Going About Things The Wrong Way

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Today I feel like there’s been a lot of going about things the wrong way. But I’m OK with that! In fact, I’m better than OK because realizing you’re doing something wrong is how you do it right the next time.

Leftover Wild Atlantic Salmon, Trader Joe's Instant Mac And Cheese

As tasty as my lunch was(and it was tasty), I realized that my view on food this week was wrong, wrong, wrong. I was going on with a mentality of eating basically to empty out things and have less to deal with Friday. Well, I tried to convince myself that I’d be “OK” if I was living off unpumpkined oatmeal and peanut butter for the second half of the week but that’s just not how I’d feel. New plan: Take it low and slow and eat what I want, when. If stuff’s leftover, it’ll just follow me back home.

I realized I was approaching this week’s finals and papers with the wrong mindset. This one’s harder to explain, especially pertaining to the Latin paper, without boring the crap out of all of us. New plan: Have a plan. Take things as they come. But most importantly, know you’re still a very accomplished person no matter what and 1 bad final or paper could never change that.

After lunch I was craving an apple(weird, right?), and staring down the apples on my microwave from the dining hall. However, clearly they were overripened and would have upset me more than feed any craving. New plan: Go buy an apple from the mail room convenience store.

Red Delicious Apple

Apple Crispness Close Up

I’m not into buying things I can get for free, but oh my God was this worth it. It was ripe, and crisp, and juicy, and 120% hit the spot like no other apple has since we went and picked our own. While I was there, I also got a really awesome package.

Beads For Life Bracelet

Cranberry Orange Nut Bread Clif Bar, Mint Carob Bar, Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar

I won a giveaway from Errign’s blog for a Beads For Life bracelet and she could not have thrown in more perfect secondary prizes. I can not count how many times I’ve picked up carob chips and wondered how’d they taste only to tell myself “Finish the 2 types of chocolate chips, the white chocolate chips, and the peanut butter chips first, and then you can buy some carob”. I can’t wait to make some minty yogurt, and that bracelet is going to be the perfect gift for someone. Thanks Errign!

I realized that I was not doing a favor by letting myself run low on yogurt to clean out the fridge.

2% Yogurt With Cherry Butter And Goji Cherry Cacao Cookies

New plan: Stock up on Greek yogurt when you find it. Because I go through it like wildfire and this was my last plain. And it was incredibly tasty, too. I thought I’d use my last 2 goji cherry cacao Goji Gourmet cookies after perusing their new site. 9.5/10? You bet these are one of my favorite products. This was a nice protein snack, but then I needed fatty fats.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pepita Sun Butter And White Chocolate Chips

I thought I was reading myself right when I wanted vanilla and decided to add white chocolate chips to my oatmeal. Unfortunately, they just weren’t hitting the spot.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pepita Sun Butter And Vanilla Almond Butter

New plan: Scrape off the white chocolate chips and replace them with vanilla almond butter. This was a really Nutty bowl with the pepita sun butter and vanilla almond butter, and it was much better than the original. Sometimes you need to undo a little of what you’ve done to get it just right, but isn’t it so worth it when you do get it right?

Lastly, I’ve been cheating myself and you all a little(though mostly myself) by never tapping in to the communal kitchen. Yes, we have one. And there’s pots and pans to use so long as you clean up after yourself. I was inspired by Caroline to make scrambled tofu. Of course, in her case there’s no egg involved and I was also craving egg, so I mixed 3oz soft tofu with 1 scrambled egg

Cooking The Tofu And An Egg

The pan was odd and took some getting used to but I got the hang of it once it heated up.

Broccoli, Grilled Portabella Mushroom Caps, Roasted Red Peppers, Scrambled Egg And Tofu

New plan: Make use of the kitchen here more next year. This was delicious. The tofu and egg had the perfect meld of runnyness and chewiness which went perfect with some vinegary ketchup. I’ve also come to the realization that soy doesn’t sit so well with me. New plan: Nothing. It may not sit with me but I still like it and that’s not going to stop me from enjoying it so long as it isn’t a health hazard. The whole meal was nice, as I wasn’t feeling like something too heavy but wanted to really get my veggies in.

And now to finish off the night I’ll be potentially finishing up my paper, studying a bit, and then getting a good night sleep. I have a Latin final at 9 tomorrow. The timing is not good for me at all but c’est la vie. I’ll sleep in, have some rushed oatmeal, and hopefully rely on talent to get through it(because I don’t plan on studying for it with the other, more threatening final on the horizon). Have a good night!

Here’s a truly holiday giveaway for you all to enjoy

Go check out the new Actors’ Diet website for a giveaway

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12 Responses to “Going About Things The Wrong Way”

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good stuff comes from experience. experience comes from bad things. way to take it all in stride

good luck on that final. youre going to rock it!!

Glad you liked the stuff 🙂

I was literally standing in the health food store wondering what I thought you’d like & the carob jumped out 😀

Good luck on your final!

Congrats on the win! Uh…I go about things wrong allll the time…and still don’t learn. That’s life. Or maybe that’s just me…yeah, it’s just me I’m sure – oye. Good luck on the exam, you’ll rock it of course, who are you kidding 🙂

Those are some awesome giveaway treats! Do great on your final!

Good timing on this post — it reminded me to take a step back and breeeeeathe (I’ve been stressing about some big work projects that are due before the holidays)

I love carob. I try and buy one new thing whenever I get to Whole Foods — one week it was carob, and now I’m hooked!

I hate it when things don’t sit well with me that I like to eat. I’m like you– I don’t give them up! I’m that way with eggs, actually. They usually make me feel mildly nauseous, but I still eat them 🙂

Glad you found a delicious apple to satisfy the craving. Good luck on your final tonight! It is so surreal to not have finals for the first time in… 8 years? Wow.

YUM awesome food here, Evan…love the little white chocolate chips in the pumpkin oats, they look all melty. And scrambled eggs and tofu sounds great I think I have tried to make it before and it was a major fail, nonetheless I must try again because it looks and sounds fabulous!

crisp apples are SO worth the price, there is almost nothing better than a crispy delicious apple!

good luck with your finals!

I saw this in my reader a mere 10 hrs ago but due to glitchey random connection issues, couldnt get thru til now.

i think it’s awesome to eat what you want rather than be on “Clean up” mode eating things that youre not that into. Sometimes I just have to stop trying to make something “work” that I bought that I dont really like and just start over.

Laughing bout the choc chips vs. no carob chips til you’re done with the choc chips. That is so me 🙂 The only brand of carob chips I have tried is SUnspire and also a random brand i cant remember but for me, I just cannot convince myself i love carob. Maybe if they were mint 🙂 Keep us posted.

Bracelet. Awesome!

Soy. Doesnt sit well with me and I am 95% soy free but sometimes just gotta do it like a soy latte when I otherwise would pass out or soy in vegan mayo type of thing.

I totally agree with the one about the finals… its true. yeah you may not have done amazing but we work out butts off!!! my sister and I are making hollys vegan pumpkin molasses cookies this weekend! I CANT WAIT!

I’ve never had a carob chip. I should seek them out. Maybe I’ll win some one day!

Good luck on your finals!

I’ve been meaning to make a tofu scramble for a bit now, never thought about adding an egg into it as well. Good idea.

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