The Skin Is The Best Part

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Well running didn’t happen this morning, certainly to no one’s surprise. I love snow, but I hate the cold, and sub-60 is “cold” for this New Englander so sub freezing was not happening. What was happening was work on my paper; thatnk you all for th support! If I get this much motivation for my 15 page paper, I can’t wait to share how overloaded I a for next week 🙂 Haha, but seriously, better not to think about that. I got a bit snackish before lunch so I spoiled my appetite entertained myself with a healthy appertif.

Deep Chocolate Vitatop

I would have gone for an apple or something, but I ate all of those(read: 1) yesterday and there isn’t much else in the way of quick snacks at home. Oh well, this has plenty of nutrients so it was all good. Eventually my grandmother showed up and we had a Sunday meal. We picked out chicken from Whole Foods yesterday because it was on sale, but I just wasn’t in a meat mood even though I knew it was vegetarian fed and all. I hate to pick out something and then not eat it but tastes change and I knew someone else would have my part for leftovers.

Curry Chickpeas, Broccoli, Sweet Potato With Maple Syrup

For a quickie-meal I heated up 1/2 a can of chickpeas and microwaved it with curry simmer sauce. It was surprisingly flavorful for so cheap and easy! And we all agreed that these Trader Joe sweet potatoes were like candy. Sweet potatoes are always good, but these were great; they practically caramelized in the oven. The skin was so crispy I skinned a particularly phallic looking one and just ate that.

Sweet Potato Skin

The skin is definitely the best part. My family, unfortunately(or not?) doesn’t agree, so I also ate my mom and grandmother’s sweet potato skin. Why do I admit these things? I’m sure I’ve said much worse. After lunch I mostly sat on the couch with Montana working until it was time to go. Since last week the Christmas tree had been decorated.

Christmas Tree

It didn’t happen this weekend, but I’m still holding out for when I’ll be sitting in a blanket, drinking Boulevards hot chocolate in front of a fire, and watching It’s A Wonderful Life. *Sigh* It’ll happen. And so I said bye to this and got going with only 5 bags this time!


The ride felt very speedy. Maybe it was because I was reading Greek or maybe it was because we didn’t stop anywhere until Providence. When we got near campus we swung by Stop & Shop for some Vitatops and Libby’s pumpkin. I was getting hangry so I also grabbed this for protein:

Peanut Butter Cookie Luna

After a really positive experience with the chocolate peppermint stick luna I was psyched to try out another flavor; unfortunately, it was not nearly as entertaining. It felt so one-note: sweet. It would have been an improvement to even just as some whole peanuts and salt. Ah well, I was hungry so this went down before we checked out(literally). After that was Whole Foods for some ice cream and fake-chicken patties, and some garbanzo beans and soy yogurt because I passed those. Moving things back was fairly simple. I had it in my mind to have the ice cream I bought but I was so cold I couldn’t think about ice cream. I lose circulation very easily and so winter is never my friend. Anyway, I got a decent idea to resolve everything.

Snickerdoodle Soy Yogurt

I took a quarter serving of the Snickerdoodle Soy Ice Cream and mixed it in a soy yogurt with extra cinnamon and stevia. The flavor was a bit weaker but it was definitely all I could handle at the time and this was plenty cold enough. My dorm room is particularly cold tonight. I hope it’s only like this because nobody has been home much and not because it’s going to be like this for the whole next 2 weeks. Dinner was definitely uninspired.

2 Food For Life Chicken Patties, Broccoli, Dips

You can definitely feel OK about eating the skin of fake meat; I was curious how these would taste to be like chicken, and the answer was very bland unfortunately 😦 I had 2 not out of love but because I couldn’t think of what else to eat. For dips there was a very vinegary ketchup and mustard as well as a house-made honey mustard. Is it weird that I forgot how good honey is? I think I’ve been eating too many vegan things because it tasted uniquely sweet and I could have downed the whole bottle(or bear as it is).

