Breakfasts Make The Best Meal

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Thank you for all the kudos on the recipe contest 3rd place win. It feels so good to be acknowledged for a recipe. If any of you try my pumpkin bread let me know how you like it and if you bake it on your blog so I can give it linkage. Now the question is what I’m going to be making with eggs for the next 3 months 🙂 That’s one of those good problems to have, I figure. Like I promised after blogging yesterday, there was a trip to the mail room in order. I found a new tea.

Tazo Calm Tea

Calm? Hmm. Something tells me this is going to get bought a lot during the stress of finals week. I was alerted of a package I had. I had no clue what it was at first.

Gettysburg and Gods And Generals

Then I remembered I bought this on Black Friday from Walmart. I’m not much of a war buff but I really wanted to see Gettysburg, and the double feature with Gods And Generals was only about a dollar more. Instead of watching it then and there, I decided to save it for when I have time to pay attention to it and got to writing. My room is soo comfortable with the heat on now. You know it must be warm because I was ready for ice cream in the afternoon.

Snickerdoodle Purely Decadent Soy Ice Cream

I’m so glad we bought some of this Sunday; I’m always tempted to break out the one at home but never have the time or am in an ice cream mood. If you’ve never had it–gah! It will change your life. The snickerdoodle cookie dough chunks… *drool* Anyway, yes, more work ensued. Something about working made me want breakfast.

French Toast Oats And Coffee

Maybe I wanted an egg after winning 3 months worth. Maybe it’s just that breakfast is the best meal of the day. I’m not sure, but this was tres magnifique. I think the secret to french toast oats is swirling the egg in but not too much. And cooking it thoroughly but not too much. So basically they’re a crap shoot 😉 I started to get hungry but had plans to meet up for dinner so there was some fruit snackage:


I tried to convince myself it was a clementine but it doesn’t work that way. Plus it had little annoying seeds in it. Don’t you hate those? I much prefer Trader Joe’s milk chocolate orange for my citrus intake, thank you. I decided to smuggle some links in the dining hall to bolster up whatever veggies they were serving.

Al Fresco Country Style Breakfast Chicken Sausages

I don’t think it’s weird to carry around breakfast sausages. In your coat pocket. At dinner time. Do you?

Fresh Vegetable Medley, Curried Acorn Squashes With Maple Syrup And Breakfast Style Sausages

Wow… remarkable. These sausages… beyond words. They were so perfectly herby I could hardly believe it. With a touch of maple syrup–to die for. And who would have thought maple syrup and curried squash would work? It so totally did. It was almost Indian but with a Maine flair. I’ve been scared off of making my own Indian food thus far but I think I just need to find a good curry powder and I’d be good to go.

Before the Biggest Loser I went to a dining hall to stock up of Greek yogurt for the impending storm. I walked out carrying 4 with a bar and a coffee. I have some serious balancing skills 😉 How amazing were all the come back contestants on The Biggest Loser? I don’t think there was a loser amongst them.I always feel funny snacking during The Biggest Loser but I spend my time in the gym and earn my damn dessert 😉

Cherry Greek Yogurt With Cherry Dark Chocolate And Vanilla Sugar

Plus this had fruit, dairy, and antioxidants, so it was entirely healthy, right? I’m going with that 🙂 Did anybody else learn to spell dessert with an extra “s” because you always want more? That always stuck with me. There was definitely more dessert, unfortunately.

KIND Sesame And Peanut Bar

I try to eat with no regrets. But I regretted this. Firstly, I try not to eat bars in my dorm when I could have real food(or, you know, oatmeal), but this at first seemed alluring. Secondly, this wasn’t very good. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good; it’s best feature was chocolate which I could easily have eaten in other forms. And yet I ate it in about 2 minutes flat, because I didn’t know how to put it down or just throw it out. I think all the thinking required for writing an essay made my rational thinking go away, and afterwards I learned better. For my last desssert, I tried being much more in tune with what I wanted.

Chocolate Vitatop With Cream Cheese, Advent Chocolate, White Chocolate Wonderful

Delicious and what I wanted. I’m not accustomed to eating peanut butter without carbs underneath but I didn’t want toast or oatmeal or to put it on the vitatop. The answer? A simple spoon–and it was perfect.

This morning I woke up to this lovely scene:

Providence 6:45

Snow! I love snow, I really do. I hate the cold, but I love snow(let’s not point out the contradiction here). Unfortunately it doesn’t put me in a work-out mood, but I decided a good run was just what I needed so I grabbed a bar and hit the gym.

