Fried Food Makes You Feel Better

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**Caveat: Amazing Grass is having an awesome sale right now! Go to there website(accessible through the button to the right) and enter the code BAR09 on any purchase of Amazing Grass bars and get 20% off! Isn’t that awesome? I think I’m going to have to stock up on the chocolate peanut butter protein bars–so good**

I’m pretty sure that title is the last thing people who eat around me would expect me saying but–let’s face it–it’s true; and there ain’t nothing wrong with food fried in good oils in moderation 😉 Wait, where was I? Oh yes, yesterday morning was filled by a light-hearted class in which 3 people ditched for Thanksgiving were mysteriously sick. 3 might not sound like a lot for a college class, but you notice it in the Classics. I was so relieved when I got out I wanted to jump for joy’ instead, I kicked it into gear to get back to my dorm so I could pack and go. I basically combed the room, thinking of everything I could possibly need for 5 days and throwing it somewhere else. Around 1 I realized I was hungry. I wanted a repeat of yesterday’s amazing spicy oats, but I needed something faster and portable so I racked my brain for a veggie dish.

Broccoli Salad And Flamegrilled Gardenburger With The Heat Is On PB

Stewed Tomatoes With Crumbled Morningstar Breakfast Patty, One Lucky Duck Raw Rosemary Quackers

Ok, this was still basically my breakfast, just with oats metamorphosed into broccoli. I just could not get enough of The Heat Is On! The stewed tomatoes were dining hall fare and I wish I could have thought of something more intricate to do with them but I did not have the chance. It game me an opportunity, though, to sample and review the One Lucky Duck Rosemary Quackers. They were not exactly what I was expecting/hoping for, but it was fun to try something raw. I think I’ll be sticking with baked chips from now on, though(and, yes, the occasional fried :-)) Well this is what things looked like when my dad showed up:

Packed And Ready To Go

That’s 2 bags of food, an extra bag of clothes/toiletries, a backpack, laundry, a coffee maker, and a stevia plant. I suppose 5 days is a while and deserves all this, right?(Back me up here). We swung by the mail room to pick up some last minute arrivals, and hit the open road. I got a package from Gnu Foods and I couldn’t wait to dig in, so I didn’t.

Chocolate Brownie Gnu Foods Bar

Um, yum?! This hit my chocolate tooth. And the nutrition was astounding. I loved reading the company info they sent in the car(because I was doing that instead of work). They’ve created their own blend of grains and seeds to give each bar 12 grams of fiber! When I read that, I took it slow and drank a ton of water–smart move. I can’t wait to try the other flavors now, though somebody remind me NEVER to eat this pre-run(for obvious reasons).

Before we got home, we swung by Framingham to hit up Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It’s really fun when these are right next to each other. I tried to stick with just buying essentials/sales and coupon items/what we still needed for Thanksgiving, because I know we’re going to have a lot of leftovers pretty soon. In the end, I think I stuck to my mission mostly.


The big unmarked bag is about 2lbs of steel cut oats, like I go through anything else that much. The lemon bars were a new Trader Joe’s product for Turkey Day as is the TruWhip(can’t wait to try this!). Of course, the one thing that made me ditch my entire plan of items was my vegan whole wheat cinnamon raisin rolls. But seriously, how often do you find these? I went with the grab and run method… The fiber bar held me over really well but by the time we got home and I completely unpacked it was 5 and I was famished. I went for a meal rather than a snack.

Amy's Shepherd's Pie With Colby Jack Cheese

An Amy’s meal, that is. I think I’d been wanting to try this for a few months; last weekend I bought it with a coupon on the cheap, and I broke it out yesterday. I was not going to wait 45 minutes for the oven, so instead I nuked it for 3 minutes and topped it with 1 ounce of colby jack cheese which I’m pretty sure would have had a “Don’t touch. For Thanksgiving” note on it were my mom more careful. The meal was okay, but I don’t think it ever would have held me over on its own as a dinner or anything. I supplemented this with another snack.

