Kicking Off The Month Right

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December is one of, if not my absolute, favorite months. Why? Snow, Christmas, family, vacation–you get the picture. Thankfully yesterday was perfect for kicking things off. My breakfast(pumpkin oatmeal with smart balance peanut butter and maple syrup and a chobani with blueberry jam and double chocolate pillow) filled me up amazingly well. I was not at all hungry after class got out, so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to go to Eastside Market and Whole Foods! Would you believe me if i told you it’s been over 2 weeks since I walked that way? It has! On the way, I came across the best car:


Would it be awful to paint this car blue as a very involved April Fool’s joke? Probably. First up was Eastside, which looked mostly the same. I noticed they had brown rice sushi now, which might or might not be new, and for less than $5! I grabbed some for lunch and moved through fairly quickly getting just “the essentials”. Then I hopped over to Whole Foods and was psyched to find this.

December Whole Deal

There’s a new Whole Deal! But it has some pretty awful coupons 😦 I would majorly suggest stocking up on the old ones before you can’t get them anymore. Again, I tried to be quick and dirty shopping here so as to get back to my dorm. Thankfully, it’s a small Whole Foods and not much changes. I couldn’t even find a single Tofurkey roast 😦 Maybe hunting season’s over? I got back at 1:30 so as to only miss half of Days, and unloaded the loot.


The Chobani and banana were from the dining hall bought with meal points. Otherwise, it was all from my grocery fund. And while none of it I had a coupon for, I tried to just get sale items and things that were “essential”. Here’s a question: when did I become the type of person who considers fake bacon an essential? The only thing that was really an impulse buy was the Carrot Cashew Ginger soup which, for 75 cents a serving, I was willing to try. I also got this one last thing:

Advent Calender

An advent calender! Frankly, I was a little saddened to find that the 99 cent advent calenders my mom always got us had artificial ingredients I couldn’t eat 😦 Thankfully, this one is made with all-natural ingredients and fair trade cocoa to boot! Here’s to a delicious 24 days.

Brown Rice Tuna And Salmon Sushi, Carrot Cashew Ginger Soup

My lunch was simple yet amazing. The sushi wasn’t bad at all for $4.89, although I only ever really eat sushi for the fish. I honestly couldn’t care less for the bit of whole grains and small amount of avocado they give you that hardly adds up to a veggie. The soup was delicious! Albeit a little thin. I think I just like stews and thick bowls of oatmeal, but the flavor was rich.

My afternoon felt like a whirlwind. I hadn’t answered emails or read blogs since 9pm Monday night right before my lock-out experience. Rachael Ray, Ellen, Oprah–I think I was there for them all but I wasn’t really “present”. Before I knew it it was 4:30 and I had a rather odd snack craving.

Acorn Squash With Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, And Sea Salt

For some people(here’s looking at you, Heather), acorn squash might not be so weird a snack. For oatmeal and peanut butter boy here, it was. Nonetheless, I complied, cut up my squash, and steamed it in the microwave, adding a little seasoning at the end. It was perfectly spot-hitting. A little later on the munchies came again and I wanted some protein.

Greek Yogurt With Pumpkin Butter And Peanut Butter Chips

18 grams to be exact. For this I just mixed a plain Chobani with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter and clear liquid stevia and then added on Sunspire chips–yum! It was such a sweet treat. I love the pumpkin butter with peanut butter for a fall flavoring. As for protein, I don’t generally keep close track of all that stuff; I just aim to have at least 3 high-protein sources through out the day, which often end up being greek yogurt or tofu.

For dinner, the online menu for the dining hall was not promising. Really, there was nothing since even one of the main vegetables was beets which I’ve sworn off for 2 weeks. I still wanted to catch up with my friend, Adam, however, since it’d been nearly 2 weeks since we last had dinner with Thanksgiving being last week. Thankfully, he was fine with bringing takeout to my room, where I whipped up this dish:

Tofurkey Loaf Slice, Broccoli, Carrot Cashew Ginger Soup, Orange Zevia

So I like the soup, wanna fight about it 😉 This was a delicious way to serve up leftovers. I was thinking of adding some flax to the soup to thicken it up but I hate playing around with things and so let it be in the end. We caught up on each other’s Thanksgiving and groaned about how ridiculous these next few weeks of work will be and then said our goodbyes to “write papers”(which in my case meant blog). I’m not a terribly political person so I was happy to skip the Presidential address for some serious snackage.

Chocolate Vitatop With Shortcut Cream Cheese Frosting

Oh my God. What have I released? This was sooooo good. Seriously, has anyone else tried this frosting? If anyone made it vegan with Tofutti I would be mondo impressed/intrigued to hear how it worked out. The Biggest Loser was inspiring, as always. I couldn’t wait to see them do a marathon! That’s really going to make me feel lazy and like I need to get a move on that, haha. The Biggest Loser must make me hungry because at 10 I made a large(r) snack.

