Gnu Foods Product Review Recap

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2 weeks ago, the kind people at Gnu Foods sent me a box of their products to sample and review. The Gnu bars come in 7 flavors and all have one big focus: fiber. Lots and lots of fiber. 12g, or 50% the daily value, to be exact. Gnu makes their bars so fiberous with their special blend of grains, seeds, and chicory root extract. Besides that, their bars feature some powerful, natural flavors, all sweetened by fruit sources. Before I get into the reviews, I want to mention an exclusive coupon code for Food Makes Fun Fuel readers. If you go to their website and place an order, enter the code FunFuel10 upon checkout to receive 10% off. The only exception is with 5-bar flavor sampler, which ships free all its own. Either way, you’re going to get good savings. Gnu bars can also be found at health retailer stores such as Whole Foods.

Banana Walnut

8.5/10: I really had low expectations for this bar: banana could hardly be lower on the ingredient list after other fruit sweeteners and most banana flavored bars I’ve tried disappoint me anyway. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was delicious with a very pungent banana flavor and the perfect hint of spices. It tasted justlike banana bread. I’d love to rate it higher, if it didn’t give the expectation of walnuts, but I can’t. There was only a small hint of nutty chew to it and no way to distinguish walnut in particular. Otherwise, it was a clear winner.

Chocolate Brownie

8.5/10: Gnu Foods starts all their bars with a whole grain blend, sweetens with natural fruit sources, flavors and adds binders for further fiber, giving each bar 50% of your daily value. Wow. At first I didn’t think this was sweet enough. But as I took the tie to enjoy it, I came to appreciate it more as a dark chocolate–slightly bittersweet. The more I ate, the more I got and appreciated the cocoa essence to it, and it had great texture from the baking process. With 15% natural fiber to boot, this really filled me up and had me feeling strong. I’d gladly get this again.

Cinnamon Raisin

9/10: This perfect in theory and practice is perfect with Gnu’s product line. It’s a flavor that has to be heavy on the spices, but not on the sweet; this definitely had a good amount of earthiness from the cinnamon added. Since Gnu already fruit sweetens their products with plum puree and other natural sweeteners, the raisins fit right in. They fit in so well, it was actually hard to tell just how many there were by texture. Overall I was pleased by this and would buy it again for when I’m on the go and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread just isn’t practical.

Espresso Chip

8.5/10: This bar has a clear, deep mocha flavor. You get that rich sense of cocoa and coffee without all the added sugar of other bars. I didn’t notice any particular “chips”; rather the flavor and texture was even throughout. One thing I would warn is this is notfor the caffeine intolerant. Though it doesn’t state the content of this bar, from my own reaction I have a sense that it’s pretty high. Overall, this was definitely something for any true mocha lover(though don’t expect one of those sugary Starbucks drink flavors here).

Lemon Ginger

9/10: Dare I say it, this was my favorite rendition of a lemon flavor in a bar. At first, I hesitated to do more than smell it; this was just like a fresh baked lemon square. Once I finally got around to biting in, however, I found the kick: the ginger. These had a big spicy flavor thanks to the ginger, but still kept the zestfulness of lemon and an overall sweetness for pleasantry. This complex flavor isn’t something I’d be wanting all the time but for a very specific craving it’s absolutely perfect.

Orange Cranberry

8.5/10: Zesty would not be the word for this tart treat; whereas I was expecting a hint of orange essence I got something much closer to a full fruit attack. I really enjoyed the promise and delivery of flavor here. I thought the cranberry was a nice touch, though I would have liked that flavored to be louder and not just incorporated by whole craisins alone. I also would have liked to see them much higher on the ingredient list, but they were welcomed when they came. Overall this was a fun and fruity bar.

Peanut Butter

7.5/10: Peanut butter by itself has a little fiber. But gnu turns that notch up all the way to 12 with this product. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about flavor. While there was a hint of nuttiness hear and noticeable peanuts, it all didn’t feel like enough. I think Gnu’s mission to make bars around 140 calories really hindered the here. Peanuts are relatively low on the ingredient list and peanut butter is non-existent unless it’s a “natural flavor”. I enjoyed it and would eat it again, but not for a peanut butter craving.


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9 Responses to “Gnu Foods Product Review Recap”

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Mm, the cran-orange one sounds yummy! I’m going to check out their prices on their site – maybe order a few!

I am going to get your package in the mail this week! Promise – I have been slacking big time! Hopefully tomorrow!

More fabulous reviews!

Hey- Love your blog. Keep up the good work! It’s so great to have a male voice in the food blogging world! Just wondering- do you ever stay at Brown on the weekends? Seems like you’re missing out on a big chunk of college if you go home every weekend! I went to an ivy league college too, and I can’t imagine how disruptive it would have been to pack up and go home every weekend.

You are awesome at updating your blog! I feel like every time I come over here, you have a new post up!

Thanks for this product review– I’ve been looking at these bars for a while now, but haven’t tried them yet. I’ll have to pick one up– probably the Espresso Bar one…yum 🙂

I’ve tried all but the espresso and lemon ginger – those flavors sound great!

I love Gnu Foods! Your reviews look simmilar to mine (as far as favorites haha) but I didn’t like the cinnamon raisin and I relly enjoyed the peanut butter.
These make such fantastic snacks!

Thanks for the indepth prod review on these!
The cinnamon raisin one looks awesome and as a GF Vegan, cinnamon rolls, breads, etc are totally off my radar screen and I would love to get them back on.
Lemon…normally I am not a fan of lemon bars b/c they are usually so bastardized that it’s awesome you’re giving this a 9! And boo hooo on the PB getting the lowest marks…oh well, the Cinn Raisin makes up for it 🙂

I have only been able to find the banana walnut and cinnamon raisin and am SO obsessed with both. Dare I say they’re my favorite bars of all time?? *gasp* don’t tell Clif! 😉

These look so good! I’ve yet to try any of them so it would be fun to do so!

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