Clif Mojo And Mojo Dipped Review

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A while back Clif sent me a medley of their awesome bars to try out. Among these were bars from their Mojo line. This line is based on a simple but solid concept: We all love trail mix, but sometimes those can be a little fumbly on the go, right? Well Clif recreates some of our favorite salty sweet combos in a portable fashion. Chocked full of nuts, Mojos make a great on the go protein snack. Their Mojo Dipped line even has a delicious sugar coating to really pack a flavor punch. Here are my reviews for the Clif Mojos and Clif Mojo Dippeds.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Mojo Dipped

8/10: In this bar, the Clif company makes a solid attempt at recreating one of the most beloved sandwiches into a portable snack. This really was not like a PB&J, but whatever it was had me loving it. The ingredients were solid and simple, the first of which is dry roasted peanuts; that explains most of the fat in this which, as you can see, is among the healthier kind. The dip is, surprisingly, not peanut butter but vanilla; I really enjoyed this but at the same time it threw me for a bit of a loop. Soy protein, other forms of peanut including butter and flour, and real berry extract comprise the rest of the list. In fact, it’s a medley of 6 different fruit but comes out with a strong grape jelly flavor. I thought it was a bit sugary but if you really are eating this on the trail then that energy boost would be a good thing. This is definitely something I’d grab for an on-the-go day.

Mountain Mix Mojo

8/10: I’ll be the first to say it: This bar wasn’t anything special, and that’s exactly what I loved about it. It just was what it was: a trail mix. If you had a trail mix, what would you put in it? Peanuts? Almonds? Raisins? Well this has that all, plus pretzels, chocolate chips, pepitas, and sunflower seeds. Combine that with soy protein and you’ve got a real nice snack on the go. It was a bit alarming that sugar was the first ingredients but 12 grams overall, considering that’s taking into account natural sugar from raisins and the yummy sugar in chocolate, isn’t so bad. If you just want your favorite trail mix in portable form, this is a must.

Fruit And Nut Mojo Dipped

7.5/10: Like most of Clif’s products, I enjoyed the simplicity of ingredients that went into this. It was mostly fruit(and fruit products), nuts, soy protein, and an unfortunate good dose of sugar. The bar didn’t look too impressive or exactly “full” of nuts and fruit, but the flavor was very much there. I think this one in particularly benefited from the vanilla coating, which kept it moist and appealing, because otherwise it might have came off a bit dry. It’s definitely a bar I felt good about eating, but it wasn’t my favorite out of their line because it seemed a bit one dimensional in flavor, that being sweet.

Chocolate Peanut Mojo Dipped

7.5/10: This bar had me thinking this, that, and the other thing about it, but I think I’m happy where I’ve settled. The first thing I noticed about it was how sugar was the first ingredient. That was remedied by the fact that regular peanuts follow that, and honey roasted peanuts are just a bit farther down, so the healthy fats in this probably outweigh the sugar overall. But that brought up some more realizations, namely that this particular product isn’t vegan and has multiple forms of sugar(the former isn’t something for me to worry about but others may want to keep that in mind). Flavorwise, I definitely got the salty/sweet, which was huge for this product. I liked the pretzels and peanuts and how that played with texture. The chocolate flavor was a bit generic in my opinion. Overall, I’d probably choose a different flavor from Clif’s line over this one.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo

9/10: Peanut Butter Pretzel. Could anything say salty sweet better than salted peanuts with peanut butter chips? I think not. And I think the people at Clif agree. This was my overall favorite for the Mojo line. The sugar is kept relatively low yet it has an amazing taste that lives up to its description; the soy protein and peanuts make this a great source of protein and healthy fat. This is truly a tasty trail mix to keep in the pocket that you can feel good–no–great about eating.


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11 Responses to “Clif Mojo And Mojo Dipped Review”

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i just got the pb&j bar from target too!!

and it was the target in Woburn 🙂

Great review! I just got some of the dipped bars and look forward to trying them out. Your chicken costume is absolutely HILARIOUS by the way:) I admire you for rocking the costume on campus.

I have to say I was a huge fan of the trail mix bar — then again, I’m a sucker for chocolate chips and raisins. I have never tried the dipped bars though – they sound great! Thanks for the review, as always 🙂

I’ve tried the PB&J and the chocolate peanut bars. I loved the PB&J one!!

I love Clif’s Mojo bars – my favorite ones are pb pretzel & chocolate peanut dipped!

Yum, yum & they are totally awesome on the go snacks!

I’ve only had the trail mix and peanut butter pretzel ones, how would you say the dipped ones compare to them as far as satisfying hunger?

Can only get the regular Clif here – no Mojo or Z’s…so your teasing me 🙂 Although I’d probably prefer just to bake my own …although Carrot Cake Clif’s are surprisingly good …now if they weren’t so pricey…

HAHAHAHAH I LOVE YOUR COSTUME! ummm awesome review. i have never tried any of the mojo bars, but i am now going to be on the lookout for peanut butter pretzel!!!!

Great review – and the chicken costume pretty much made my day!
Hope you had a great time!

Thanks for the review! I am a chicken 😉 when it comes to trying new bars sometimes…I don’t want to waste $ and calories on something I’m not going to love. These look like they might be worth trying.

totally agree with your review on the pb & j mojo bar. it had a nice flavor but not that distinct pb & j flavor. Love the pb pretzel bar as well 😀

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