I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

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I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my dorm smells of rich mahogany. Anchorman, anyone? I actually hate that movie but my 9th Grade Latin teacher was obsessed with it and Will Ferrell, so I have all the quotes down, and they pop into my head when relevant. Yesterday, I was kind of a big deal πŸ˜‰

Not in the morning, though; then, I just left my dorm with empty plates and bowls so I could get coffee before Greek. I knew it would be an unimportant class since our real teacher is away; instead we had a guest lecturer talk about basically everything I learned in Greek History class. Oh well, it was worth it just to hear our substitute pronounce war as “vowr-er” with his mid-European accent. Β I swung by The Ratty on the way back to my dorm, but ended up not eating until around 12:50 because I had a lot to tidy up and Google read before lunch.

November 10th 005

2 Eggs With Portobella Mushrooms And Red Peppers, Broccoli, Carrots, Jalapenos, Mustard, Ketchup

If Picasso made an omelet, I’d like to think it’d look like this. This won nothing in terms of presentation; I don’t think half of the egg was cooked because I ended up pouring a lot of liquid on the plate at the end, but it was still tasty. I get asked a lot what’s from the dinign hall and what’s mine; in this case, everything was dining hall except the 2 eggs, mustard, and ketchup. Speaking of ketchup, I used to despise it. What is most ketchup’s except processed tomato and sugar? I still feel that way on the whole, but I’ve found two that really got my attention: Trader Joe’s store brand and Napa Valley Red Bell Pepper. The former is really vinegary and not sweet, which goes great with eggs and veggie burgers. The latter is spicy and great for robust burgers. Clearly, I put way too much thought into my condiments πŸ™‚

I ended up skipping out on the last 10 minutes of Days to get out early to Whole Foods; how has Sammy not learned a thing about her baby? I feel like this story’s gone on so long the kid should be in preschool. I took a brisk walk to University Plaza. It was double productive because every trip to this Whole Foods piles on 2.2 miles πŸ™‚ As usual, I spent way too long oogling at too many thing I ended up not getting. I went in with the notion that this would be a “big” shopping trip but they didn’t have quite everything I wanted. Unsweetened coconut was on sale, but they didn’t even carry the sweetened kind; and salmon was on the salad bar but it was mixed with spinach and I wasn’t convinced it’d taste any good. After getting out with most of my wallet I stopped at McDonalds.


November 10th 006

Newman's Own Organic Coffee


Well what else do you think I’d go there for πŸ™‚ I love this Newman’s coffee, and that all their sizes are only $1 from now until who knows when! I’ve taken advantage of that many times. I also nibbled on this new product.


November 10th 007

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar


This White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar was one of the ones I was sent to review. I wanted to love it; if I could find a portable, healthy excuse for white chocolate, I’d be overjoyed. Unfortunately, this didn’t have me jumping up and down. It was OK, but not what I was hoping for. I only took about 5 bites and didn’t even finish it, which is rare for me with foods, because I knew I’d be back to my dorm soon enough where I had unpackaged food to eat. I put the rest back into the wrapper for when I need some energy for running in the morning.

Right before I got back to my dorm, the coolest thing happened to me, and I was kind of a big deal. There are only a few of us in the gym at 7am(shocker) and it’s usually the same crowd. 2 of the other people are these big middle-aged men. Well, I ran into one on the road outside my dorm. It turns out he’s the dean of residential life, and he told me that every time he sees me running strong on the treadmill in the morning I’m an inspiration to him to work out(I think he’s trying to lose weight). I really felt like I had a fan when he was telling me other people look like they’re going to keel over on the treadmill but I have a strong confident posture. He also said I have a good choice in cartoons, lol! πŸ˜‰ That was a great experience, and after it I couldn’t wait to run into him more at the gym knowing who he is.

When I actually got into my dorm, I felt so overwhelmed. I just needed to take things one at a time. I turned on the TV and plugged in everything electronic that needed charging. Then I unpacked what I bought.

November 10th 009


See? It was all very sensible. Oikos and oats I burn through in this room. I also needed some stevia for my coffee and 365 brand looked decent for 7.99. I also bought 365 nutmeg, which was the cheapest they carried. One other thing might have worked its way into my bag.