The Amazing Race finale was tonight–has it been a whole season already? That’s pretty ridiculous. I glanced up and down while translating the bit of Greek I chose for my paper. When I say that, what I really mean is blog reading to the point where I really wanted a sugar cookie. Why is that the one kind of cookie I didn’t bake this weekend? Oh well, this bar and tea was just as good:

Vanilla Chip Cascadian Farms Bar

I actually got under the covers to eat this because it feels that cold. How much hot liquid can I possibly pump into my body? We’ll see. I predict a lot of waking up and running to the bathroom tonight. The right team totally won The Amazing Race. I’m just glad the bickering brothers didn’t. After that, Family Guy was hilarious and I got 3 solid paragraphs done before giving up and making oatmeal 🙂

Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting, And An Advent Chocolate

Soooo good. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: milk chocolate and peanut butter all the way. The frosting here was 2 tablespoons greek yogurt with sweetener and a tablespoon organic chocolate hazelnut butter for some added NUTrition. I’ll be eating this to the tune of Brothers & Sisters; there should be some good twists tonight! Really I’m excited to hit the hay and get up tomorrow for the run. Since reading week is beginning, I have no class tomorrow and so can run to my heart’s contents time free. Maybe another 16 miler? With 2 days of complete rest, it might come more naturally than I could hope. Goodnight, all!

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18 Responses to “The Skin Is The Best Part”

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χαιρε, Evan!
How long have you been taking Greek? I started Ancient Greek I this fall and it’s rare to see someone else who’s taking it. Are you doing Attic Greek??

Oh, and if you want a DELICIOUS peanut butter cookie bar, look for Larabar. PB cookie is one of the most commonly available flavors and it is really outstanding. The roasted peanuts and salt totally shine and the dates add a nice but not overdone sweetness. And you can always trust the Larabar ingredient list.

Another good Luna Bar though is the Cookies ‘n Cream delight. It is really good in a Chobani.

It’s definitely rare to find other Greek speakers! I take Attic and I’m finishing up my 3rd college semester right now with Herodotus

i want snow! lucky!

“so I also ate my mom and grandmother’s sweet potato skin. Why do I admit these things? I’m sure I’ve said much worse. ” Yes probably the previous sentence where you skinned a phallic looking tater. LOL!!!! That’s a good tip though seriously that TJ’s sweet pots are really good. They also have great brussel’s sprouts, but I find their broccoli ick. They have this one salad mix, organic field greens, purple bag. It’s good but prone to being sold too close to it’s expiration date. But for things like peppers, dates, nuts, most other fresh produce, for the money, you really cannot go wrong ever!

anyway though your dinner of Curry Chickpeas, Broccoli, Sweet Potato With Maple Syrup looks awesome. I adore Brock. So for me, seeing a pile of trees on your plate is exciting!


I love sweet potato skins. When I made sweet potato casserole at thanksgiving I snacked on the roasted caramelized sweet potato skins. I couldn’t throw them away!

I agree with Averie.. your chickpea dish is yummmmmy looking.. and you’re right.. the skin is the best part (its really good for you too!!!) I only peel potato skin if it looks really crappy!

prolly a smart choice to not get out there today. it was in the teens when i hit the streets!! and totally agree about the skin being the best — when i was little it was the only part i are 🙂

Curry chickpeas – sounds amazing! Two of my favorites things in one, yum! The skin is most definitely the best part. It’s so crispy! Good luck if you do a 16 miler today!!

Oh yum, that brocco/chickpea/curry combo sounds really good! I hear you on the cold, although I’m trying to get the courage up to start running outside again. There is something about feeling like a bad a$$ while running in the freezing weather!

I usually cook my sp’s in the micro so I’m not sure about the skin. May have to do it the “right” way sometime.

I love the oatmeal frosting concept, I used to always frost my breakfast cookies. Need to start doing that again…

I’m the only one in my family who likes potato skins too! I consider it a fortunate thing for me 🙂

even though i don’t like sweet potatoes i like eating potato skins. yum!

and i agree about that luna bar, not much pb flavor and more of just “sweet.”

Great eats!
I’m overall just not super impressed with Luna Bars in general. There are so many better Bars available. The one flavor I do like is the White Chocolate Macadamia, but there is a Clif Bar in that flavor as well, and I’ve heard it’s better.

I LOVE sweet potatos. Yum!

Those chickpeas look yummy! I, too, am a major cold weather wimp.

Is that your doggie??

Yep 🙂 He’s a west highland white terrier and 11 or 12 years old

He’s a cutie pie 🙂 I love westies– my hair dresser has 3, and he keeps them in his studio with him! They are nuts!

I can’t believe how unsatisfactory the peanut butter cookie luna is — I have never met a peanut butter bar I didn’t like .. but this one just did NOT do it to me. I’ll stick to the white chocolate macadamia 🙂

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