Persimmon Failure

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Good afternoon. Thanks to all the praises on the 16 miles πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be thinking of those whenever I step it up again! Even though that was yesterday and I didn’t run at all today, I have felt like a bottomless pit. Delayed reaction much? Breakfast really didn’t do it for me so I had to pull out a bar in Greek.

Gnu Espresso Chip Bar

How awkward is it to pull out a crinkly wrapper in a small room? I reviewed it here. The flavor was spot on for what I would expect, though it wasn’t quite what I was wanting at the time. I’m also wondering how much caffeine it had in it? Because I am absolutely dragging now and that might have been the source… Well the 12g of worked for a bit; I decided that since the weather was so nice(62 degrees!) I’d take a walk to my big Whole Foods. However, while I wanted to eat there, I didn’t want to pay there, so instead I brown bagged it.

Broccoli, WildWood Original Veggie Burger

My favorite greasy, fatty veggie burger(I really do mean that in a good way, because portioned fried food definitely makes you feel better as we’ve discussed).Β I also made a few purchases to round out the meal.

Root Beer Zevia, Persimmon

So apparently Zevia’s are cheaper individually than in a 6-pack? What? The persimmon was on sale this week for 1.50 so I was SUPER excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, this is how much I got through:

2-Bite Persimmon

I think I’m allergic to persimmons. I’ve never had an allergy attack to anything, but after the first bite my mouth felt numb and inside was very dry like cotton. It kind of freaked me out, but I had to take another bite. This time I had the same feeling all the way down my throat as it went down. I was honestly a bit scared because no one knew where I was or anything like that but thankfully that was the worst of it and I promptly threw it out(all 1.50 of it >:-()

After that mini-debaucle, I organized my coupons and studied the sales as I went through the aisles. Had I been a savvyer shopper, I could have got PB and carob chips 3 bucks last sales period, but no luck. Fortunately, soy yogurt has never been cheaper! If you’ve ever been curious why I rave about So Delicious Soy Yogurt, now is the time to give it a whirl. Anyway, I spent way too long in there(as always) and tried making up time on the walk back. When I got in the door I grabbed this immediately.


They may not always be fresh, but I know they won’t screw me over like a persimmon(sorry, but I’m a bit bitter on this one). I also took count of what I purchased and entered that into my food budget.


My two favorite yogurts–one being cow’s milk and one soy milk. In one of the containers is shredded salmon from the salad bar(such a cheaper option than the prepared food section) and the other has milk chocolate covered peanuts(!!). Can’t wait to have those over oats or yogurt. Lastly, I got a curry simmer sauce; I don’t know why but the Indian food seemed so appealing on the salad bar. And I love buying the sauces and flavors so that I can make my own as opposed to buying 1 meal because for the same price you’re getting a good 4-5 meals out of them.

It’s not even 4 o’clock, and I’m putting on my lazy-day pants. I’m exhausted! And bogged down with work. I don’t mean to be a depresser though, so I assure you my spirits are bright because I’m listening to this Christmas album which I just bought for 1.99 off Amazon. What should I make for dinner with my new finds? It’s just me tonight, so I’m ready for suggestions πŸ™‚

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23 Responses to “Persimmon Failure”

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I thought I was allergic to persimmions as well, but apparently everyone has that reaction if the fruit is not ripe. I’m still kind of scared to try another one though!

Congrats on your 16 miles, that’s incredible!!!

I’ve heard alot of people having that same persimmon reaction. I wonder how we know if they are ripe??

Persimmons do that to everyone when they aren’t ripe. In order to be ripened it is best if they are frost-bitten first, because the freeze breaks down the enzyme in them that makes them bitter and cotton-ey. I’m not exactly sure how to tell if a persimmon is good or not, but I know I had one that was good and it was really soft and smelled delicious, so maybe that’s something to look for.

hey evan – it looks like the type of persimmon you got (hachiya) is the type that you can ONLY eat once it gets soft and ripe – otherwise they are astringent. the type i get (fuyu) is rounder and shorter and you can eat them at any time.

That sucks that your persimmon-eating was such a negative experience! I had one the other day, but I waited until it got super, super ripe…maybe that’s the key to persimmon success?

