Vegan Friday

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Like I mentioned yesterday morning, Friday I decided I was going to eat completely vegan, both to try out the product I bought with one of my Lightlife coupons, but also as a way to challenge myself overall. Veganism is not something I ever had or will consider living permanently, but it was “fun”(and I realize my sense of this term is completely whack) to give a try. I’m also not going to pretend it was easy; let’s revisit breakfast, shall we?

Banana Oats With Banana Peanut Butter And Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Strawberry Coconut Milk Kefir

Banana Oats With Banana Peanut Butter And Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Strawberry Coconut Milk Kefir

Good, very good. This was a great vegan way to start the day. Originally I had planned to have my last blueberry raspberry oat bran muffin instead of the oats; but I couldn’t bear the thought of having that muffin without cream cheese. Cream cheese, as yesterday taught me, is my crack and I was going through withdrawal.

After that I had my midterm. Thanks for all the well-wishes! I think I did pretty good. It was a Latin midterm and I think I really could have aced it had I known all I needed to do was memorize the poems we did, but that’s not really translating so much as copying. So I feel good with how I did study and how I did do and I’m sure that’ll be reflected in the grade. On the way back I picked up some mail and was psyched to find this:

Vega Products

Vega Products

The people at Sequel Naturals sent me some of their Vega products to try. I haven’t experimented much with protein powders before but I’m glad my first tasting will be with some of the best. These were optimally designed for athletes and sport nutrition so I’m sure they’re some super post-workout eats. I’m up for any tips you guys have on how to have these. I also made myself a very vegan lunch:

Snobby Joe, Broccoli, Sweet Potato

Snobby Joe, Broccoli, Sweet Potato

How lucky am I that my favorite recipe from the Summer happens to be a staple in any vegan cookbook? Trader Joe now sells lentils you can make in your microwave, so I could that up and mixed it with steak sauce, ketchup, and mustard to make a nice sloppy sauce. That with my two favorite sides made for one hell of a lunch. Best yet, I only used about 1/3 the bag so there’s a ton of lentils leftover–yum!

In History we got our assignment f.or our 2 part midterm. The first section is in class next Friday. He’s made a list of 4 pages worth of terms we should know inside and out; then he’s going to give us 10 or so of these terms to connect in a story of, and we do that twice. Basically, we’re going to be making fictional, random stories with unrelated events to amuse him. My plan: to insert as many dirty jokes as I can. He’s the kind of teacher who that would definitely work on. The other part is 3 4-5 page essays. That one scared me, until he basically said we have no deadline so long as we get them done well(and he didn’t even really say that last part). Basically, all of this has made me feel a lot better of never doing the homework for that class, but I’m still going to study my butt off for the best grade I can grub.

When I got out of my 3 o’clock class, I was actually pretty famished; I had almond butter on the brain all through class so of course I made some oats:

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats With Maple Almond Butter

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats With Maple Almond Butter

These totally hit the spot. But they were also a reminder of how you have to think a bit more when you’re eating vegan. I was going to top this with some butter toffee sliced almonds, until I thought about the name: butter toffee. Yikes–that was a close call. Since the almonds were out, I took that as liberty to salt these… a lot. Thank God salt’s vegan! I caught up on The Office and 30 Rock to this bowl. I was actually a bit downed by The Office; I just think it was because the wedding was so amazing there’s no comparison to other episodes anymore. 30 Rock, on the other hand, was great.

My foot was kind of killing me, but I knew I needed to go to Eastside Market. Today is going to rain, rain, rain, and there was at least 1 thing I needed to pick up. The walk actually stretched my muscles and I think helped. All in all, I hit up Eastside, Whole Foods, the dining hall, and Blue State coffee. My fingers were numb from the cold after all that, but I got what I went out for:

Smart Balance Creamy

Smart Balance Creamy

Yep. My old jar is almost out and I couldn’t let that happen. I picked this up with a dollar off coupon, but it was still a bit pricey. Insert my tale of Smart Balance here: My first experience with the SB PB was when I went to Georgia in August. The family I was with actually didn’t have any peanut butter that I could find. They were nice enough to buy me groceries and I picked out this jar to give it a shot. At first, the flaxy flavor was… alarming; after the first day it grew on me. I was crushed when the security at the airport took my jar from me, so much so that the day after I got home I went out and bought another jar. That time it was with agave. I don’t quite think I noticed a difference between the two flavors, but if I did it was in preference of the molasses sweetened one, and when we’re talking less than 1g of sugar per serving GI influence doesn’t really matter.

