A Bit Cheesy

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On yesterday’s post was a good comment made by Jeff(or Jon or whatever name he used this time ;-)) about the processed foods I eat, saying that aren’t I being a hypocrite with how I present myself? I say: No. I do eat processed food. And I love it. And I can, because the processed food I choose doesn’t conflict at all with my all-natural ingredient diet. A mint Newman-O is just as processed as a mint Oreo, but I’ll gladly chow down on the former whereas I won’t touch the latter. Of course, I completely expect some people to think this is absurd and not see a distinction, but I very much do and that is what shapes what I eat. I definitely think Jeff’s comment was a good one as it gave me the opportunity to share this all about me. And I was touched by how many of you replied in defence of this distinction I make 🙂 It reminded me of how I have some of the best readers in the world. Oh, and while I’m publically responding to comments–Food Makes Fun Fuel is a blog written by a guy. Rare in blogworld, I know, but true.

That’s not to say I never eat raw foods, though, like this apple I grabbed before class:


Then again, this was pretty nasty and old and by the time I finished I wished I had something more processed. Thankfully, coffee washed it down and I picked up a new bar to try later that I’d been eyeing. In class we got yet another end-of-semester paper. If I didn’t use Google Tasks and Google Calender to keep track of things like this, I’d be very frightened right now. But I’m not. That apple, as bad as it was, held me over well through class and blog reading, to the point where I was making a lunch to eat in Greek History. It came in two parts.

Broccoli And 2 Eggs Scrambled With 2 Lightlife Sausage Links

2% Chobani With Raspberry Chocolate Jam

For the “main course” I scrambeled 2 eggs with the last 2 of my new, favorite processed not-meat and microwaved that until most of the liquid was set–so good! I loved the spicy sausage in the egg with a little salt. For “dessert”, I sweetened the 2% Chobani a little and topped it with jam; the 2% are really hard to find but they’re soo good. Full fats a bit too much, but plain’s a bit… plain :-/ This is a great compromise. This meal had over 40g of protein. I don’t really track that for the most part, but sometimes I like to check for kicks and giggles, and that impressed me.

Class 1 was dull. Class 2 was duller. I had to take the escalator with my teacher. She’s nice but that’s always a bit awkward. She also smokes everyday before class so that was a bit nauseating to be in close-quarters with. After class I wasn’t quite ready to go back to my dorm and finish up some work, so I didn’t 🙂

Blue State Coffee At The Book Store

I know I’m not alone in loving book stores and coffee on really rainy days. Last year, one of my classes was a good mile down Comm Ave in Boston from where I had been picked up normally, so on nasty weather days I just went to Barnes And Nobles and waited for a ride to come to me. I also got a message while I was moseying saying my dinner plans were not. Not ideal, but much better than learning this at 6. Eventually, I hobbled back to my dorm. I got a bit peckish and broke out that new bar I mentioned.

Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Odwalla

I like the idea of trail mix, but I don’t like how clumsy it is. I like bars. So I had good hopes for this. In the end, it was good, but didn’t blow me away; it reminded me of a Clif mountain mix Mojo, except with an oat base instead of soy protein, and a little less nuts. Since I get plenty of oats on a regular basis, I think I prefer the Mojo because of the protein. Otherwise, this was decent. Speaking of getting enough oats…

Pumpkin Oats With Vanilla Almond Butter And Vanilla Powder

I wasn’t feeling like anything extravagant, per say, so instead I kept it pretty vanilla. Vanilla, in my book, is quite tasty 🙂 I think I listened to all my Bing Crosby Christmas songs at least once while catching up on television. I watched 2 episodes and I still have a good 10 left. I guess I slipped on that last week. I have to say I was a bit happy when dinner was called off; it was pouring last night and I was happy to be in PJ’s a bit early. It also let me have a go at this cornucopia:

Acorn Squash With Macarroni And Cheese With Tuna

Yum! It tasted as delicious as it looks. It’s amazing what you can make with canned tuna and a single serve mac n’ cheese packet. I had a lovely tofu dinner planned but this salty mess stole my mind and the show. The acorn squash was perfect steamed in the microwave in a bowl of shallow water for 5 minutes and let rest.