I’ve never had a permisson…

Love your grocery haul! Have a good time at home!

Oh wow, that crazy.. If it was not a fuyu persimmon it has to be really ripe before it is eaten! I Forgot what the other kind id called but perhaps it was one of those?!?!

THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!! but it also happened to my friend who had it with me so you are not allergic I think you chose the wrong kind you need to have teh hachiya persimmon, not the fuyu, also they need to be SUPER ripe (at least this is what I was told) but i am telling you i had this same reaction and it freaked me out!

I’ve heard about people reacting like that to persimmons – yikes! I’m staying clear 😦

That stinks about the nasty persimmon!! I’m not sure I’ve even seen one in the produce aisle. I LOVE soy yogurt!!! The texture is so much better than regular cow-gurt! πŸ˜€

i’ve never had a persimmons before! sucks about the reaction. i get the same way with raspberries and am convinced it’s an allergic reaction

the fuyu one is the one tht you can bite into like an apple. you got the hachiya, which you have to let iripen A TON and if you don’t you get that cotton mouth shit going on. =(

I still need to get my hands on that Gnu! Lovely grocery haul! Those peanuts are going to be a great addition to some oats πŸ™‚

What you had is called OAS: Oral allergy syndrome. It’s nothing to fool around with AND it’s frequently caused by foods in the banana family…nannas, plantains, mangos, latex (as in gloves) this allergy family runs together, and I’d venture p’simmons are in there too. Sorry if you google OAS + banana + related foods you will get sooo much info. As a sufferer of about 56788765678 food intolerances/allergies, I know that it sucks to suddenly find out you’re allergic to something.

As for delayed hunger. Dude. YES! The day after I do say a 2 hr yoga class on my own and then teach a few AND do some cardio with my hubs, I can eat the house down.

Thanks for all your contest entries. It’s weird, you knew about it moments after I posted it. Yet my own reader STILL like 3 hrs later still doesnt even have my recent posts in it. I hate G Reader some days!


I’ve never had a permission but have been wanting to try them after seeing them on Kath’s blog. Well judging by all of your comments, maybe you aren’t allergic afterall! Now I’m scared to try them! haha. Congrats on your distance PR! That’s a HUGE accomplishment! πŸ™‚

Was it the right kind/ripe enough? The first time I tried one I just bit in and my mouth went super dry and I felt like I was having an allergic reaction. Then I found this link: If not though, yikes!

love curry sauces…. i love peas and carrots plus some protein source (chickpeas, lentils, chicken) in curry. spinach goes in pretty well too.
plus a spoonful of yogurt on top!

Wow – just read about the 16 miles! I’m jealous! You are a beast – please do a race next spring?! Wow. Love your Xmas music…ah Bing Crosby – he sings on the “Rudolph” cartoon right? I want the Peanuts CD!! …uh, I kind of, sort of have…ahem Jessica Simpsons Xmas one (what? she sings a duet with her ex and her sister on it…and I like it πŸ™‚ )…and maaaaaybe old N’Sync Holiday…and Kenny and Dolly (country haha!! )… I want Josh Groban though…anyone listen to it?? Thanks for the comment about my poem – seeing as you are a stellar writer – it means a lot πŸ™‚

i have the same reaction with pineapple but only when it’s not ripe enough. maybe that’s the issue?

oh my gosh so sorry about that fruit!! how unfortunate. wouldnt it be terrible to be allergic to apples or naners? i dk what id do!

Great looking food! I love that veggie burger, you are totally right about needing some fried food occasionally to keep us happy. It’s all about the balance, right?

I have never tried persimmons before but I have 2 ripening in my fridge, ready for my first try. I’ll make sure to let them get REALLY ripe before trying them.

The one food that I’m allergic to is avocados. Luckily it is an extremely mild reaction. My mouth gets hot and tingly and itchy but you better believe I still eat mountains of them, I love them too much to ever stop.

I don’t think I want to try persimmons now after looking @ the comments…

Grocery purchases look yummy – especially the chocolate covered peanuts!

oh no, I’m glad the reaction wasn’t worse!!!

and I want to try that espresso chip gnu bar! I’ve never seen that flavor.

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