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I am loving reading all of your locked out and horrible roommate stories. Keep them coming! And if you need a pick-me-up yourself, go ahead and check them out because some of them are hilarious.

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get to try and review [me] & goji‘s custom artisanal cereal. By going on their site, I was able to custom build a cereal/granola that fit my tastes, and it was handmade by one of their employees and shipped to my door. After realizing I couldn’t give a typical product review because everything with them is custom, I thought I’d share on my general experience with the company and the product.

Me And Goji

Building Your Custom Cereal

As a custom cereal company, clearly the fun is focused on building your own mix. I found this the most difficult and amusing experience; with so many options, your brain really goes wild! They offer plenty of different bases for cereal or granola, including gluten free options. Mix-ins include all the standard dry fruits, nuts and seeds(although peanuts were noticeably absent), specialty health-food options like amaranth, and more “fun” options like chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered goji berries. One thing I really found neat was you can add the same mix-in multiple times so that you have a higher ratio of them.

For my own creation, I made a mix called “Chocolate And Berries” with vanilla granola, chocolate covered gojis, gojis, dried blueberries, dried raspberries, and chocolate covered peanuts. It was awesome to receive my own dream appear in the mail, and I thought they gave an impressive amount of mix-ins compared to store bought granola which is almost always mostly oats. My favorite by far was the chocolate covered peanuts, which were organic too so you know you aren’t getting some knock-off M&M. In fact, all of the ingredients are all-natural, so you know you’re getting quality there. Best of all, each mix has a unique code that you can use to reorder the exact same one. For instance, if anyone particularly likes my “Chocolate And Berries”, all they’d need to do is use the recipe ID 149666 to purchase it!

Chocolate And Berries Granola

From Production To My Door

The hardest thing I had to do here was wait, and even that didn’t take very long. I liked how the company kept me very well notified on the status of my order. I got confirmation emails after I created it and when it was shipped with a tracking number. And after that it was just a few business days.


I think my favorite part of all of this was how professional everything was handled, and yet with the care of a small company. [me] & goji is run primarily by 3 people, Adam, Alex, and Carl, who share their great story about how the company came to be. On your capsule of cereal, the person who put it together even signs their name(mine was done by Adam). For me in Massachusetts, this is somewhat of a local company. But even if it weren’t and I lived across the country, I can’t help but think it would still feel like a local company, and that says a lot.

Overall, as I’m sure you can tell, I had a very positive experience with [me] & goji and would definitely recommend them. They offer gift certificates, and I can’t help but think with the holiday season coming up that this would make a great and very personal present for any foodie. Build a mix for them or let them make their own because you can’t be sure what they’d want–either way you couldn’t go wrong. The fact that you can put pictures on their capsules make for the perfect holiday gift. Also, they are conducting a $500 sweepstakes on their facebook page (American Express Gift Card of $500) which would be a joy to win. So stop reading and get mixing!

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Glad you liked it!

Looks good! Actually, I’d like to test it out against MixMyGranola because I got some dried papaya in one of their mixes and it was so hard that not even my dogs would eat it…and that says something! haha

very interesting idea/concept! glad you enjoyed it 🙂

Definitely awesome! I’ve been wanting to try out some goji after seeing it in the blog world.

what’s that big blob of chocolate looking thing sitting atop your yogurt?? It looks fantastic!! You created such a colorful mix Evan!

2 in 1 Comment:

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HOW TRUE. I had a wicked stressy day and was praying to catch a break around any turn today and no, not only no breaks, crap falling from the sky from no where. Yeah, that’s my day. Must be the Full Moon!

The oats you made. Toffee and nut butter. Wow. Delish.

AG bar. I have that one and was going to tear into it today, but didnt.

Lemon Ginger being Loud, got a kick outta that 🙂

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The Gogi. I had the chance to review it too and yes, my brain went nutty over all the choices, combos, etc. And what a great product they do have. And smallish co’s are the best to deal with, for sure.


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