Mister Antebellum

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After yesterday’s run I was so dehydrated. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I took a trip to the bathroom and remembered when my mouth felt dry back at mile 2… I will definitely 100% be bringing a water bottle with me whenever I go to the gym from now on. I did this morning and, though it was a bit fumbly drinking on the tread, I’m glad I did. Yesterday, after about 2 full water bottles at breakfast, I grabbed this on my way to class:

November 9th 001

Zevia Cola

Some people like their caffeine from coffee, I prefer Zevia cola 🙂 I must admit, I was considering not going to class at all yesterday; if I didn’t I could just dedicate a large chunk of time to essay writing and I’m much better at doing projects all at once than split up. Nevertheless, I was a good student and went to them all. That was good for Latin because we got our old essays back.

November 9th 008

Catullus Essay

See that little thing that looks like a teepee? Yeah, that’s an A 🙂 This was definitely needed to give me a boost of spirits. By the way, this professor has the tiniest, neatest hand writing ever. Times New Roman’s got nothing on her; I can hardly read half her comments. After that I swung by the dining hall and went to my dorm to finish up computer stuff and lunch.

November 9th 002

Broccoli, The Heat Is On Tofu Salad, Brussel Sprouts And Carrots

November 9th 006

Lemon Bar Larabar

Lunch was magnifico. I also bought some Chobani and baby carrots but decided not to go with them. I love that The Heat Is On tofu salad though so I’m sure those carrots will get used yet. And this Lemon Bar was the first of the Larabars I was sent. Loved it! It was so pure and lemony, but also sweet. The only thing I thought was weird was cashews and almonds; why not one or the other instead of mixing flavors? Also, I got a whole almond among the mostly chopped nuts, which threw the texture off a tad. But overall this was not a lemon 😉 Oh, and we got more graded back in class.

November 9th 012

History In Class Midterm

Double wahoo! Ok, this was a little expected after the teacher called me out in class, but it was so nice to hold it and see it was real. I still have 1 midterm essay to write but since I did so well on this and feel pretty good about the other two, I’m not going to sweat or rush this last one. Epic, on the other hand, would have been a great choice to skip to get work done. Oh well, but the good thing about that was I got to check my mail and find this.

November 9th 009

One Lucky Duck Samples

The people at One Lucky Duck sent me these 4 samples of raw, organic, and vegan snacks! How exciting; of course all my eats are all-natural and a good portion organic, but raw and vegan is something I haven’t tapped in to much. Thanks, One Lucky Duck! I’ll have to think of a special time and place to enjoy these delightful cookies 🙂

When I got back to my dorm I had a coconut craving. I think I need to explain something here about coconut: I hate it in anything that is not coconut flavored(i.e. when granola randomly has it as an ingredient). But as a distinct flavor, if I’m in the mood, I don’t mind it at all. This was all I could find, though, that had coconut that I had:

November 9th 011

Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar

2 in 1 day? I’m burning through these babies. The tropical fruit tart was good, but nothing like the lemon bar. The only flavor that I really got was pineapple. Still, it was better than I thought it’d be. From the stories I’ve heard I expected to be spitting this out on the floor. I watched the newest SNL in the afternoon. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan so that was great to see; she wasn’t hysterical, but she was decent, and for someone who’s only 19 and not an actress or comedian it was a job well done. I don’t get why her musical performances weren’t online, though. Anyone know where I can watch those? I also got a bit of inspiration for some oatmeal.

November 9th 019

Frosting Ingredients

November 9th 015

Pumpkin Oats With Eggnog Frosting

This was inspired by Sunday’s breakfast and snack, and it was sooo good. For the frosting I did 2 ounces Greek yogurt(full fat) and 2 tablespoons eggnog with vanilla stevia to taste. Seriously, that was some of the noggiest, best frosting I could have hoped for. I think I should have let the oats cool just a bit, though, because the yogurt did not like the hot oatmeal. After some working I ended up at The Ratty with a friend for dinner.