November 10th 012

Divine White Chocolate With Strawberries

I wanted to treat myself with something for doing so well and (hopefully) what’s more to come. I have trouble when it comes to buying groceries to treat myself, but I finally settled on this bar of white chocolate; I’ve been eyeing it for a while, and if anything says nutritionally devoid and decadent it’s white chocolate, speaking of which…

November 10th 016

Banana Oats With Mighty Maple And White Chocolate Chips

The next thing to do was make a snack, since I ended up not eating most of the Clif bar. I thought the maple, vanilla, and banana might be too much for one dish but not at all! Everything worked well together. I had 2 possible plans for the afternoon/dinner but I took the lame responsible road and cancelled them so that I could purely work on my essay; I find projects like this so much easier to take on all at once than try to draw it out. I got a good deal(about 1/3) done before it was time for dinner, which I already decided to make for myself.

November 10th 029

Dinner Ingredients

These are definitely two staples to have in any dorm room: healthy, delicious, and instant. I did something which I thought was a littleΒ geniusΒ and used the water from the tuna to cook the macaroni in for added flavor.

November 10th 023

Tuna Mac And Cheese With Acorn Squash

Perfecto! I know the old generation Italians would find fault with fish + cheese but we’re not in Italy here πŸ˜‰ The acorn squash from home was so nice, even though it might have needed another 2 minutes in the microwave. Other than that, the buttery flavor went well with cheese from the macaroni, and the whole thing was just a salt mess–my favorite kind!

Flash foward to 8: Does anybody else just feel motivated to move when they hear The Biggest Loser theme song? I do and I love it. I got into my PJ’s, took up my essay books, and got ready for some quality television. I celebrated with trans fat.

November 10th 002

Yogurt With Strawberry Jam And White Chocolate With Strawberries

This was awesome. And, yes, there’s trans fat in the white chocolate bar, but it’s natural from butterfat and only .2 grams in the whole bar(which I had maybe an 1/8th of. I was actually surprised the label mentioned trans fat, since companies aren’t required to list it if it’s less than Β .5 grams per serving. It’s definitely a curious thing to think how much trans fat is really in certain foods and how much it adds up to. Anyway, this was delicious and easily a new favorite chocolate bar. Sweetening it with jam makes the fruit feel fresher.

November 10th 006

Silk Nog With Nutmeg

November 10th 004

Newman's Own Organic Espresso Chip Cookies With Coffee

I’ve never been one for “milk and cookies”; this is about as close as I ever get. The nog on its own is a little thin and needs some extra sweetening, but you’d never guess that it wasn’t made with real milk let alone has no eggs in it. I don’t really get “espresso” out of these cookies but they do taste nice and chocolatey, and the espresso part is always a great excuse to make coffee(like I needed an excuse). I was really sad to see the entire Orange team go off The Biggest Loser. They had so much reason to be there, but they were on Jay Leno afterwards and it looks like they’re doing great.

November 10th 007

Oatmeal With Semi-Sweet Bakign Chips And Smart Balance

I wanted to want anything else but this while watching Leno. Because, really, who wants to be washing oatmeal off a dish right before bed? instead of fighting the craving I went ahead and made the oats, knowing if you give your body what it really wants it’ll reward you.

That reward definitely came this morning. I woke up at 6:20 6:25 after snoozing a little bit. I felt the long-term energy from the oats still in effect, and head off for an undetermined long wrong. I took the rest of my white chocolate macadamia nut clif bar but ultimately decided that I didn’t want it this morning and didn’t want the burden of having something I felt like I “had to finish” and so tossed it at the gym. Anyway, back to the run, I ended up doing 12 miles and finishing in a quick 1:36:22! It felt good to pile on all those miles; if only my new gym friend had been there! When I got back I made a great breakfast, too.

November 10th 020

Pumpkin Oats With Maple Almond Butter And Sliced Butter Toffee Almonds, Creamy Greek Yogurt With Blueberry And Raspberry Jam

I spent the entire time on the treadmill thinking “what else can I make myself besides oatmeal and yogurt to switch it up for breakfast”. But truly this is what I love to eat for breakfast, for flavor and satisfaction. For the yogurt, I mixed 4oz plain Oikos with 2oz full fat Voskos–oh my God was that good! It had just the right amount of cream to be not too heavy but something special. The best thing about creamy yogurt is it doesn’t need sugar or stevia because it’s a flavor all its own. I added some fruit jams and mixed them in and topped it with some more jam to get the pure flavor.

If you can’t tell, that yogurt got me way more excited than any normal person should be by yogurt. I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it all through Latin class now.

I know you’re a nut for nuts, so check out this giveaway!

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26 Responses to “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal”

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The ‘silk nog’ looks good! I like eggnog, but only for about 1-2 tastes, then I’m done. I’m sad you were in 9th grade when Anchorman was popular. It makes me feel so old.

