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Cookied out? Impossible, but I sure know how to try. Last night I made a vegan version of my Carrot Cake Cookies for Ashley’s fundraiser.

Vegan Carrot Cake Cookies

How annoying is it when you can smell but not eat cookies? Because these smelled awesome. I was a bit unnerved when they didn’t puff up like usual but I figured this must be the result of using a flax egg instead of the real thing. They’re still moist and soft as ever so I’m happy with them and hope the bidder really likes them, too! Since fiber wasn’t filling me up, I decided why bother? And just went for some cookies.

Trader Joe Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Fudge Dunkers, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea

At first I was a tad disappointed with these cookies(except for the white chocolate fudge coating, which couldn’t possibly disappoint). Then I tried dunking it and it was perfect. So soft and most–delicious. Now if only I had Trader Joe’s secret recipe… Afterwards I made some cookies for the house. I tried using an anise cookie recipe from last year substituting 1/4 cup milk with 1/4 cup beet juice for coloration.

Italian Anise Cookies

Well the coloration was a big success; would you ever look at these and think they’re all natural between the pinkness and nonpareils? Unfortunately, we all agreed the flavor was off. Either there wasn’t enough sugar, or something was wrong with the alcohol or baking powder. I’ll have to try these again because they were much better last year. After all this cookie madness, I was happy to sit down to some real food(that I didn’t have to cook/bake).

Cod With Soyaki Sauce, Asparagus, Acorn Squash With Red Thai Curry Sauce

Those Trader Joe sauces really can go with anything Over dinner, I was thinking how small our asparagus spears are and how they must be out of season and not so good. Then my mom mentioned how she picks out the tiny ones because she likes how they cook more. Really? I think they feel so much punier. Any asparagus-driven opinions out there? While we were eating, the storm outside took shape.


Finally! We had a dusting a few weeks ago but this was the majority of snow we’ve gotten this year; it’s been terribly unseasonal for New England and I’m happy that winter is starting to show. I had a sampling of desserts to enjoy the snow and tivo.

Italian Anise Cookie, Advent Calender Chocolate, Orange Milk Chocolate Slice

This is when we decided the cookies were off. Thankfully chocolate makes anything bearable, right? Chocolate oranges are definitely one of my favorite fruit; can I buy a chocolate orange tree? Do they make it in juice for? These questions need to be asked. Afterwards I got back in the kitchen if you can believe it.

Oh Nuts! Raw Cashews

Oh Nuts! sent some delicious, raw, natural products of theirs my way. The first I opened were these cashews and the first thing I noticed was how HUGE they are! Thanks, Oh Nuts! There’s no lack of nuts with you guys 😉 I decided to try a recipe online to make my own maple roasted cashews. First I roasted them for 15 minutes, then coated them with 1/4cup maple syrup, a touch of sea salt, and 1 tablespoon Organic Smart Balance Vegan Butter, and toasted them for another 12 minutes.

Maple Roasted Cashews

I don’t think anything smells more wintery than roasted nuts 🙂 These were so simple and yet the ones at Whole Foods at the bulk bins cost twice as much. Really? This is definitely a DIY project. These deserved a bowl of oats.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Maple Roasted Cashews

The cashews were awesome, but I think they need a sprinkling of turbinado sugar right when they come out of the oven next time to enhance the sweetness just a tad. Clearly, I’m a maple freak 🙂

I woke up at 7:30 this morning; I really think having an 8-hour sleep session no more and no less, is just the right balance for energy and hope I can keep it up. It looked amazing out in my backyard:

More Snow

More Snow

And now I’m expecting it to always look like this when I’m home. Got that, mother nature? I decided after blogreading I wanted to give Mama Pea’s cinnamon rolls a try. Yeast is always fun to play with.

Warm Yeast

But soon enough it looked like this:

Dough In Trash

Dough In Trash

This recipe was just not working out for me. 2 cups of flour? I think I was on my 3rd by the time I gave up, with dough stuck all over my hands. Oh well, I’ll just have to look for another cinnamon roll recipe that works for me. Meanwhile, I remembered we had bakery vegan cinnamon raisin rolls in the freezer so my breakfast didn’t have to change much.

Vegan Cinnamon Raisin Roll With Organic Smart Balance And Brown Sugar, And Smart Balance Peanut Butter

Eggnog Greek Yogurt

I topped the roll 1/2 with vegan smart balance and brown sugar, and the other half with smart balance peanut butter because I thought it was “cute” how both were smart balance. Seriously, you would have thought I had been sipping the apple brandy(which for some reason is on the island in our kitchen) the way I was amused by that. I think that’s the first time I’ve topped one of those vegan rolls with something also vegan! The yogurt… was not vegan but equally delicious 🙂

So far I have stayed out of the kitchen and been working on my 15 page Epic Poetry essay since breakfast; this thing is turning into a piece of epic poetry itself and I’ll probably have to ask for an extension on it as I ignore my other 3 papers due the following week. I’ve also caught up on Days and SNL; who couldn’t have seen the Tiger Woods and White House Crashers being parodied? Hopefully more work will happen 🙂

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13 Responses to “Cookie Monster”

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ahh 15 page poetry paper!!! good luck, evan! its so beautiful out I love when it snows but only enough to cover the grass, anything more than that I could do without 🙂
eggnog greek yogurt?!?! sounds amazing!!

hey 🙂 i just found your blog recently and have been lurking for a little bit and just want to say that i love it and really enjoy reading!

I like the smaller asparagus too! I feel like they have more flavor, or something?

All these eats look awesome!

Good luck on your English paper…I do NOT miss those days…and I was an English major, and now teach English and poetry, so obviously I like the subject! 15 page papers just suck though!

You’ll be done before you know it!

Loooev Oh Nuts products!

Good luck with the paper!

Good luck with your paper!

You got a lot more snow than I did!

i woke up to a similar scene outside my window and took advantage of running in it! it was so beautiful to run under trees that were bending under the fresh snow.

good luck with that paper! sounds like a beast

The snow looks really beautiful but when I lived up North I remember it NOT being as fun as it looks Oh the joys of shoveling.. lol.

Those cashews sounds great.. I just a bought a ton in bulk this morn.. yummy!!

Good luck with that paper.. sounds intense!

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as too many cookies 😉 especially when they’re topped with white chocolate

what brand of greek yogurt is that?? eggnog sounds phenomenal!

Lol, it’s just a plain chobani with about 3 tablespoons Silk Nog and vanilla stevia–noggy heaven

Maple Roasted Cashews look amazing. Nice work!!!!!! And the raw cashews i buy from TJ’s are pretty big. They are a great value. I would love to try the Oh Nuts as their stuff is usually the Cadillac of food. Their dried fruits are the bomb and their medjool dates are phenom.!

Your cinny rolls…well, better luck next time.

Smart Balance PB? Thanks for the tip off!

and the anise cookies w/ beet juice for color. very crafty, i love it!

And im glad you’ll be reading blog (maybe even more so!) over the holidays, cool.


i’m an asparagus snob and only eat them when they’re in season in the us (which is april-ish).
when they’re not local, we don’t get ’em.
but when i do get them i like the smaller ones. thicker generally is a little older, and can be woodier which i try to avoid

I’m so glad it snowed too! It was so fun to walk around post dinner, downtown and see all the snow and lights. So seasonal.

I love those sausages! Have you tried the apple chicken ones yet? Very tasty.

Wow! That snow is incredible!

~ Hillary @ Nutrition Nut on the Run

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