Whole Wheat Vegan Cinnamon Roll With Cream Cheese Frosting, Yogurt With Cherry Butter, Dried Cherris, And Advent Chocolate

Advent Chocolate In Smart Balance

If I weren’t addicted to running and a health eater I’m sure I’d be driving my doctor nuts. The roll tasted just like a cinnabon; Afterwards I had a better idea for the chocolate. I love how the advent candy was in the shape of a heart. I hope they’re all fun like that. I pretty much gave up work after this(note how there’s a notebook under that food) and just focused on getting a good night’s sleep. I was also inspired to ask myself after watching the Biggest Loser contestants run a marathon why I hadn’t tried to run farther recently? Unfortunately my answer sucked: time. I’ve just always been focused on getting back to my dorm and making oatmeal too much to go the extra mile. And so this morning that’s exactly what I’m going to do(literally). I’m going to challenge myself to go 16 miles. If I have to walk or slow down I’ll let myself and I’ll give myself all the time I need. But that’s why I’m up posting at 6:30–to take a bit of time pressure off as I head out right now. Wish me luck!

So so many giveaways…

Popchip giveaway! Snap, crackle, POP!

Some very sweet nut butters to enjoy.

And an awesome regions best giveaway!

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22 Responses to “Kicking Off The Month Right”

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Yeah, I really like the Cashew Carrot Ginger soup as well! They do it right!!

We had a bunch of Tofurkey roasts for sale at Earthfare, but I’ve never had them…apparently you are a fan!

Good luck dominating finals! Yours must be coming up soon.

LoVe that plate!! lol

I enjoy how much squash you eat.. I tend to buy it just for special occasions.. I need to change that!!

okay, as SOON as I saw that license plate, the song got stuck in my head 🙂

Eastside Market was just a giveaway that you go to Brown! I graduated in 07 and I miss it so much! Lady in Red was always the song that my college roommate would blast when she was getting ready for a date. Hilarious.

LOL love the plate on that car! i saw a plate the other day and it said ‘CARDIO” love that too, took a pic on my phone 🙂

cherry butter?!?! amazing!!

God your food looks just amazing. Love that you found an Advent Cal. that’s organic and not junky! I admit I bought the TJs version this year for my kiddo but she loved opening the little door last nite. She couldnt believe a choc candy came out from behind a door. She tried to put the candy back in!

And your frosting. I am such a sucker for frosting. I want it!!!!!

Mmmm cream cheese frosting and those vegan cinnamon rolls?! You’re killing me. That sounds so good! Cinnabons used to be one of my FAVORITE things – wonder why?!

Have a good Wednesday!

Great grocery haul! I’m limited to $65 dollars this whole month, and some of it needs to be saved for when I go to my parents for Christmas so I can get some of the essentials…it’s going to be interesting, and sadly I think I’ll have to avoid Whole Foods in order to stay within my budget.
And those vegan cinnamon rolls look amazing!
Have a great day!

ya didnt miss much as far as the address went. spent a lot of time talking about a whole lot of nothing

i LOVE that cashew carrot ginger soup. i had some the other night, you can really taste all the ingredients 🙂

If you are always looking for deals, Super Target has been great lately. I scored Amy’s veggie burgers and Annie’s naturals dressings on clearance for dirt cheap. They also had those Pacific soups on sale for a very good price.

pacific foods (that’d be who made your soup) makes some good stuff… and their tomato red pepper gets sold at costco (which makes it cheap!)

they’re based just outside of portland. we’re where all good things come from…

sushi =love
whole foods hull =joy
soup =nom nom nom
your eats =me running over to share your goodies.

I LOVE Pacific Foods Soups, but I have never had that variety! I might have to pick up a box, now! 😀

have a great 16 miles. thats a pr right? and on the tm? daaaaaaaaaaang 🙂

I wonder if Lady In Red was in Whole Foods dancing cheek to cheek…

Um, can I please have that license plate?

Wow, peanut. butter. chips. GIVE TO ME.

Check out my blog for a new GIVEAWAY and SONGDOWNLOADS of the DAY!

16 miles?! hot damn! good luck Evan!

You are eatin’ some seriously good lookin’ dorm food!

Evan, do your parents pay for your regular groceries or do you? I ask this because I live in a dorm at high school and you are the only person I know who relies so much on groceries instead of the dining hall. I seriously only use the dining hall to get vegetables!

Don’t worry if you can’t do the 16 miles, though. Wouldn’t you feel satisfied if you did 10 kickass miles?

I have 100 dollars a month for groceries, which some months I go over and other months a decent amount under. I try to rely on my dining hall for vegetable, too, except things like squash or sweet potatoes which I buy raw because they’re so easy to store somewhere in your room and heat up for a quick snack and keep for quite some time

LOL! I dare you to paint that car blue! Oh, the wicked thoughts that run through your head! I adore you!

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