That’s too bad you didn’t like the Clif bar, it’s one of my favorites. For the late night oatmeal you might just want to fill the bowl up with water and let it sit overnight, it’ll loosen up and is actually easier to clean after soaking for a while.

i remembered the soy egg nogg i loved, it was by vitasoy. SO GOOD
though, i have never tried silks soynogg …

I don’t like that Cliff Bar either! I think it’s that fake “icing” on top. I always will rank the straight up PB flavor as #1 :O).

– Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

I LOVE White Chocolate, I’ve gotta pick up some of those chips next time I’m at the store.

“Banana Oats With Mighty Maple And White Chocolate Chips”… uh looks super delish!!

I havent watched Days since high school but Im assuming I could resume today and they will still be using the same plot line! lol

Thanks for the linkage!
So cool about the dean! It’s great to inspire someone!
I haven’t watched Days in years, I should start doing that again, I used to love it!

That is so great that you have a groupie at the gym — how cool is that!

I’m sorry you didn’t like the WCMN Clif, I’m not a huge fan but it’s pretty decadent if microwaved for 15 seconds.

Congrats on being an inspiration! Feels good, no?

I say, enjoy that White Chocolate with Strawberries bar to the fullest πŸ™‚

haha i actually think anchorman is the only movie will ferrell is funny in (at least in which he stars). i busted out a couple of those quotes the other day πŸ™‚

i love how you put chips into your oats. so genius that i’m going to have to try it now!

Dude, you rock. My freshman year in college involved a lot more beer and possibly extraneous nudity. Way to keep a good head on your shoulders and stay healthy.

i love when random high up people give compliments!

one of the top people where my fiance works (for the state-his department has several hundred people, and its got some decently high ranking govt jobs) sometimes watches his lunches and tells him “your fiance feeds you well!”

and it makes me happy, not going to lie.

This post has made me realize I need more white chocolate in my life.

i am white chocolate obsessed too! isnt it amazing!! seen that bar before, i should get it, no? πŸ™‚ looks so good, just the packaging alone would sell me. divine, indeed πŸ˜‰ u have inspired me to go and get w-choc. chips asap! ever since i started following ur blog, i have been craving white chocolate goodness!

i too find myself wondering what else should i have beside oats for breakfast(I AM in such an oat RUT!) bUT, as u said, its just so good! its what i like to eat for breakfast! and i dont blame us, oats and yogurt are like the 2 best things ever! and ur oats look so good always.


I’ve tried to watch Anchorman 3 times now but I’ve fallen asleep every time! Wow with the dean! That’s sweet!!

Sorry you weren’t a fan of the WCMN Clif – it’s one of my favorites!

awww that’s such a wonderful thing for that dean to say..and i’m sure it feels great to be an inspiration. It kinda cracked me up when I read that…:) very cute story, and good for you for having good posture!

OOOH i wondered about how tasty that bar would be…can’t believe you didn’t finish it!!

I’m in love with your white chocolate chips in oatmeal. I need to try that. Coming to a blog near you – soon!!!!

Ron Burgandy is by far my favorite character of all time. Thank you for reminding me how much I ADORE that movie — must watch it again soon.

Stay Classy πŸ˜‰

i didnt know newmans own made coffee! this was a great post..the white chocolate chips look SO good in oatmeal

dean of res life how cool! always nice to have a fan in high places

If you don’t like a food(s)…do you toss always or go through it anyways so as not to waste the money? Like with a box of granola bars or cereal or cookies or something…? I always hate to waste the money and try to have it…but I guess it’s stupid if you don’t really like something.
Sounds like your having some great days lately! All your happenings!

Normally I try to finish everything, or at least find someone near me who would like it so it doesn’t go to waste. Thankfully I don’t have that problem very much

Hi, Evan –
I had to laugh while reading your blog tonight. I recently ordered Naturally Nutty’s Pepita Sun Butter and HATED it. On the other hand, white chocolate macadamia nut clif bars are my absolute favorite clif bars! Although I think that most of your eats look scrumptious, possibly our taste buds are exact opposites. If you are interested, I would be glad to mail you my jar of Pepita Sun Butter. I only used one spoonful, and I hate to waste it. However, if you find it creepy and dubious to have complete strangers send you already opened and sampled food, I completely understand!

isn’t it so fun to get random compliments like that? That’s so nice of him to say that, too.

Umm…Newman’s own coffee and little cookies?!? Why don’t they sell those things HERE?

that white chocolate looks awesome, and I don’t normally like white chocolate.

What a nice compliment! That must have felt great to hear.

And I think Anchorman is the best movie to quote!

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