Empire Apple

2 apples in 2 days? I think I’m setting a personal record. A very sad and low personal record. Thankfully, unlike the last one, this tasted juicy and fresh. Considering I picked it 3 weekends ago, I’m now wondering how old the apples from the dining hall must be… I caught up on Top Chef and The Next Iron Chef–you know, my chef shows. As a family, we all were slackers on dinner, so when the time came and passed and no one was doing anything it was a little frustrating. I felt hanger(hunger –> anger) coming on, so I went for something I knew would make me a happy boy again.

WildWood Original Veggie Burger, Broccoli With Soyaki Sauce

I’d never actually tried this veggie burger before, but I was 99% sure I’d like it because it’s fried. I learned in 11th grade bio that humans crave fat because of our ancient ancestors who got the opportunity to eat so little that nature is to pile it in and store it when we come across it. Why fight nature, especially when it’s healthy fat and portioned, right? Needless to say, it hit the spot, and I think I’m making a permanent place in my fridge for those little fried wonders.

I spent quite literally the rest of my night tying up loose ends and doing other work on the computer. It wasn’t the dream way to kick off vacation but C’est la vie. It gave me a great chance to watch The Biggest Loser and have some blogger faves as dessert:


Oikos In A Cherry Butter Jar With Dried Cherries, Cherry Dark Chocolate, And Vanilla Sugar

Can we fry this somehow? Paula? Scratch that. I think jam jars are so much easier to empty out than nut butters. Fortunately, both are good options. I just love the spoonfuls of whole jam towards the end, which are bites of tart heaven. I’m really enjoying all you new commentors who might have read this for a while but just got to saying something and getting to find new blogs that way. Keep it coming! Afterwards I just had to break into these.


Vegan Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Roll

Food like this are what rededicate myself to an all-natural diet; I challenge any mass-bakery product to rival this. And it’s vegan to boot! It almost makes me think I could be vegan… and then I remember yogurt, cream cheese, flavored nut butter, fish, meat, etc. It wouldn’t work.  But is anything better than peeling back layers of yeasty dough? I think not. Maybe… Paula, can we fry this? I wish I were kidding here.


Peanut Butter Gnu Bar With Mighty Maple

I was a little worried eating this right before bed. 12g of fiber? That’s dangerous. But everything worked out fine, and this was a great peanut butter treat. This bar probably would have been a little bland on its own but with an extra dose of peanut butter it was the perfect piece of toast. I find it funny that most of America has trouble getting in enough fiber when I got 100% just between 2 bars both of which felt like “desserts”. I think Americans need to learn to love fiber more.

I did was not feeling the pressure to get up and run this morning with no warm gym and treadmill to entice me. I slept in almost until 9(that’s really late for me) and instead spent way too long deciding on how to make a bowl of oatmeal. I am very happy with the conclusion of that thinking.


Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance And Mocha Milk Chocolate Frosting

Holy yum. Let me walk you through this one. I did a standard pumpkin base with 1 1/2 tablespoons Smart Balance Agave Sweetened. I’ve decided I really like this version better than the molasses sweetened; I don’t know why but the flavor “works” better. For the frosting, I melted a Newman’s Own Organic Mocha Milk Chocolate square and then mixed that with 2oz sweetened Oikos. Ahhhhhmazing. The milk chocolate with the peanut butter comes out just like my childhood favorite candy.

I might head out for 6.7 miles in a bit. Or I might not run at all today. While I’d enjoy it, there’s plenty I have to do around here that would keep me occupied. I might just have to make an identical bowl of this oatmeal.



Secret Santa Alert!! Who doesn’t love this time-honored tradition? Well there’s a blogger’s version about; visit this post for all the info to join in!

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22 Responses to “Fried Food Makes You Feel Better”

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heh i was in framingham yesterday too. such a small world! enjoy your run if you get out for it 🙂

Hold the phone – greek yogurt in a cherry butter jar? Heaven!