Maple Nut Clif Bar

At first I wasn’t feeling it for one reason or another; it didn’t help the non-basic cable tv channels weren’t operative. But then I thought maybe this would need to be one of those “move your body” and not “run” days and I resolved to go for 14 miles. It definitely felt like a stretch for the first 5 but eventually it just flew by and I was happily done in 1:58:02. After trekking back to my room and warming up I made yet another satisfyingly-breakfast meal.

Eggnog Greek Yogurt, French Toast Oatmeal With Al Fresco Breakfast Sausages

Clearly being a repetitive eats blogger does not weigh on my mind because I was happy to dig in to this. I just love these sausages. Perhaps it’s a bit hypocritical to use vegan eggnog and serve it next to chicken and an egg but let’s ignore that like the snow and cold thing.

Today I would love love love to take a trip to the groceries stores. Unlike rain, however, that’s not in the forecast. What is is an essay being done, I’m sure. Happy humpday!

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20 Responses to “Breakfasts Make The Best Meal”

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Im late but congrats on your win!! How awesome.. I saw that on Tinas site last night. Hope you like those eggs!! 🙂 🙂

Congrats Evan!! 🙂

Can you come make me breakfast and lunch?! Because yours always look amazing.

Congrats again! I hope you get those eggs when you’re on winter break. It would stink if your suitemates stole them like they did your froyo that time.

Your oats always look so yummy. I want to lick the screen!

Hey, I’ve brought a whole jar of PB to the dining hall with me before. I don’t judge.
And congrats on your recipe!

Breakfast is definitely best.
Those sausages look amazing, I love chicken sausage!

Congrats on your win!

Hey, You could not have described french toast oats any better. They are the best lightly cooked and lightly stirred! You have to try some of that pecan pumpkin butter hah! And you are tearing up the miles now! Do you have any running goals for the near future or are you just enjoying it for now?

Thanks, and right now I’m definitely just enjoying my runs(yes, it’s possible to enjoy time on the treadmill ;-)) There’s some run in March that might be nice to try but registrations not even open yet so I don’t feel pressure to decide anything

Hahaha the thought of people carrying around sausages in their pockets made me think of Frank on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Do you watch that show?

I watched the first season and then completely fell out of touch with it. Probably for the best because I hardly get around to watching the shows I do watch online

I agree… I can eat breakfast for every meal all day long. The only meal I don’t eat breakfast food for is breakfast. silly huh!?!

oh man i just got a bunch of tangerines – i forgot they had seeds in them!!!

I would have loved to be that person in the dining hall who spotted you taking your chicken sausages out of your pocket. Hilarious.

I feel somewhat guilty watching weight loss shows and snacking. I think it’s funny how horrible the food is at sporting events – nothing like watching a bunch of pro athletes while stuffing your face with a deep fried twinkie or a footlong corndog.

awesome job on the 14! i ❤ breakfast foods too and definitely could survive off of them

Congrats on 3rd place!!!!!!!!!!

and the Dark Chocolate And Vanilla Sugar topping in the yog mess..nice!

as well as the dessert plate. And the reviews, thanks as always Evan! 🙂

gah, your food always looks so good! i am thinking french toast oats are in my future – do you have a tutorial i could use?

maple nut clif bars = my fave.

coffee is always worth balancing for.

and finally, CONGRATS ON THE RECIPE CONTEST! that is so awesome – its great when hard work and passion pay off, no?

have a wonderful week!

What works for me usually is cooking the oats 2 minutes on their own, then cracking in the egg and stirring it a bit, and microwaving for another 90 seconds.

Congrats on the win!! I will definitely make that loaf and post a pic and let you know!! I have a can of pumpkin waiting for me right now….do you ‘make up’ your own recipes or follow others and then ‘tweak it’…have you thought of culinary school lol? or more interested in writing?

Congrats on the awesome treadmill run! It’s not easy to run lots of miles on those things, but it DOES feel like big accomplishment once you’re finished.

Love the eats today – especially the snickerdoodle ice cream. MMM!!

Snickerdoodle ice cream = yurm

I love the maple nut Clifs. But I love all Clif bars, really…I don’t think I’ve ever met one I haven’t liked.

yay for ice cream in the afternoon…even if it’s cold!

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