Parting Is Such Tasty Sorrow

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*Edit: I just had an amazing time. My voice is absolutely hoarse. I was planning on posting a full recap tomorrow right before my first final but I am positively beat and thinking there’s no reason to rush things so I’ll just post what I prewrote now and fill in the rest of the deets sometime after lunch tomorrow. G’night!*

“Now that I’ve blogged, I’ve really done everything I could besides write this paper, so I’ll work on that.”

I’m such a liar; what I really meant was that I’d done everything except go and check my mail and pick up the closet key I’ll need for when I’m booted out of the dorm for winter. And because the campus convenience is in the mailroom, what I really needed was some liquid warmth.

Ginger Snappish Tea

Since they always have decaf and not always this tea, I thought I’d opt for it instead. I liked it more when I had it Friday but I think that’s because I sweetened it with NuNatural’s packets which are better but I think gone from my stash. Of course, tea required some tea cookies. I’ve never had a Biscoff because I think someone very entertaining on the blogosphere has eaten them all but I do have these:

Trader Joe's Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Fudge Cookies

I hate it when I like a store bought cookie better than my own. Then again, I don’t douse mine with white chocolate fudge. Maybe that’s my problem? I’d like to see this Trader Joe; I can’t imagine him being in good shape if he’s around all his incredible food all day long. I worked on the paper a bit until I realized cookies were not the foundation of a good diet and had a more nutritious snack. Look what I found:

Almost Empty Butter Toffee Peanut Butter Jar

Is there anything more joyous and depressing than an almost empty jar? Well I suppose one that’s made by this Michigan based company 1500 miles away is a tad bit more saddening 😦 But I tried to look just at the positive memories and joy this has and was about to bring me.

Pumpkin Oats With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, A Crumbled Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookie, And Peanut Butter Chips

Also the last vegan pumpkin molasses cookie; what a momentous bowl. I threw on 1/2 a tablespoon of peanut butter chips because you have to have peanut butter on top, right? And I don’t make enough excuses to use up those things 🙂 I think I must have looked silly in the bathroom cleaning out my jar after this but I wanted to save the jar for decor, haha. There was more work blog reading work where I rethought 1/2 of my thesis and some of the work I’d done. Don’t think. Just write. For dinner I had plans to eat it up with Adam at the dining hall but I had cancelled those in the morning so that I could keep working and then go out after dinner.

Snobby Joe, Roasted Vegetables In Curry Sauce

Have I discovered the magic way to make lentils in a microwave? Sadly, no. I asked the mother to cook up a big batch before I left Sunday and she did. Now I have a bowl I can scoop, heat, and serve. It had been wayyyy too long since snobby joes, so this meal was perfect. For a side I heated up 1/2 a sweet potato with some dining hall veggies and added Seeds Of Change simmer sauce. This meal was so saucy and vegrific–fantastic! And that’s where I was until 7:30 when I stepped out for a time-honored Brown tradition. What is it, you ask? I’ll leave that hanging. But there was a perdricem in piro involved 😉


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10 Responses to “Parting Is Such Tasty Sorrow”

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You can’t make lentils in microwave, huh? Why not get a rice-cooker? That should work…with alot of other stuff, as well!

Wow. Ginger snap herb tea. Sounds great…HAve you tried the pumpkin spice ones yet?

WHAT! I need this tea…I have pumpkin spice and eggnoggin in my cupboard from that same company….ahhhhhhhh! Comfort in a cup!

Mmmmm these cookies – are – frickin – amazing looking! I wish I had a TJ’s where I was 😦 But it makes my trips to the states all that much more fun!

Great post!!

Your dinner looked great too!!


This post definitely made me giggle. And you’re right on, Trader Joe must have one heck of a waistline from all those cookies and chocolate covered goodies, etc.
Glad you had a good Monday! Hope your week goes well!

“I hate it when I like a store bought cookie better than my own. Then again, I don’t douse mine with white chocolate fudge. Maybe that’s my problem..”
I feel like that with regard to baked goods. Most of the time I can get raw vegan gluten & soy free to rock your pants off…but sometimes, like your cinnamon roll experiment it can be hard. Then I Remind myself that if I cooked with butter, lard, gluten, egg etc I could pretty much get anything to rock no matter 🙂

I save my peanut butter jars for decoration too 🙂

you know what to do with an empty pb jar 🙂 yum

Rethinking your thesis close to the due date is never a good idea. Then again, I’ve been known to completely change my thesis the night before 15-20 page papers are due. Yes, it was *slightly* insane.

i need to make Holly’s cookies already! I keep forgetting and they look so good on oatmeal.

I still haven’t tried Naturally Nutty and I’m from MI!! Glad you had fun – can’t wait to hear about it!

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