Locked Out

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So much for getting back into the swing of things! I couldn’t have been more off my game yesterday if I’d crashed my car into a tree and then drew attention to myself by releasing a sketchy statement about it. I completely forgot the first rule of morning time management: The days you want extra time are exactly the days you won’t get it. Regardless, I skipped doing the dishes and ran out the door at 10:45 to grab coffee before class. For the first time, I forgot my camera. What if yesterday was the day I ran into Emma Watson and explained to her about my blog and she offered to pose for a photo with me?… I like to dream big so that whatever happens in the day isn’t a disappointment. Well that wasn’t the case, but I did get my coffee, sit through an rough hour of “welcome back, now work” class, and hustle on back to my dorm to pick up where I left off. After cleaning, emailing, and blog reading, I made another meal of leftovers.

Cheesy Broccoli, Tofurkey Slice, Acorn Squash With Caramel Mustard

I think from now on I’ll just cook everything on the weekend and only eat “leftovers” all week long because they’re always the best. The broccoli was simply steamed and mixed with a slice of cheese from Trader Joe’s. The acorn squash was delicious with the caramel mustard, which I definitely had a heavy hand with(how could I not?). And the Tofurkey roast was still mighty fine, though I made sure not to overdo it again because apparently too much Tofurkey is rough on the stomach! Cost for calorie, these aren’t so bad to buy on sale after the holidays eat throughout the week. Here’s hoping to more in the future!(besides what I still have as leftovers :-P)

I don’t know where my head was because I almost left my room and went to class without any of the books I needed. In history we got back our 3 midterm essays, all of which I did really well on and lifted my spirits. Then we got our final paper topic–yikes! That’ll be 12-15 pages of get-me-out-of-here. After class I “had” to dash back to my dorm to pick up stevia packets for a coffee before epic poetry(going to class without a coffee would be dangerous). Unfortunately, as New Englanders know, the weather was awful in the afternoon and my plans to grab something at Whole Foods were no more. I headed back to my dorm, at which point I was struck with a Jimmy Neutron brain blast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Shortcut Cream Cheese Frosting

I loved this recipe so much, I had to post it immediately. That is seriously going to change the way I eat anything carby(probably not for the better but oh well). Oprah had some awesome guests on, including Sugarland, all singing Christmas songs! It was pretty awesome–I wish I’d known to tivo it. Afterwards I had to get out even if it was raining. Naturally I chose the bookstore.

Coffee At The Bookstore

I realized I forgot all my cold-weather clothes at home, as well as an umbrella and q-tips. Again, where was my head? After perusing I couldn’t find any good coats, and the umbrellas were a bit much(and I completely forgot about the q-tips :-() so I left empty handed. I was still feeling a bit snackish, though, so I dug up this bar back at the dorm.

Lemon Ginger Gnu Bar

Wowza! I think this bar had the most flavor out of any of their bars, and I really really liked it. The lemon and ginger were both loud and it made a fun study snack. While doing some work before dinner, I realized I hadn’t heard from my friend if we were doing dinner. That’s because I forgot to turn my phone on in the morning and it’d been off all day… wtf. After getting some texts and finding out I was too behind for the rest of the world, I ended up grabbing something and eating in.

Vegan Roasted Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Wildwood Teryaki Tofu

Do you see the sun? It needed to come out at some point. Before I dug into this, I realized, I took my only fork home before break and forgot to bring it back. What’s wrong with me? Chopsticks and my baby spoon it was. Unfortunately, the flavors were not nearly as sunny; this was one of those meals that just felt like a waste after eating it(except the sweet potato, which would take a lot to feel like a waste). I wish this tofu had half the flavors on the ingredient list but in the end it tasted much like their savory flavor and wasn’t teryaki at all. As for the veggies, I tried to ignore the massive amounts of olive oil, but I had to stop 3/4ths the way through and throw out the rest. I don’t mind healthy fats, but I’m not a big fan of olive oil :-/ Nuts, peanut butter, avocado–all good. But this was too much to an absurd amount.

The night just went downhill from there. Heroes was OK but nothing to draw my attention, and my stomach just felt off, which I’m going to go ahead and blame on the vegetables. I did some light reading but realized I was tired. Could I go to bed at 9 and be asleep at 10? Was that allowed? Why the hell not, so I shut down my computer early, and figured out what to have right before sleeping.