November 9th 023

Sweet Potato With Black Bean Taco Filling, Beets, Broccoli Spears

I was having a moment where I couldn’t decide if I was hungry or full; I think the heated up yogurt wasn’t sitting well in my stomach(still make the frosting for a cool dish if you get the chance!). After seeing what was available, I realized I was hungry. There was huge broccoli spears, whole beets, and roasted sweet potatoes. To eat a little something other than just plain veggies I took some taco filling and mushed it on the potato–yum! I love the sweat heat it added. Catching up was equally exciting because we hadn’t been both available for dinner in a while.

When I got back to my dorm I blasted a bit of Lady Antebellum(hence the title ;-)). By 8 I couldn’t quite understand why I wanted to go to bed. I mean, I know I’m practically a grandpa, but 8? That’s way before Leno. Then I remembered the <5 hours of sleep I got and it started making sense. I decided it’s worth staying awake if only for the emails I get from my parents. One was from my mom, complaining my dad takes forever to get home from work and about how much she loves pineapple Chobani(and I don’t think I ever saw her even eat a yogurt in the 18 years I lived at home). Then 1 and a half hours later I get an email from my dad(I guess he does take a while getting home) telling me about blog contests for gas relief products. Thanks.

November 9th 002

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Chocolate Chips And Vanilla Sugar

Naturally there was yogurt and chocolate chips. I t’s definitely a full blown addiction now, which is sad because Agave Sweetened So Delicious Soy Yogurt is no longer a sale item 😦 I do love that this is a completely vegan snack though, not to mention one with a hefty dose of fiber 🙂 Heroes really didn’t grab me last night. As in, I was too busy working/staring at my yogurt to even notice what the plot was.

November 9th 004

TJ Carrot Ginger Muffin With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Ginger Cream Cheese

This was gingerlicious as well; I don’t remember the last time I had this flavor muffin in my fridge. I forgot how good it is! The ginger preserves suggested pairing it with cream cheese, and they were sooo right. Then again, I pair everything with cream cheese, so they had a good shot with me. Naturally, I needed to dehead the muffin like I was Henry VII to eat it.

November 9th 007

Chocolate Brownie Z-bar With Butter Toffe Peanut Butter

I discovered I’m out of chocolate vitatops 😦 But fortunately a Z-bar was there to lift me up. I’m honestly thinking I should buy the 5lb tub of butter toffee peanut butter next time from Naturally Nutty because I am going through this like wildfire. I decided to go to bed early because I was so exhausted, but Kathy Griffin was on Leno so I knew I needed to stay up at least until 10:30. Did anybody else see her new stand up special? Hysterical. Even my mom laughed at most of it. Anyway, 10:30 and I was out like a light. I heard my roommate come home some time but wasn’t awake for more than 2 minutes, and slept in until 7.

This morning I wanted something lighter and simpler at the gym so I decided on 7 miles in 58:26. I must be a very influential person because this morning while I was watching the Today show the 50 year old weight lifters turned another TV onto the Cartoon Network! There is something very amusing watching a 300 pound man stationary bike to Pokemon.

My Oats: Pumpkin Patch Oatmeal

Pumpkin Patch Oatmeal

November 9th 009

Eggnog Yogurt

Tis definitely the season 🙂 I used only oat bran today instead of an oatmeal/oatbran mix(because I overpoured). It’s so nice and creamy with pumpkin but I think I prefer the oats for a little bulk and texture. Of course, what makes pumpkin oatmeal if not pepita sun butter and pumpkin seeds mixed with a little bit of honey> So sweet and delicious! And I need to buy about 5 more cartons of the Silk nog at the rate I’m going through. Just 6oz Greek yogurt and 1/4 cup makes the perfect, noggy protein.

Today I have just Greek which will be a guest lecturer(aka a waste of time), and then the whole afternoon to do work(aka go to University Plaza Whole Foods). I completely forgot to get nutmeg for my nog while I was home so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that, and I think coconut is still on sale, too! Enjoy your day!

PS. Holly has a giveaway for some amazing sounding protein powders. These are seriously gourmet.


