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As ridiculous as it sounds, I am so much happier now that I’ve admitted to myself that I love oatmeal for breakfast. I love it. And I’ll shout it to the world. I’ve been resisting having oatmeal on Tuesdays and Thursdays and other days when I simply wouldn’t have much time for one reason or another. But a quickie with some oats is much more satisfying than spending long, hellish time with anything not in the morning. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t very hungry when I got out at noon yesterday. Instead of eat immediately, I went to check my mail where I had something amazing waiting for me.

Amazing Grass Sampler

Amazing Grass that is. The folks at Amazing Grass were kind enough to send me all these goodies to try and review. This could not have come at a better time. As I slowly feel myself getting sick, I realize it’s probably because I rely on the dining hall for all my veggies and when they don’t have good ones I just don’t get them in me. With these products, hopefully I’ll be feeling 100%. I also picked up a lunch on my way back to the dorm and had a ball making a bowl.

Taco Bowl With Lettuce, Spinach, Shaved Cucumber, Shredded Carrot, Vegan Taco Filling, Peppers, And Full Fat Voskos Yogurt

Taco Bell, Q’doba, BoLoco, all those places ain’t got nothing on me. And would you believe that most of this came from the dining hall? All I had to do was put it together by making the base with salad bar fixings and plopping the vegan taco filling on top. It was delicious! In the filling was tofu, tempeh, molasses, tomato puree, and seasoning. And topping it with the yogurt was sooo good. Even though it’s full fat, I’m going to pretend like it was healthy because it’s yogurt 🙂 But I would definitely opt for that in place of cheese any day.

Well you can’t say I didn’t warn you that this would be how I would spend my day:


I only had a bad sneezing bout for about an hour. The rest of the time was mostly a runny nose. It was definitely a good day for daytime tv, though. There was actually a plot progression on Days Of Our Lives this week! Can you believe that? And Rachael Ray made a sweet potato casserole with bruleed bananas on top. Um, yum? I also did some major behind-the-scenes blog working and you can expect some product review summaries coming your way real soon. At some point, I decided I needed more green in my diet.

Amazing Grass Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

I’ll admit: The green innards of this freaked me out a little. But oh my God was this good! I’d much rather have this than any Snickers bar or anything, plus it has incredible(avoiding overusing the word amazing) nutrition. You can read my full review here. Now I can’t wait to try others. Did anyone else catch Oprah? It was all pretty adult material for something on at 4pm. Jenna Jameson and Oprah in the same room was not something I expected. After getting more work done I had another snack.

Plain Chobani With Strawberry Conserves

This new jam, excuse me, conserve is ok. I guess it’s size and price and the fact that it’s organic made it a steal. I’m just happy whenever the fruit is the first ingredient. This was my last individual yogurt, so afterwards I went to all the open school facilities I knew of that sold yogurt, and none had another plain Chobani. It was a bit of a disappointment(mainly because it was too cold to be walking around like a nut), but I was able to grab dinner on the way back.

Asparagus Spears, Honey Ginger Vegetables, Veggie Marinated Tempeh

Apparently when my dining hall does tempeh they like to do it all out. I was just happy to have another meal where I didn’t need to provide any ingredients. I love it when they have asparagus; that’s one of my favorite ingredients and I literally took all the ones they had out. Definitely some good cold-fighting vitamins in that, right? The tempeh just kind of tasted like vegetables, if that makes any sense, but it was good enough. What it wasn’t was fulling, so after I went out and came back from buying coffee and flavored Chobani, I grabbed another bar.


Amazing Grass Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar


I’m not going to lie. I could have just eaten the chocolate shell off and been just as happy 🙂 As much as I hate that feeling of still being hungry after dinner(oh, and I do, a lot) I now know it’s better to just honor your hunger and accept you’re still hungry rather than pretend otherwise. You can read my review of this one here. I don’t think it was as nutritionally good or flavorful as the peanut butter one but it was decent. I was not expecting(and really enjoyed) the hint of peppermint–so seasonal!

The Biggest Loser didn’t blow me away last night. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just not as entertaining without the awesome orange team anymore? That must be the case. Instead I did some Greek and snacked.


Oatmeal With Smart Balance And Baking Chips


Along with my morning oatmeal revelation, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I like oatmeal at night. I don’t like cleaning the bowl, but I like oatmeal and that’s enough(plus if I’m eating it in the morning who needs a perfectly clean bowl anyway?). I’ve also come to grips with the fact that I like TJ’s baking chips the best; they aren’t as “healthy” as the grain-sweetened ones nor are they vegan, but since when do chocolate chips need to be healthy? Bring on the sugar and dry milk powder, baby.