2% Greek Yogurt With Strawberry Jam And Strawberry White Chocolate

Well the night wasn’t a complete bust; I removed 1oz plain and replaced it with 1oz full fat yogurt to give the base a 2% taste. Then I swirled in strawberry jam(technically “conserve”) and topped with a shaved Divine bar and some more jam. Just what I need before going to be–sugar. Midway through this I realized I forgot to brush my teeth, and so went to the bathroom to do that. In the 3 minutes I was in there, my roommate must have came home and grabbed something, locking the door and leaving. I was locked out in my pajamas, glasses, barefoot with a toothbrush–glorious. I freaked out for a minute and tried running outside to find him but no luck. Thankfully, one of the RC’s on the other side of the dorm was home and called campus services on my behalf. She also lent me slippers to wear while I waited outside(in 40 degree weather) for the campus security to show up. By the time I got in my room, i completely missed Big Bang Theory and was quite livid. The only thing I could do from wanting to tell someone off was eat this.


Deep Chocolate Vitatop

I’m not sure how well that worked, but heating it a little extra and just holding it in my hands for warmth made me happy. I totally didn’t get to bed early like I had planned, and the entire night felt like a waste. I maybe got 20-30 minutes more of sleep than normal–maybe. When I woke up I just needed to run it out, so I grabbed this and just left:


Amazing Grass Berry Energy Bar

I swear I always run farther than planned when I have an Amazing Grass bar. Stock up while they’re still on sale! I was first thinking 8, then pushed it to 10, then settled at 12. 3 days in a row? I think that’s a new favorite distance. My time was a little slower(1:41:11) but not bad. I was very pleased that my room wasn’t locked when I came back this time, and I was able to get in and make a quickie breakfast.


Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance And Maple Syrup, Plain Chobani With Blueberry Jam And A Double Chocolate Pillow

Is there anything better than opening up a new jar of PB? I bought this Sart Balance with agave to replace the one I had with molasses–it’s just better! And perfect on some salty oats with maple syrup. And the yogurt–yum! I love the combination of chocolate and blueberry but it’s so hard to find in foods unless I make it myself. The pillow cookie made a perfect, rich cocoa topping.

How about a question of the day, shall we? Tell me either your worst story of being locked out(fortunately this hasn’t happened too me more than 2 or 3 times in my life) or your most annoying roommate story(I realize my roommate could have been a lot worse so now I want to hear about those who were). And here’s to December not being as bad as November ended!





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19 Responses to “Locked Out”

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Haha that was hilarious about Emma Watson posing for a photograph. Hopefully that day will come soon;)

Once I got locked out of my apartment wearing only a bathrobe. Classic NYC story lol. In terms of bad roomate stories let’s just say my roomate last year had a VERY close relationship with her boyfriend…

Oh my God the Tiger Woods thing had me laughing too… and so did your post!!!! Hahahaha I hope your week gets better, at least you’re entertaining me right now.
A week ago I went to the gym and locked my keys in the truck. I was too embarrased to ask for help so I sat in the bed in the rain for almost a half hour before calling someone. It was annother 2 hrs waiting for someone to get there with my keys but at least I got the chance for a double workout.
Ohhhh yeah, and when I went back into the gym looking like a drowned rat I saw my (semi-) famous love, basketball player for Sienna checking in. And he even said “hey”… Beautifullll day. haha

my roommate once locked me out while i was barefoot. that was fun. and our RAs were all at mass (where my roommie was) or in the shower. awesome.

that roommate also wore a LOT of blue eyeshadow, and talked about how hot she was.
true story: when youre hot, you don’t have to tell people about it.

i also once managed to lock myself out of my car with the car still on. that was a smart day…

Oh, I’ve got a great locked out story (perfect for my first time commenting!)…

I was already experiencing a roommate from hell type situation. After a late night of studying, I head back to my dorm at around 2am. I get there and my roommate has DEAD BOLTED the door. Doesn’t matter that I have a key, wouldn’t matter if I called campus security, unless I could wake her up there was no way I was getting in. And guess what? It normally takes 30 minutes of her alarm going off to wake her up, and her alarm is always set to the loudest volume it could be (which is already a joy to wake up to in the rare morning that I am sleeping in). So after knocking on the door and yelling for about 5 minutes, I give up so I don’t wake up everyone else in the dorm except for my roommate. I spend the night sleeping in a bean bag chair in one of the academic buildings where I freeze. And then I wake up at 8:15am to go to class in the same building, because I know she won’t be up yet and I still won’t be able to get in. When I get back to the room at 9:45am, she has just gotten up, and all she says is “oh, sorry”.

