:

Clif Chocolate Peanut Mojo Dipped

Clif Chocolate Peanut Mojo Dipped

This was another one of the flavors Clif sent my way that I could not say no to; the name itself had so much promise. Well, it was decent, and the salty/sweet was most definitely there. But it definitely didn’t win me over. My full review of it is here. I’m hoping after this one the rest will exceed my expectations like the PB&J flavor did. When I got back to my dorm, this is what I had to show for the adventure:

Grocery Loot

Grocery Loot

Did you know there’s now a 365 brand of pumpkin that’s cheaper than Libby’s? I’m giving it a chance even though I swear by my dealer, Libby, in hopes that it’s good. I went with the Ginger Teryaki Tempehtation dinner for my first tasting because it sounded amazing. I also picked up some soy yogurt for reasons that will become clear tomorrow and some teryaki salmon from the salad bar for dinner(only 1.86 for a salmon meal! score!). I worked a bit more until 5, at which point I realized I was hunnnnngrry. I would have made oats but my roommate was napping and those can get extensive and loud with me. Instead I tried a different in a jar:

Yogurt In A Jam Jar, Vitabrownie

Yogurt In A Jam Jar, Vitabrownie

If you can do oats in a nut butter jar, you can definitely do yogurt in a jam jar. My favorite banana pineapple rum jam was on its last leg, so I helped it along by adding 8oz Stonyfield plain yogurt. Yum! I think there was more in the jar than I realized there was, but that only made it that much better. It tasted just like a pineapple Chobani because the yogurt had a little fat in it. The brownie I threw in for a bit of fiber. It definitely held me over until I planned on meeting up with people(and an unpictured coffee from Blue State definitely didn’t hurt). I already had my main protein picked out(the salmon) but some veggies were definitely lacking from my day:

Teryaki Salmon, Roasted Cauliflower With Lemon Tahini, Baked Sweet Potato

Teryaki Salmon, Roasted Cauliflower With Lemon Tahini, Baked Sweet Potato

Let me tell you one thing: that salmon was salty. Now, I didn’t even do much to it, so if I’m saying that you know it must have been heavily doused. Don’t get me wrong; it was still damn good. But even so it could have used a tad less. I grabbed a tiny whole sweet potato instead of a 1/2 a big one; I love the skin part and this maximized the amount I got(not to mention the inside wasn’t burnt). The cauliflower and tahini combo I was not a fan of. It tasted very heavy and almost like parmesan even though I’m positive there wasn’t any cheese in that dish. Is this how tahini should be? It didn’t impress me, though I suppose if I were a vegan and ever missed the taste of cheese I could turn to tahini.

Maybe it was a denser meal than I realized, because hunger didn’t come until deep into The Biggest Loser. The blue team made a smart call by sending the black team home even if it was a tough one to make. Normally seeing other people lose weight makes me want food; I guess I was too deep into Herodotus to notice them. School was definitely getting me a bit stressed. What’s good eats when you got stress? CHOCOLATE:

Dark Chocolate Attune

Dark Chocolate Attune

Oh, and having that chocolate be probiotic definitely doesn’t hurt. This was another Attune product I reviewed here and oh my God was this good! It was just like any other premium dark chocolate bar, but had 30% my DV of calcium and 3g of fiber and 6.1 million little critters in it that’s going to keep me running regular before I go running. Amazing. At 10:30 I had a major dilemma. I’d like to be lying in bed in the dark at that time, but I really wanted oatmeal. Like my breakfast, oatmeal won out.

Oatmeal With Chocolate Chips And Smart Balance

Oatmeal With Chocolate Chips And Smart Balance

I took a pretty before picture, but I decided to retake it to show how I actually eat my oats in all its salty, messy glory. I downed this in 20 minutes and still managed to sleep by a reasonable time.