Well, now that I’ve bored you with that tale, maybe my snack will perk you up:

So Delicious Plain Soy Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Vanilla, Sugar, And Chocolate Chips

So Delicious Plain Soy Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Vanilla, Sugar, And Chocolate Chips

I bought this soy yogurt Tuesday when I decided to do a vegan day; I wasn’t sure I could go a day without yogurt and, while I think I could’ve, I’m glad I didn’t have to. I admit: I was a little weirded out when I had the thought “I’ve tasted this before. It tastes like… tofu”. By the end of the cup, it actually grew on me like that. I’m way too impressable. The real star here were the chocolate chips, which I was craving. I’m sure you can imagine my jumping for joy when I found out one of the chocolate chips I have(and, yes, I keep multiple types on stock) was vegan. I also liked that soy yogurt had 6g of fiber in a 110 calorie serving. I might have to buy that more often.

After letting my tofu-yogurt digest, it was time for the motivation behind the whole day:

Ginger Teriyaki Tempeh, Sugar Snap Peas, Vegetable Medley

Ginger Teriyaki Tempeh, Sugar Snap Peas, Vegetable Medley

Finally–an excuse to use the chopsticks I brought to my dorm! This was, in short, a sensible and delicious meal that I would gladly have again another night. I was thrilled at how easy it was for me to prepare in my dorm; not too many protein sources are like that when all you have to work with is a microwave. The tempeh wasn’t quite as sweet as I expected from my experience with ginger teriyaki dishes from Chinese take-out. However, as I gave that some thought and looked at the nutrition/ingredients on this product, I surmised how unhealthily sugar-laden Chinese take-out often is, and how reasonable and healthy of an entree this was. While the flavor wasn’t loud, it was certainly present in ever bite. And the 320 calorie portion had an excellent 22g protein and 10g fiber, making it a filling dish as well. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to over done take-out or just something fun and funky for a change, I’d recommend this tempehtation and I can’t wait to try others.

After that delicious dinner, it was time for dessert:

Vegan Chocolate Cupcake With Vegan Buttercream Frostin

Vegan Chocolate Cupcake With Vegan Buttercream Frostin

Just because it was Vegan Friday didn’t mean it wasn’t also Cookie Friday. I was a bit thrown off when I came to this realization, but then I remembered vegans have great desserts, too! I immediately knew what I wanted and picked this up at Blue State. Even though I might have dropped this once twice, it survived and I was able to pretty it back up. It really didn’t matter what it looked like because it tasted like heaven.

For the night I watched Ghost Whisperer, which was good as always, and Medium because nothing else was on. What a great example of how a show, even though it might have a decent concept, can be really bad. I felt like every character was whining the entire time. And it didn’t help that the episode was about a crying baby. I should have just watched Dateline or something.

English Muffin With SB PB And Chocolate Chips And Pepita Sun Butter

English Muffin With SB PB And Chocolate Chips And Pepita Sun Butter

This day was a fun experience, and I’m glad I challenged myself to do it. As you can see, it wasn’t like I ate much different than my normal ways; I just had to plan out a day of some of my favorite meals and watch out for “pitfalls” along the way. Overall, I think I relearned what I already knew: veganism isn’t a health craze or a diet. It’s a philosophy, mindset, and way of life. I don’t personally share the same beliefs as this; I think eating animals respectfully, and certainly byproducts of animals as well, is fine. But I fully support and have new respect for the people who do live like this 24/7.