I loved Heroes last night for some reason. It totally dragged me back in to the season where it lost me. I think I’m a bigger fan of Claire’s story line at the time than anyone else’s. Afterwards I had a snack.

Peanut Butter Yogurt With Strawberry Jam And Chocolate Chips

I wasn’t sure if the strawberry, peanut butter, and chocolate chip would work in sync. What was I worried about? This was delicious. I just love the crunch of whole chocolate chips, and the strawberry was a nice sweetness to the sweet-but-not-too-sweet yogurt. Because I foresee questions on this, peanut butter yogurt is 6oz plain greek yogurt with 2 tablespoons Byrd Mill peanut flour(PB2 also works for this) and vanilla liquid stevia. It has a slightly nutty flavor and packs a protein punch. I think The Big Bang Theory was also great last night–what a good ball comedy. To the Jay Leno show, I finished the night with this.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Chocolate Chips, 3/4 Cup Silk Nog

I like to think I have some restraint around Silk Nog. Mighty Maple and chocolate chips, on the other hand… I need to remember to pack that today because it’s clearly one of my favorite nut butters and yet we don’t have one at home! Shame. While watching Leno, I came to the conclusion that, while Lady Gaga is fun to run to, she’s a scary scary person to watch perform. Not Adam Lambert scary, but still. Now I could definitely picture him opening for her.

This morning I hit the snooze twice and felt totally rejuvenated after my morning routine. Seriously, why didn’t I feel this good yesterday morning? I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I grabbed this bar knowing it would make my workout that much more amazing.

Amazing Grass Whole Food Energy Bar

It must have worked because my running felt so strong. Seriously, where was this energy yesterday? I planned for 10 miles, and ended up doing 13.1 in 1:51:02. I easily could have done the 15 I wanted except for time restraints; I can’t wait until next semester when, no matter which schedule I end up with, that won’t be an issue Monday, Wednesday, or Friday! Even more shockingly, I wasn’t feeling very “sweet” for breakfast. All I wanted was something spicy!

Oats With An Egg, Morningstar Breakfast Patty, And The Heat Is On PB

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

I decided to do oats that Green Dog Wine would be proud of 😉 These set my mouth on fire with The Heat Is On. And the processed breakfast patty was the perfect protein touch to compliment it all 🙂 Lol. I jest, because if you can’t make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of? The yogurt was more of a thing of convenience, as in, it’s convenient that I don’t have to take home 2 tubs of yogurt because I dumped what was left of them in there with some pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and liquid vanilla stevia.

I’m currently employing the throw-everything-on-the-bed method again for when I go home today!! Ok, that might be a tad more exciting if I didn’t have to go home this past weekend for the party, but still it’s pretty fun when it’s for 5 days. Later on I have a nut butter review to share with all of you  🙂

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17 Responses to “A Bit Cheesy”

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Ack! I hate when a good looking apple is only a mirage.

And that broccoli ‘n eggs & sausage combo is looking dang good.

I enjoy your overflowing acorn squash! Do you live in a dorm?? Because if so, Im totally impressed at how many foods you cook. In college I ate at the dining hall every day! blah.

I love the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is hilarious!

Boo on the icky apple and I agree about the 2% yogurt, I think that’s why so many people loved the pineapple flavor so much.

I love when people from the internet tell me what I should be eating. I always take the advice of random strangers when it comes to my nutritional needs 😉

Big Bang Theory has been hilarious lately!

Love the acorn mac!