CHERRY BUTTER! oh my goodness gracious. too many delicious eats in one post! i want alla em!

You have American Spoon products!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them! I have been afraid to try The Heat Is On for years. Maybe I should.

Another lurking reader reporting! I’ve been subscribed to your blgo for a while now (through Google Reader) and I really like your posts, you have a really fun way of writing 🙂

But I’m afraid I’ll have to say something about the low-fruit consumption – eat more fruit! 😛 Or I’ll feel really bad about the fact that I eat twice as many apples in one meal as you do in two days, haha!

I always go to TJs or WF with the intent of picking up “the essentials” and walk out 100$ poorer.. lol Good for you!!

That vegan cinnabun looks freaking awesome.. did you make it?!?!

Haha, I wish I could make these! But sadly, no, they’re from a bakery,, and entirely worth the 5.50 for a 5 pack

“hit up Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It’s really fun when these are right next to each other.”–Just recently moved from San Diego to Phoenix and in my old stompin grounds there was a WF, TJs, reg groc, some specialty Vegan/Holistic co-op type places all in one plaza. Well, within 2 city blocks of each other. It was heaven on shopping earth. Phoenix, not nearly so lucky 😦

Gnu bars. Never tried, need to.

Thx for the cookie dough PB info. Subtle for that price, thank you. I will just make my raw choc chip cookie dough balls (they are cashews, i.e. cashew butter practically) and dang good.

Tofurkeys…weird food. I dont do soy except in tiny quantities so they are out for me but try it just once to see LOL

Have a great holiday Evan!!!!!!!!

I’m such a sucker for cinnamon rolls, that one looks so good. What’s up with the lack of apples? Tis the season you know! I crave them like they’re going out of style.

haha funny, I got “mysteriously sick” for my classes yesterday too. Something must be going around 😉

Ah! I need to try the heat is on PB – I love anything spicy!! I love that yogurt frosting on the last bowl. Very smart!!

Have a great Wednesday 🙂

where is your hometown again??
GNU bars are really good! never seen the PB flavor, thanks for the mini review! 🙂

happy thanksgivingggg

I seriously love that you used “caveat.” SUCH a good word!!

I totally feel you with all those bags – I’m going to my parents house in CT for four days and I think I brought my entire pantry/fridge AND clothes. Oh well, can’t be too prepared!

I bet you must be the envy of all in the mail room. I was always so jealous of people that got packages in college!!

Have a great Tofurky Day Evan!! 🙂

BAHAHAHAHA love the little shout-out to Paula Deen – that woman is a genius with the fryer! 😀

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

man that mighty maple pb sounds mighty good! i so wish i could find it somewhere around here! im so sick of ordering food online all the time :p

my fav chips by far are the sweet potato chips from FSTG .. mmmm

gah yuummy! i love that garden burger with The Heat is On! looks awesome!

Oh my goodness- can I just come over and eat all the food you have? Your meals all look delicious!

love, love, love how much nut butter you eat in a day!

There were practically no students in all of my classes yesterday!

Hey, Just checked out your blog-LOVE IT!-I wanted to comment to you because I saw you commented on my comment to Jenny about Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. =) I got it from NetFlix. Also, are you in Massachusetts? Noticed Framingham in your post, doubt it is a popular town. 😉
Have a great Thanksgiving, looking forward to checking out more of your blog. Best.

That “Mighty Maple” peanut butter looks so good. I’m slowly working my way through all of Peanut Butter & Co.’s flavors. I have to finish my current “Dark Chocolate Dreams” before I venture onward.

I love your veggie burger blends, very innovative and yummy!

Whole Foods and Trader Joe excursions are always a blast. I’m glad you get to go home for Thanksgiving and enjoy a nice, relaxing holiday:) I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow!!!

P.S that cinnabun looks totally foodgasmic;)

Love Amys – I picked up a Shepherd pie too but like making my own.

I just did a review on NuNaturals – any opintion “REVIEW KID”!! haha 😉

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