When I woke up, I decided I wanted to do 10 on the treadmill this morning; it completely didn’t occur to me how nice it was outside until I ran the first 3 or so, during which time I was snacking on this:

Chocolate Brownie Z-Bar

Chocolate Brownie Z-Bar

Flash is not my friend but it’s dark at 7am. The gym was virtually empty; I think there were 6 other people throughout my entire time there, 1 of which being my “gym-friend”. She said “have a good day” and I said “take care”. I’m a stud muffin. I ran 10 miles in 83:11 and my feet were really feeling it towards the end but I’m glad I stuck it out. Speaking of muffins, this was a berry good breakfast:

Blueberry Raspberry Oat Bran Muffin With Almond Butter, Strawberry Coconut Milk Kefir

Blueberry Raspberry Oat Bran Muffin With Almond Butter, Strawberry Coconut Milk Kefir

I hope you’re picking up all these puns I’m putting down. I loved the berry/almond/vanilla combo of it all. This kefir is seriously good stuff. I don’t even know how jazzed I am to try other brands than this one, because it’s so perfectly thick and sweet without overdoing it. FYI, don’t be surprised at all if you see the exact same breakfast tomorrow.

I had a very “fun” surprise in store for today which I think we all would have gotten a kick out of. Amazingly, however, I won a contest to attend an amazing sounding dinner in Boston which I am much much more excited about. I don’t know exactly how getting there and all is going to work out just yet, but it’d take a lot to keep me from good food like this. Instead, I’ll save the other thing for tomorrow and take plenty of pictures tonight for you all.

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20 Responses to “How The Time Flies”

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Can’t wait to see what Boston restaurant you dine at!

I love reading reviews…it helps me add more locations to my list of places to eat!

So much good food in this post. You seem to have the same taste for foods as I do – sweet and salty in perfect harmony. That jam-yogurt concoction sounds great.

I like puns…as well as eating good food while watching shows about weight loss.

wow, that all looks so great.
i have always wondered about those mojo bars
i know i dont like clif’s luna bars, because i dont like rice crisp bars in general, but they are also very sticky and waxy and have a nasty sweetner aftertaste, not sure from what. i have been hesitant to try any of clifs other products, but that bar sounds yummy

I’m not a fan of the luna’s because they’re so much like a rice crispy in my mind. But that’s why I like the mojos; their first ingredient is nuts so it’s much more like a trail mix than any other products availiable

I love your yogurt in a jar. 🙂

Have fun today at that dinner 🙂

yogurt in a jar = brilliant.

That Attune bar sounds fantastic! I love dark chocolate so I may have to try it out myself!

I’ve never had tempeh but I bought the BBQ tempeh from Lightlife and have yet to try it. I hope you like the lemon variety!

i can’t wait to hear how the dinner goes! my interest is totally piqued!

ummm i need the tempeh-tations in my life. i have spent way too long with just plain tempeh 🙂

Yogurt in a jar sounds wonderful.

Have fun at the mystery dinner!

great running today and messy oats = the best kind

ooh, have fun at the dinner! Sounds exciting 🙂

that jam sounds so good – what a different flavor

hey ev! finally getting around to updating myself with your blog! haha thanks for your sweet comments over the past few days. i hope all is going well with you 😉

where in BOSTON?!?! thats where I am from and live now so I will surely know what restaurant you are going to!!

that yogurt in a hjar looks and sounds delish!

very cool of your dining hall to be using all those fall flavors, the soup looks soo good!!

LOVE moja bars! 🙂

Enjoy your special dinner!

oh that soup is autumn in a bowl!

have a great dinner Evan 🙂

i am so jealous of the chobani and z-bars…i wish they were sold here 😦 oh well, such is life.

i bought tempeh @ the health-food store the other day…no idea what to do with it!! Can I treat it like tofu and grill it or bake it…I think it’s a brown-rice/sesame flavor?

love your oat concoctions as usual!! how much is a serving for you typically? do you do 1/2 cup of oats and a couple tbsps of nut butter or 3/4 cup….? are steel-cut oats any good – i picked some up but don’t know if they’re any good??

I do 1/4 cup oat bran and 1/4 cup steal cut with 1tbsp nut butter usually. steel cut is good but it’s not very creamy on it’s own. But it forms a gel well and the oatbran helps it to set

Yum – I love oat bran too but mix it in with oats since I like a more creamy texture too. Lovin’ the choco-chips addition lately too 🙂 Keep up the great work! I don’t know how you find time – between school and TV haha!! I love my TV watching too – Survivor tonight 🙂

yogurt in a jam jar – brilliant!

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