Pumpkin Oatbran With White Chocolate Chips


Correction: I really like oatmeal at night. Except I’ve learned you can’t cook the pumpkin and oats at the same time, or it comes out rather gritty. Still, this pumpkin and vanilla chip combo is awesome. Someone should make a bar like this *hint*hint*.

This morning I woke up with a really dry throat, but otherwise energized. After guzzling down coffee and water, I felt good enough to run. I didn’t know how far I’d go, but I could feel it would be a long one so I grabbed a bar.


Berry Whole Food Energy Bar

Really? Were you expecting anything else at this point? I don’t have a chance to review it this morning but when I do it will be available here and I’ll be sure to start tomorrow’s post with it. I got going fairly early(around 6:45) so time was not an issue this morning. I just ran and ran. And I kept running all the way to 15 miles in 2:01:06! It felt great and I felt great. My previous record, by the way, was 14 miles set last Monday, but after that I was dehydrated and exhausted. Today I felt super and energized.


Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Maple Syrup, Eggnog Yogurt

I won’t pretend like these aren’t the same flavors I always have; they just taste so good! But I had to make the Nog yogurt twice. Note: It doesn’t work well if you use vanilla yogurt to start instead of plain because the consistency otherwise is absolutely soupy. Now hopefully I’ll find more plain yogurt around the campus today or otherwise today will be very low-gurt. I could try to squeeze in a Whole Foods trip between the end of class and sunset but on these legs I’m thinking not.



Here’s a contest by Nature’s Path for some of their great products!

How about a Chocolate Covered Giveaway?

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20 Responses to “Encyclopedia Achoo To Distance PR”

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Congrats on the Amazing Grass swag! Also, your veggie saturated dinner looks so plentiful and yummy!

mmmm egg nog yogurt. must try. geeze i love me some egg nogg.

sweeet amazing grass swag!! your taco bowl for real looks amazing

No worries! Just enjoy the flavors – who cares if you’ve had ’em already? 😀

I love asparagus! It’s cool that you snagged all you could.

taco tuesday is where it’s at!! hizzah for all that amazing grass stuff. and i’ve been really digging into oatmeal since the temps have been dropping in the mananas lately

get bettttter!

and i’d just forgotten until now how much washing out my oatmeal bowl in college sucked. wow. don’t miss that.

How do you get such awesome swag? Do you contact the companies directly or do they search you out??

It’s funny how unapologetic you are about eating oatmeal throughout the day, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

If only my dining hall had served tempeh…they only offered pizza, pasta, cereal and some random crappy sandwich & salad bar.

Congratulations on the 15 mile run! That’s amazing!
I love all of your eats – oatmeal, yogurt, nut butter, chocolate, and tons of veggies. Perfect fuel for runners 🙂

Question- Do you self host? I like your theme, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to get that theme AND use a custom header image on http://www.runnerskitchen.com
Any advice for the technology-challenged (me!)?

I am so mad I missed that Oprah!!

The green insides of the bar freaked me out at first, too, but then once I tasted, I loved it!

AHHH your asparagus and tempeh dish looks amazing!! I havent had those Amazing Grass bars yet.. next time Im at WF (uh daily) Im gonna pick some up!

i LOVE the amazing grass bars!! I recieved that same pacakge but before that I won a whole case of the bars from a giveaway and LOVE THEM!!!! the green innards freaked me out too but I got past that once I took a bite!!

Oatmeal at night is the perfect snack before bed – warm, carby, and delicious!! Your bowls sound absolutely fantastic!

I have some amazing grass products at my casa right now – so far, I am not loving them 😦

I’m having another giveaway now 🙂

Will you please teach me how to like oatmeal, because I have never liked it!

I hope you feel better ASAP, you can’t be sick for Thanksgiving:(

I have no idea HOW you manage to run allll this mileage all the time. and on a TM. insane. but good for you if you feel good 🙂 that’s alot of grass haha!! did the company send those to you? wish i had your ability to get stuff haha 🙂
i’m never hungry after dinner -always stuffed to the brim! but…i still eat late-night ‘snack/meal’ yikes!! just had couple of chocolate vitamuffins with cream cheese frosting scooped right out of the tub -ridiculous.

glad you liked the amazing grass bars – i’m a big fan!

Awesome sampler…boy would I flip if that came in the mail!

Your oat bowls are stunning!!

That taco bowl looks delish! I prefer oat bran over oatmeal but I love them both with pumpkin.
I laughed out loud with your Days of our Lives comment! I stopped watching that show years ago, because it seemed to take ages to get thru a story! Funny.. 🙂

i love those amazing grass bars, but I haven’t tried the berry one or the pb one yet.

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