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I don’t think I need to give these bars too much of an introduction. With their simplistic ingredients of dates, fruits, nuts, and the occasional seasoning, Larabars have won the hearts of many foodies and healthy livers(as in people who live healthy. Not properly functioning livers). After some not-so-great experiences with my first Larabar, I was geared up to give these 4 flavors a try when the company sent them my way for product reviews. There were definitely some winners among the bunch, and I can’t wait to find more flavors that I might enjoy.

Cashew Cookie

7/10: The texture thankfully wasn’t too dry with this flavor which is a problem I’ve had in the past with other Larabars. In terms of flavor, this was dead on for a cashew cookie, which isn’t hard to do when your first ingredient is cashew. I did, however, wish the cashew wasn’t ground so small, almost into a flour. It would have been much more enjoyable had there been whole cashew pieces in there. Overall, for a 2 ingredient bar this is much more complex than I’d expect.

Lemon Bar

8.5/10: This bar was a perfect, sweet rendition of a good slice of lemon bar. The tartness of the lemon perfectly is balanced with the natural sweetness of the dates. The ingredients are simple and nutrition wholesome. The only problem I had with this was the inconsistency of nut size; most was crushed beyond recognition but I also got a whole almond. And I found it odd that they used both cashews and almonds instead of picking just one. The two have and gave distinct flavors, either of which would have been great but together was a bit confusing.

Peanut Butter And Jelly

9/10: How can anyone recreate something so memorable as the PB&J and put it in portable form? I don’t know how, but I know that Larabar has. This was absolutely great with flavors; the peanut and salt combined to be just like fresh peanut butter and the dates and cherries together made a sweet but tart, raspberry jam-like flavor. I loved the addition of salt in this bar. I know Larabar tries to use as little ingredients as possible and usually thinks of this as extraneous but here it truly was necessary. I only might have preferred a greater variation in texture and size of ground nuts. With fiber and protein, it’s a great snack that I’d gladly have again.

Tropical Fruit Tart

7/10: In some ways, this seems like the anti-Larabar from the start. Larabar, to me, means simple ingredients and single flavors. This bar, however, seems to tie in a medley of tropical flavors into one, tart bar. While it succeeds in giving an overall tropical impression, this one really didn’t grab me. The nuts felt secondary to the whole flavor. And I got more of a pineapple sense than any other ingredient, which makes me think it could do without the others. This was decent but not something I’d buy again.


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10 Responses to “Larabar Review”

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I love the reviews!
I agree with the cashew pieces being bigger in the cashew cookie. but the taste is stellar, regardless.
PB&J is one of their best, totally deserving a 9/10.

..I hope to never eat a tropical fruit tart ever again… I did not like it.

greatt reviews! last year i was on a mission to try all the lara bars jochocolat included and i succeeded( but didint try the plain chocolate one lol) BUT i have yet to try the german choc. cake (sitting in my box) and i had 1/2 the tropical one! laras are gods gift to us healthy food lover lol..they are amazing…i dont know what i’d do without them. had apple pie one today, quite good! i think i cried in december when the pb recall was going on, bc i couldnt eat the pb lara lol…
but my number one will always be cashew cookie 🙂

the peanut butter and jelly lara literally changed my life — I am OBSESSED!

Cashew Cookie is my favorite, so I’d be happy to take any leftovers of those off your hands for ya 😉

I love the idea behind larabars, but have to say some are better than others. The german chocolate….well….I’ve never seen anyone finish one. Not good.

I love Lara bars, but find they are expensive! I found a few recipes online to recreate them – basically you can just toss dates, other dried fruit, and nuts into a food processor to make your own. It’s fun to experiment with flavors!

thanks for the review girl!! i gota try PB and J asap!

You give really great reviews. I actually like the Cashew Cookie one though because it doesn’t have whole nuts in it…I eat alot of trail mix/nuts throughout the day this way it at least doesn’t ‘feel’ like I’m eating a gazillion haha. The only one flavor I like is the Apple Pie – have you tried it? I did pick up the PB& J though to try …also have seen the Cocunut Creme one – I’ll wait to hear your review haha!

i haven’t met a larabar i haven’t liked yet

I’ve yet to try the lemon and tropical fruit tart ones! I made my own baby larabars (sort of) tonight, and I agree, baking is totally a great way to end a crazy week!

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