A Second Thanksgiving

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I’m glad to hear that I delighted some of you with my embarrassing beet story(and that I’m not the only one!). On my run today, which I’ll get to, I asked myself this: What makes someone a “full-time blogger? Is it the amount of posts they make per day? Surely I or someone else isn’t less of a blogger for posting all at once what someone else posts spread over 3 times. Is it someone who can live off their blog income alone? Ha! If somebody can do this, congrats to them and they can go f— themselves(jk here ;-)). Or is it someone who just loves posting and is inspired by the whole community and blogs when and because they feel like it? I’d argue the last one. What do you think makes a full time blogger?

Oatmeal With An Egg, The Heat Is On Peanut Butter, And A Morningstar Breakfast Patty

Unfortunately, today was one of those mornings when my hunger was there but my appetite wasn’t. I had no clue what to make and went through a number of dishes before settling on this. Most mornings my tongue tells me what dessert(because my breakfasts always taste like a dessert to me :-)) I want but on the rare occasion that it’s vacationing in Rio I feel up a creek without a paddle. These oats, Green Dog Wine style, were delicious nonetheless. I decided that this morning I would run(2 days off and I feel like a sloth, haha) so after letting breakfast settle for 5 minutes I grabbed some fuel.

Apple And Double Chocolate Pillow

This fuel was fun(oh em gee, the title of this blog!). The apple was adorably small; I think any fruit that’s a little abnormal is adorable(plantains, anyone?). And why didn’t I realize how good these cookies are? When I had it on my oats Friday, I thought it was pretty decent, but needed a milkiness to it. Today, however, it was perfect: like bittersweet chocolate but with a cakey texture. That had me revved up for a strong run. I first went around the neighborhood 6 times for 6.7 miles. After that I set out on the road for my small loop around town of 5.3 miles. Both of these were my “long run” at some point so it felt awesome that I could do them both on one day now. When I got back in the neighborhood I noticed my dad had been sent to drive around and find me so I figured it was time to stop 🙂 I did a great 12 miler in a little under 1:39. Not a bad “welcome back” to running. When I got back, I was ready to try a new recovery drink.

Vega Acai Berry Sport Drink

Vega was nice enough to send me some of their powders to try out a while ago and I’m just getting around to them. I’ve never experimented much with energy powders but this one seemed simple enough: just mix with 1 cup of water and shake what your momma gave ya’. It says drink before a workout but I think the nutrition still works for post-run recover. I’ve never had an acai berry, but this was rather nice; the flavor was a lot like a diluted blueberry flavor and definitely nothing I minded drinking. I’m not quite convinced yet specialty powders and drinks are necessary for optimal recovery but I guess I’ll see how this makes me feel tomorrow. Once I showered, it was time for our family Sunday lunch, which felt like a second Thanksgiving!

Carving The Tofurkey

Yesterday we picked up a Tofurkey on sale at Whole Foods and I couldn’t wait to give it a try; this is like the epitome of fake meat products, right? We cooked it in the oven according to directions, and it looked beautiful all done. It was both my dad and I’s main protein, and my grandmother even took a slice!(though I’m not convinced she had any clue what the hell she was eating). After I made my plate, I could have sworn it was Thanksgiving all over again.

Tofurkey, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Acorn Squash Stuffed With Canned Cranberry Sauce

I actually think I ate more here than at Thanksgiving lunch. Oops. Well there wasn’t going to be much leftovers so I thought I’d seize the moment 🙂 The tofurkey was excellent, but it felt like a little much. I seriously think this is sitting like a brick in my stomach right now. The stuffing was amazing for being whole wheat; I wonder if they sell that seperate? I’ll need to try Tofurkey deli meat to see if it’s the same. The squash + cranberry sauce was equally excellent. I still can’t imagine how cranberry sauce is accepted as a lunch item and not dessert but I’ll take it!

Speaking of dessert, let’s not. I don’t think I have any room :-X Now I’m off to decorate the tree! And then it’ll be time to pack the car and go back to campus 😦 Boo. Can’t I just live here again and pretend like work doesn’t exist? I’ll just dream on…

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11 Responses to “A Second Thanksgiving”

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have a safe ride back to school!

never had a tofurky! thanks for showing the fab pictures 🙂

Scrumptious celebrations! Love the idea of the cranberry sauce with the acorn squash.

Safe travels!

ugh i hate it when i can’t decide on what to eat! and it’s been thanksgiving for the past few days for me: leftovers = all i eat haha

i don’t consider myself a fulltime blogger since i don’t make any money off of it – but when i think about it i do spend a lot of time doing it!

“I’m not quite convinced yet specialty powders and drinks are necessary for optimal recovery”
I would totally concur. I also received those products and they’re fine, but honestly some coconut water with a tsp of salt in it does about the same thing I think. Nature’s electrolyte balancer if you will.

Tofurkey….yes. Lead balloons in the tummy.

Maybe just go walk around 17 more Targets in search of your camera and you’ll burn the lead off 🙂 LOL

Glad you are liking the Vegan Creme de Menthe action. Peppermint Extract will work if you need to sub out for the C.D.Menthe but ya know, you’re only using like a 1/4 c, it’s like 1 shot for the whole recipe. Not even alcoholic in my book at that point 🙂

I had no idea that Tofurkeys had stuffing in them – sweet!

The cranberry/acorn squash combo is totally genius!

I’ve tried Tofurkey before – the ‘sandwich’ slices…but never the actual ‘turkey’…looks …interesting …is is ‘pre-stuffed’? lol. I prefer the real turkey , but would be worth a try one day 🙂

have fun decorating your tree!
yeah i headed back to escuela today..it was totally weird.. im already in christmas break mode for SURE!
okay..never tried the egg in oatmeal thingie..can u taste the egg?

I would think full-time bloggers are those who are able to make an actual living out of their blogs…that sounds cool. I wish I was one 😉

Cranberry + squash? Amazing!

Haha I just read your beet post! Once I had to give a urine sample at the doctor’s and I had eaten beets the night before and the doctor started freaking out when she saw the sample! Eventually I realized that the beets had probably caused it though lol.

Great job on the 12 miler, you kicked some serious booty!

I think all of those things make a full time blogger, but I definitely prefer blogs that fit the last definition!

I saw Tofurkey Deli meat for the first time in a store last night. I still would like to try the turkey.

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