I saw that comment on your post yesterday and was totally annoyed. You eat how you choose to eat and don’t let anyone tell you differently! But I do like that you defended yourself so honorably and calmly 🙂

I love that Blue State coffee and I love that they buy from the farmer’s market. I’m so glad Brown put in that coffee shop/updated the bookstore. The old one was not as cute. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I like to sit in the bookstore with my laptop and pretend I’m still in college. Just in case you see some creepy old lady hangin’ out in the future there 😉

I have never before seen 2% Chobani in my hood, but I can only imagine how delicious it is (I prefer plain, anyway.) The 0% Fage is great, but the little bit of fat with the 2% totally amps it up. And I could spend hours in a bookstore, rain or shine, but rain makes it a bit more justified for me (good times).

And if you have haters, it just means you have readers. Be flattered and go on with your bad, organically processed self!

Glad you took “Jeff”‘s comment in stride! I have to say it’s interesting to read a guy’s blogging perspective. You definitely have something unique in the blog world!

i totaly agree that this person’s comment is kind of off line..how is he confused with your blog? you just blog about what YOU choose to eat and enjoy so what exactly is confusing him. Most of the processed fake meats you eat (such as tempeh and tofu) are all natural as well. ANyways, eat what you like and keep snapping photo’s for us to drool at 🙂

I like how you took his comment to explain yourself…good work evan!

eh, i get the distinction.
but i think some people can’t stop and look at a label and go “oh, hydrogenated oil. hmm, that’d be trans fat”
there’s a place in our lives for processed food (busy days, quick snacks) but just because we need something fast doesn’t mean we should be lazy on it
and i’m totally fine with ocasional treats taht are some processed shiz. but i gotta be aware that i’m doing it, ,and know not to do it all day…

Don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on your blog before but I just wanted to say I love all your meals choices, processed or not, you are still extremely healthy person in college!
I’m in awe of your oatmeal and yogurt combos and your grocery store finds, jealous:)

i love how you put chips in, like, everything. i need to start doing that 🙂

enjoy your first day of break!

Just because you blog about what you eat doesn’t mean that you are in any way beholden to your readers to have any rhyme or reason about what you eat (even though you clearly do choose what you eat fir specific reasons).

Just because you do X doesn’t mean you have to do Y. I know people who only eat fresh local food but don’t recycle. I know people who insist cars are evil and then always ask for rides. What you decide is important and the decisions you make based on your principles are just that: YOUR decisions. They don’t have to make sense to anyone else, and you don’t have to explain yourself. If you want to eat nothing but carrots and then decide to eat an entire can of Crisco, that’s weird but totally up to you. Your life, your rules. I do appreciate your response to his comment though.

Wow Evan, what a great opening paragraph and I totally can appreciate the distinction.

I am often confronted about raw, vegan, cooked, not vegan and my attitude is that I know what my body needs, why it needs that, I dont judge others for what their body’s need or they put into it, provided their choices are well-researched and not just mindless eating.

I hope you have a fabulous T-Day Weekend and I look forward to your nut butter review!

Evan, I totally totally know what you’re talking about because I’m the same way with eating processed, but not over refined. For some people, it “doesn’t matter” at all. It’s like saying it doesn’t matter if you’re eating HFCS vs. Grade A maple syrup. There are people out there who don’t understand where others are coming from, and they need to read and see more before attacking others. They also probably just should be reading blogs that make them mad anyways. hahaha

Keep doing what you’re doing! I like that you strive for balance and you do what is right for you. 🙂 Now post that nut butter review! heheheh

i’m not surprised classes were dull – i’d be in total vacay mode….

Haha 99% of your readers know you’re not a hypocrite!!! There is such a distinction between lab produced trans fat and even saturated fat. I personally love your eats- they’re so much fun!

(I guess that fits witht he food makes FUN fuel theme… heh)

I agree with your view on processed foods. Just because something is “all natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it is better for your body.
I watched that Jay Leno this morning. I looovve Lady Gaga right now! Even though she might have odd performances, you have to admit she is quite entertaining. As for Adam…hmmm…I don’t know what happened there.

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