I may still hold a grudge against her. It is 3 years later. I think it’s justified 😉

THe day after we moved to NC( my husband was at his first day of work), I went for a nice long walk to explore the neighborhood.. WITHOUT my house keys. Came home and had no clue what to do. I ended up walking another 5 or so miles to hubs work and had to trapse in (workout gear blazing) asking for a spare set of keys. He wasnt embarrased …dont worry.

Hope your day gets better (it cant get worse) lol jk.

LOVE your dinner pic btw.. roasted veggies, tofu and a sweet potato?! yes please

Sorry about the off day!!! Those suck. I’m very intrigued by that caramel mustard, is it similar to honey mustard???

My freshman year I was stuck in the dorms with a virgin who then “discovered” herself in college. That room saw a lot of action, sometimes when I was sleeping in the next bed. I remember one time she had to get up and *spit it* in the sink. That might be TMI – sorry, but it was hilarious, it woke me up and I started laughing. So did the guy in her bed…

strawberry white chocolate in yogurt is genius. and i totally agree…i am all about cooking on the weekends, and eating all the leftovers during the week. it saves so much time!

i was blessed with good roommates so i dont have anything too juicy for you 🙂

have a wonderful day!

I need some of that strawberry chocolate…omg. I have locked myself out many times. It is awful…one of my worst fears!

My worst locked out story-

B & I had just started dating. I had dropped my car off to get something done to it and then headed to work from 2pm-10pm with a friend. I didn’t realize I left my apartment key on my car key ring until around 9:30 at night, which at that point, B had already left his house over an hour away to come stay the night. So, my friend and I show up and I’m keyless and freaking out – but managed to pop the door with a credit card (equally sketchy..) after 30 minutes!

lemon ginger bar does sound jam packed with flavor!! wow great idea for a bar 🙂 I still have to get my hands on some of the crazy new GNU flavorss!

hahaha i can only picture you being locked out of yoru room with toothbrush and all!!

i was once locked out of my house and climed through my bathroom window-that was a great experience, and it taught me how easy it is to get into my house so now I make sure all the windows are locked! AND I have my keys 🙂

Oh man! What a day!! Nothing like a Monday after vacation, huh?! My worst experience – I went out with my mom to do a few errands while my dad did ran a few of his own. I ended up getting a migraine and my mom dropped me off at the house. I realized the door was locked, my cell was inside, I was carrying TONS of groceries, and I didn’t have enough layers on for the temps outside all with a migraine. My dad, luckily, left our back door open so I did eventually get in.

What’s your recipe for pumpkin oats? They look SOOOOO tasty! And what kind of oats do you use? Please and thank you!!!

bummer about being locked out. once freshman year my roommate locked me out while i was showering and had to run around my dorm in my towel while trying to find a phone to call public safety!

and hilarious fantasy about emma 🙂

if you ever do run into emma watson you can always whip out your camera phone, non?

Caramel mustard!? where did you find such a wonder!?

Once I locked my sister and I out of her apartment. Her roommate was out of town, of course, and we had to call a locksmith. He charged a ridiculous amount of money because it was the weekend. At least that didn’t happen to you!

You know what’s sad about this post?? I was so busy at work and never made it outside until 4:30pm so I had NO clue it rained?! I was like wait, is this the right day I’m reading??! Ugh. Boo, I hate when that happens.

Since my freshman year in college, I’ve had 16 roommates (including one ex live in boyfriend). Luckily, I’ve never had a so horrible I want to kill you experience. Knock on wood 🙂

I’ve never had roommates, but I did live with a family of five for three years in a fancy Park Avenue apartment.The parents of said family were also my bosses, that was sure interesting and nerve-racking at all times!

Sorry to hear you had an off day, getting locked out is awful and discombobulating. It also looks like you dodged the Emma Watson bullet there, you’ll have your camera when you meet her, I have no doubt!

Also, WHERE did you find caramel mustard? That sounds amazing.

whoa…what a day! glad you made it through safely…

i was locked out of my room multiple times in college because my roommate HATED me, and she also personally broke half my stuff and brought boys back at 2 or 3 am. awesome no? haha

woaah!! glad that you didn’t stumble into Emma! *cough cough* Lets just agree that Monday was a bad day for school to start! i just wanted to be DONE!!

and, who hasn’t been locked out?! well, i’d ‘unfortunately’ taken my shower and had to wait outside in freezin’ Canadian winter for a half an hour! i guess i shudn’t have been surprised to have fallen sick!! bleghhhh..

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