I actually didn’t have plans to run this morning. But after a full 9, as in nine, as in the square root of 81, hours of sleep last night, I was surprisingly energized. I got to the gym and ran for an hour(or 59:20 to be exact) and did 7 miles. This made my total for the week a whopping 62.6 miles. Considering I’ve never ran more than 50 before, that was a shock. I actually started having an upset stomach when I got back, but I went ahead and made myself a very not-vegan breakfast:

Blueberry Raspberry Oat Bran Muffin With Cream Cheese, Voskos 2% With Banana Pineapple Rum Jam

Blueberry Raspberry Oat Bran Muffin With Cream Cheese, Voskos 2% With Banana Pineapple Rum Jam

2 very big reasons why I couldn’t go vegan were present. I set aside some of the Voskos yogurt for a taste testing because it’s one of the flavors they sent me, and added jam to the other part to make a sort of pineapple… you know the brand I’m thinking of. Obviously, the muffin was begging to be slathered in all its berry goodness. And now I’m just waiting(read: frantically packing) for my dad to get here to take me home, as the sky has just opened up and began pooring.

Chobani Giveaway! Can you have enough greek yogurt? I think we all know the answer to that…

And now that it’s getting cold out you’ll need soup, too!

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15 Responses to “Vegan Friday”

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Lol. Very entertaining day! Impressive that you keep several types of chocolate chips on tap. That tempeh does look good. I may have to give it a whirl!

Thanks for posting my contest! I love the TJ’s lentils, thanks for the reminder, I’m heading to TJ’s today and added it to my list 🙂

I went vegan for a few months about 2 years ago. It’s extremely difficult when you are out to eat or used to eating more processed products. I too, have a respect for those who do it consistently. I still get a little happy inside when I am able to do a vegan day or even a vegan meal. It’s fun to try new things.

Thanks for replying about my comment sitch. I responded via email to your comment. I guess blogger just doesn’t know what it’s doing….good to know though! I can’t imagine how many people I pissed off by “ignoring” their questions. That or all my replies are going to the same person, how embarrassing.

Have a great weekend, congrats on the 62.6 miles, that’s incredible.

have you tried coconut milk yogurt?
it tastes, well, like coconut… but it’s pretty good…

Great bowls of oatmeal! I love pumpkin oats 🙂

Snobby Joes is one of my very favorite recipes too! Your choice of sides just MAKES the meal! Yum!

glad vegan day went well. didn’t seem like it was terribly hard to do 🙂

and i agree re: the office. but every episode can’t be the-funniest-thing-ever i guess

I’ve been meaning to try that PB! Your oats are just gorgeous.

Snobby Joes are the best. Need to make them again soon!

I have total respect for people who chose to eat vegan, for whatever reason, I’m just not sure it’s for me – but it looks like you had a good vegan day!

I think the only thing I have intentionally eaten that was prepared vegan are my peanut butter cookies – which are pretty yum – I would love to compare ‘normal’ cupcakes to vegan ones!

i love your vegan experiment for the day 🙂
can’t go wrong with nut butters and oatmeal in my book!!

i just bought that tempeh flavor and can’t wait to try it!!

Thanks for allowing us to follow you along on this journey. I think it’s a great idea for anyone to try a new diet for just one day. Sometimes people choose diets that they can’t live with and give up healthy eating all together. I think if they did what you did for a day, they could find something they could live with or a combination of things before throwing in the towel. Great idea!

i know i can’t go vegan, after many many attempts, but i do think doing it for one day and making a conscious effort is terrific!

i’m liking the whole VEGAN friday thing. i might have to join.

Great job with the Vegan Friday – looks like you found some awesome ways to get great eats in and still eat vegan!
I may have to try that out sometime soon – I’m sure it would be an interesting wake up call to see what in my cabinets I couldn’t eat.

The tricky thing with Veganism is the products that you wouldn’t think wouldn’t be vegan – like butters and stuff like that that you take for granted I guess…it’s not just the obvious meat!

Let us know how you find that VEGA Smoothie Infusion if you try it – I’ve seen it and was wondering about it…but it’s not cheap !!

your vegan day looks pretty darn delicious! i want to try that so delicious yogurt, I have heard its great and so creamy!!

I saw those lentils at TJ’s…great find and great way to use them!!

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