Latin Carol Celebration

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*Choosing to ignore an overflowing inbox* The last 16 hours have felt so crammed! I’m happy to have just gotten out of my last class of the week πŸ™‚ For this week all that remains is a pesky paper. Next week might be another story but I like to focus on the present. Except for now when I’m focusing on last night, which was the 62nd annual Latin Carol Celebration!

The First Baptist Church

What is this celebration, you may ask? Well, for 62 years, the Brown Classics department has hosted a Christmastime event where only ancient languages are spoken: Latin, Greek, and this year Sanskrit. There’s readers who read passages from famous texts as well as a full song book of latin Christmas carols and a choir. And it’s held in The First Baptist Church. Not “of Rhode Island”. Just The First Baptist Church.

Professor DeBrohun

It was put on by Professor DeBrohun, who you might know as my Latin teacher, or academic advisor πŸ™‚ Clearly a woman of many hats. It was so much fun belting out carols in Latin and I couldn’t believe that I understood probably 95% of it. During the ceremony I was feeling snacky so I pulled out a bar.

Kardea Cranberry Almond Bar

This was the last of the flavors I had to try. I think I got the most nut out of this bar out of all of them, but I’m still not a fan of the crisp rice in there. Oh, and if this were a real church sermon, I’m pretty sure photographing a snack would not be OK, but needless to say the night was a little bit more relaxed. I was pretty bad about taking pictures of the actual performers but I did snag one of The Chattertocks singing the 12 Days Of Christmas(in latin).

The Chattertocks

What a fun escape from paper writing. I was surprised by how many people were there: easily a couple hundred. And they weren’t just from Brown but rather a large part of the Providence community came to this(and rightly so). It got over later than expected and I was in a mad rush to tie up some loose ends when I got back to my dorm so that I could hit the hay. I made an antioxidant boosting snack:

Pomegranate Chobani With Newman's Own Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

I was so excited to find the ever-elusive pomegranate flavor in one of the dining halls yesterday. The little arils don’t freak me out too much but really why I love this one is because it’s tart like raspberry. And it goes perfect with some dark chocolate, of course. I thing shaving a bar makes it look so much fancier than using chips, don’t you? And because I’m such a creature of habit I needed to down this bowl of oatmeal before I fell asleep:

Oatmeal With Smart Balance, A Double Chocolate Pillow Cookie, And Advent Milk Chocolate

I’m running out of ways to eat those advent chocolates. See the 3 broken heart pieces? Good thing they’re tasty and I’ll never get bored of them. I got a much better night sleep, mostly because I was so tired, but woke up an hour earlier this morning–6:20 as usual. I headed off to the gym with all theΒ necessitiesΒ in hand.

1/2 An Amazing Grass Bar

This was left over from a run last week. I hate having 1/2 a bar lying around and I was glad to finish it off this morning. The gym was slightly busier than I expected for Reading Week but still empty most of the time. I planned on 10, but as always happens with an Amazing Grass bar I went a little more, 2 miles to be exact. I’m wondering at this point if it’s the bar or just the mentality now? Either way, it worked. Let’s just say I was in a HUGE peanut butter mood when I got back.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Peanut Butter Chips

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Peanut Butter Chips

Peanut Butter 2% Yogurt With Raspberry Jam

I love raspberry jam with peanut butter; I think it just works the best. And the peanut flour really took to the fattier yogurt than the non-fat. Overall a winning breakfast(when do peanut butter chips not win ;-)). My final this morning was… not. It was our final required test, but it was 10 minutes of site translation and that was all. Haha, glad I didn’t invest time there. When I got out I took a walk to the mailroom.

Christmas Cards

It never ceases to amuse me that people I see over the weekends send me cards. With money. My mom’s card was a singing one and surely attracted some attention when I opened it up right there in the middle of the building. Thanks mom. I swung by The Ratty for cooking materials because I had the perfect lunch planned.

Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak Bowl With Broccoli And Sunflower Cheddar Dr. Kracker Flatbread

Yuuuuuuum. I was daydreaming–let’s call it that–about really fatty beef on the treadmill this morning and how my grandmother made the best(but worst for me) tacos as a kid. My mind jumped from taco’s to philly cheesesteak, which was easier to recreate with what I had. I microwave boiled onions for 5 minutes, then mixed together 4oz Lightlife sausage style meat, red and green peppers, the onions, and a slice of American cheddar–sooo delicious and yet healthy enough to enjoy whenever! How is that possible? On the side I had this flatbread. Dr. Kracker sent me products to try and I took a couple from home to my dorm room. I’m glad I grabbed this one because it was astounding–read my review for more deets.

Now that things are winding down, emails have been acknowledged, and google reading has lessened, all there is to do is go pick up a package and then start back up on the essay!

And check back later on for a product review recap post featuring a blog exclusive online coupon code.

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19 Responses to “Latin Carol Celebration”

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YAA for Dr. Krackers.. ya they rock. I could eat em all day.. lol πŸ™‚

Yum! I love pomegrante and chocolate. What a great combo. Your treadmill throughts made me laugh! Its funny what you think of while working out. I was watching Paula Deen on tv the other day and it just struck my as a bit ironic as Im racing away on the slliptical but watching someone make a fabulous triple chocolate cake. Ha!! Ah well. Have a wonderful day!

Congrats on getting third place in the Eggland’s recipe contest!!!

Congrats on your 3rd place in Tina’s contest!

That looks like a nice, festive study break.

Did you hear that Chobani is coming out with raspberry flavor?

Thank you, and yes! I can’t wait to try it! There’s also a strawberry banana which I wasn’t too excited for until I heard it’s going to be 2% like the pineapple, so it may be a surprise favorite, as well.

lol, mom just send me a musical card when you open it.. πŸ˜‰

I’m NOT a tea lover, but recieved a box of that gingerbread tea at an event this weekend, one of the few flavors i can stomach.- if it is sweetened up enough!

I LOVE the 1st Baptist Church. It is so pretty/cool to imagine who has been there before (history nerd!). Such a fun event! Love those traditions.

Congrats on your third place win!!! So excited for you!

sounds like an incredible tradition! glad you had fun!

and agreed about tmrw being nasty! i might have to pull a you and hit up the treadmill πŸ˜›

Congrats fellow Eggland Contest Winner πŸ™‚
Word up!

love love love the dr kracker crackers, they are the first cracker that I acutally CRAVE all the time πŸ™‚ they pair so well with anything

congrats on the eggland best runner up! you will be so egg’ed out!!

chobani is coming out wiht raspberry?!?! can’t wait!!

Saw your pumpkin recipe took third in Eggland’s Best contest! Way to go! That’s a lot of eggs…. πŸ™‚

I think someone should ask Chobani/Oikos to come out with a peanut butter flavor, wouldn’t that be amazing?? I’d buy it.

Congrats on the 3rd place! Looks like you’ll be eating a lot of eggs in the next few months πŸ˜‰

That sounds like a really cool Christmas event– especially for language nerds πŸ™‚

That oatmeal w/ the pb chips looks UH-mazing.

dr. kracker is the best!

I just saw that you were the 3rd place winner in the Eggland’s Best contest– congrats! I can’t wait to make that pumpkin bread!

LMAO: if this were a real church sermon, I’m pretty sure photographing a snack would not be OK

Next those Maple & PB chips. Dammmmm. I mean dang. Those look so good!

As do those flatbreads.

Grapefruits being too sour. Yeah lots of people despise them and I do understand why, they are sooo sour but I am weird πŸ™‚

STEAMED brussles for sure, and I put cauli and brock too. Just in a little bowl with water in the micro, 2 mins. Done. I jsut take that really crunchy edge off them. I hate mushy and in the summer i do cauli and brock always raw, but in the winter, steamed. And b sprouts ALWAYS cooked. I have tried them raw and they are sooo bitter!

i love random nerdy things like your latin thang! i miss those about college (ahhh latin chant mass, you’re not nearly as easy to find when i’m not in school…)

Sounds like a fun evening!! Dr. Krackers = so crunchy, so delicious!

PS. Congrats on your contest at Tina’s blog!

It’s so awesome that you had the opportunity to go to an event like this, especially when that’s your major/department!!!
Congrats (on ze contest) and I’m so glad you had an awesome night!

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