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22 Responses to “Mister Antebellum”

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Oooh those One Lucky Duck cookies sound super fab. How did they taste??
Congrats on your exam grades 🙂

Hahaha, major congratulations on your “teepee” 😉

ONE LUCKY DUCK!! My pantry is stocked with their goodies.

love your blog, just came across it recently! 🙂

so many good eats, i dont know where to start! 🙂 your one lucky duck for those lucky duck samples!
can u believe i haven’t gotten myself there and i live in NY! i know what>!? lol.. and i have to say ur a genus with that egg nog yogurt frosting you made, looks so good! i have been meaning to get those muffins at trader joes, glad to hear they are good, def gonna pick some up next time!(love the idea of ginger cream cheese, again…i think u are a genus 😉 anything ginger flav i love!


Great job on the A!!! Congrats 🙂

I thought Taylor did well on SNL. It wasn’t the best episode ever, but I loved the skit about teenagers riding with their parents. And she looked creepily like Kate Gosselin on The View sketch.

Way to go with the A!!

I’m curious, do you use plain milk chocolate chips or dark chocolate?

Good question! Right now I have semi-sweet baking chips from trader joes, which I think have milk products in them, and grain-sweetened sunspire chips, which I’m pretty sure are vegan. I also got grain sweetened dark chocolate chips fro Dedham which I burned through, and those might have been Sunspire. I just love trying all different brands/types.

omfg … i LOVE soy eggnogg. I forget the brand i always get, but it is the BEST. umm .. i will get back to you on it haha
it isnt silk though.

I’m drooling over your eggnog frosting, wow. I wonder how that Nog would taste in coffee? Or tea?? Hmm.

Nice job on the A’s – that’s awesome. I hate it when I can’t read a teacher’s handwriting. Makes me wonder if they’re secretly slamming me and I have no idea.

I’ve never had either of those Larabars, I’m not big on fruit flavored bars. Especially citrus.

Yeah Lady Ant!! Love them. haha I enjoyed your Henry the VIII reference to beheading. My sister would appreciate 🙂

this is going to be cheesy, but you are totally a lucky duck for getting those goods. and those A’s – rock on! i don’t think a lot of my papers looked like that in my day 😉

tropical fruit lara is one of my faves. and your naturally nutty PB gets me everytime!!!!

congrats on the A and woooooot to country music!! and is zevia anything like regular sodas? i ❤ diet coke with lime for my caffiene

I’ve never tasted much of a difference between Zevia and regular diet soda. Some of the flavors are a little watery, but the Root Beer is really good

2 Larabars in 1 day huh??? I’ll have to try the lemon one. I TOTALLY agree with you that the cherry pie is SO not as awesome as people say it is. It’s like….too tart for a date-based bar!

I love the icing idea on your pumpkin oats. I’ll have to give that a try…i’m not sure i like egg nog though, so i might need to come up with something else to mix together with my greek yogurt. Thank you for the idea again!!! It also looks fabulous.

P.s. Show off. 😛

Good job on the A’s – those are always fun to receive!

I’ve gotta find some of that Silk Nog for B – he loves soy milk and regular egg nog, so seems like he’d like that, especially if it’s good better nutritional stats than regular ‘nog!

my brain is stuck on frosting now. i want some.

and probably food to put the frosting on i suppose. but straight frosting would work…

Way to go on both assignments! I love the looks of your pumpkin patch oatmeal.

I can’t imagine watching Kathy Griffin with my mom, but that’s awesome that she likes it!!

I totally cracked up at the emails from your parents. I love people’s parents – I think it’s a scientific fact that they are much funnier if they are not, in fact, your own flesh and blood.

Congrats on the As, you smartypants!

Ack! You just reminded me that I’m out of Chobani. Tomorrow morning will be sad. 😦

did you make that tofu salad or was it available in your dining hall?? thats crazy if they made “the heat is on tofu salad”

congrats on the A 🙂 well done!

I just recived those same larabar samples and have yet to try the lemon and tropical fruit..i am looking forward to them both (lemon a little bit more now!)

I need to try naturally nutty!! the shipping is just so expensive-i think its as much as the jars themselves!!

Wow, great job on your paper/midterm, that’s seriously amazing! I hope you celebrate by eating some more of your pumpkin loaf:)

1. I LOVE Lady Antebellum! They’re great.

2. Great job on the paper!

3. Totally jealous of the One Lucky Duck stuff 🙂

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