Goji Gourmet Cookie Review

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Good afternoon! How appropriate that this comes on Cookie Friday. Coincidence? I think not. Last week I received samples of Goji Gourmet’s superfood cookies to review. Each cookie is all natural with no refined sugar, rich in antioxidants from goji berries and secondary ingredients, handmade, and–if I may say so–delicious! The goji berry often harvested in the Himalayas have 10 times the antioxidants of a blueberry, which really helps to bolster the immune system, especially during flu season. Goji Gourmet currently has 4 fun flavors but I’ve heard that a 5th is coming soon. Each flavor has other superfoods like ginger or cherries. So instead of buying a cookie from Starbucks this Cookie Friday, why not order a bag here? Or, if you have someone special in your life that you want to deliver a treat to(especially if they live far away and are–say–in college or something ;-)), why not treat them to a surprise? Here are my reviews for the four flavors.

Goji Almond Oat

6.5/10: I like almonds and I like oats. But as “flavors”, I think they really need to have something special done to them to make them pop, and these just didn’t pop. The almond crunch of nuts was nice, but didn’t feel particularly special like the other cookies. Overall, I think these were really good as their basic “goji” cookie, and definitely the one to buy if you want the simple goji flavor. Other than goji, though, I think the flavors here are just too subtle.

Goji Cherry Cacao

9.5/10: I won’t beat around the bush on this one. These cookies were amazing! Truly, the only reason I couldn’t give them a 10 on my scale was on account of their limited availability and steep price. But on flavor and nutrition, consider these little gems. I loved the chocolate base with a cherry flavor infusion; and the chewy gojis with sweet cacao joined in perfect harmony. The simple ingredients are really what make these feel so wholesome, and the fact that they’re handmade drives it home. If you’re looking for your next bit of healthy indulgence, look no further.

Goji Ginger Walnut

8.5/10: These cookies were a bundle of pleasant surprises for me. I loved how they were flavored, not seasoned, with ginger. By this, I mean they had whole chunks of ginger and not simply the powdered stuff from the average kitchen pantry. This added great flavor as well as some additional superfood nutrition. I also didn’t mind that this tasted relatively low on walnuts in comparison to gojis and ginger; I’m not a big walnut fan, but those who are might care for more. Of course, the gojis added an interesting antioxidant boost and worked well with the other flavors. Overall, this was a surprising success with me.

Goji Orange MintChip

9/10: I’m always worried when a product has a lot going on, because I’m a man of simple taste–literally. In each little cookie, Goji Gourmet aimed to mix orange, chocolate, mint, and–of course–goji. Well somehow they rocked this one out. Each bite gave you these flavors, both distinctly and how they worked together. Everything accented each other for a very cool, clean, crisp flavor. Dare I say, these almost made my mouth feel as fresh as a breath mint? Another great flavor by Goji Gourmet.


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4 Responses to “Goji Gourmet Cookie Review”

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OOH you got yummy cookies to sample too! FUn.. they sound delish! What great flavors.

Evan you are seriously my go-to guy when it comes to new products! These cookies sound great – I bet they’re wonderful crumbled over yogurt 🙂 Now the question is – why does my starbucks not sell them? le sighhhh.

Oh yum. Those Ginger Walnut ones sound really good. Cool review!

Thanks for the reviews and being the raw unbaker & cookie lover that I am, any post regarding cookies is music to my ears!

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