3 Down, 2 Nut Butter, And 1 To Go

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*Update* I’ve gotten a hold of some more deals for my HoliDEALS page! Check them out if you plain on doing any online foodie shopping.

Woohoo! I’ve officially completed 3 classes. I definitely didn’t rock out my final this morning, but I also didn’t tank it, so I’m fine with that. But best of all, it’s over! Now I have 2 1/2 days to write my Greek History paper, study dates and people, read for passage ID’s, and brainstorm 3 in class essays. That all sounds scary, but I’m just telling myself in my head that in 72 hours it’ll all be over for good or for bad and I’ll be heading home for the holidays πŸ™‚

Last night, I started off my desserts with what else but chocolate.

Q.Bel Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars

After some of the other Q.bel products, this was a bit of a let down. It totally just didn’t pull together :-/ But it was so perfect in theory! Don’t you hate products like that? Oh well. What was awesome was finishing my Latin paper. It wasn’t due until Friday but I wanted to hand it in with my final so that I could be done with that class. My in-bed snack was very typical of this week and last.

Oatmeal With Smart Balance, Advent Chocolate, And A Milk Chocolate Newman Cup, Chocolate Vitatop

A bowl of milk chocolate and peanut butter goodness and a vitatop, because it’s “nutritious” πŸ™‚ I tried going to bed early but I don’t think that really worked out. At least it wasn’t an awful nights sleep so that I was well rested when I got up at 7:30. No run planned for the a.m. Instead I needed to get dressed, make breakfast, and prep for my final. I decided to give another new chocolate a try.

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

I’m 95% convinced in a few years chocolate will be proven as a brain food. How could it not be?

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Honey Maple Peanut Butter

Pomegranate Greek Yogurt With Dark Chocolate

This chocolate was definitely the tastiest thing going here. It was just a crisp, clean dark chocolate. And it was so nice and thick that it made the chocolate shavings come out perfectly(can you tell that’s a big deal with me ;-)). Does anybody else actually enjoy runny peanut butter? I get a little disappointed when my PB doesn’t melt and just sits like a rock o my yogurt. Oh well.

Like I said, the test went just like I thought it would. I had planned to run afterwards but it took a little longer than I planned. I also decided that, if I end up not running at all today, I’d feel perfectly fine with that. Some days I feel “lazy” not running but today is not one of those days. Instead I decided to go out and pick myself up a “treat”, obeying that 11th commandment we all know and love. So I grabbed a snack and walked to Whole Foods.

Almond And Cashew KIND Bar

Oh my how I love this bar. I picked it up a few days at the cafe where I can use my school card πŸ˜‰ All it is is dates, honey, almond and cashews–fine by me! Anyway, I called ahead to Whole Foods to make sure they had the “treat” I was thinking of, and once I grabbed some coupons I was good to go. The walk there and back(2.5 miles) was so perfect and let it sink in that all of what I was stressing is 3/4 of the way done. I’m definitely a fan of stepping back and breathing. Lookie what I picked myself up:

Artisana Walnut Butter

Only a blogger would reward himself with nut butter… It’s so true, but this was perfect. I was thinking walnut butter sounded interesting for the past few months, and after I sampled and reviewed Artisana’s here, I knew I wanted to get myself a big jar. If I had a food processor, I’d be tempted to make my own. But what I love about this is the touch of cashew Artisana adds that I would not know how to replicate. I also got “standard” groceries.


And by “standard” I mean copious amounts of yogurt and a Q.bel near the checkout πŸ™‚ Last day of So Delicious soy yogurt being 33% off in New England fyi! While I was out, I checked my email near the mail room, and it told me I had a package! I wasn’t expecting anything(or so I thought), until I saw what it was.


Another nut butter! 2 weeks ago, Kath had a deal where the first 1000 people on OpenSky got a free $25 towards their purchase with free shipping. Since NuttZo was less than $25, I jumped at the chance to get this for free. Wouldn’t you? Thanks soo much, Kath, for hosting that! I also stopped by the dining hall where they had steamed veggies. I think I got odd looks from the woman behind the counter for taking A LOT of steamed vegetables and avoiding the broccoli, but it was so worth it for this lunch.

Chickpeas And Steamed Veggies In Tikka Massala Sauce

For a Polish/Italian, I’m not so bad at making myself an Indian delicacy πŸ™‚ I tossed the vegetables(which I weighed on my kitchen scale out of curiosity and they were literally a pound. Thank God this wasn’t from the Whole Foods salad bar!) with the rest of my Tikka Massala sauce and some salt and curry powder. I also took a serving of chickpeas from the dining hall and had that along side. I think all the cream in that sauce might have upset my stomach a bit but it was soooo worth it. Now I’m sipping Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride to make things better, and it’s definitely working πŸ™‚

Time flies because I walked in the door 2 hours ago and just now am finishing posting 2 hours later! I can’t complain because I just found a ghost story on the Discovery channel πŸ™‚

A cookware giveaway!

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23 Responses to “3 Down, 2 Nut Butter, And 1 To Go”

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I love creamy, runny peanut butter. Especially on oats, because you can spread it all around until you have almost a full layer of pb on top of the oats mmmmm πŸ™‚

That Open Sky deal rocked! I got chia seeds and flax with it πŸ™‚

I LOVE Endangered Species Dark Choc. bars.. they have sooo many diff flavors.. I just got one with blueberry bits. PLUS a percentage of their proceeds go to animal rescue πŸ™‚

discovery channel = love!! that and the history channel πŸ™‚

yay for being closer to done!!

So much chocolate! I LOVE IT!

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I always tuck my non-melty nut underneath my oats after the photo to melt it. Usually works pretty well. You can micro it for a bit too, that definitely helps.

I tried the sugar cookie tea last year since it was all the rage. I thought it tasted like sweat. Must just be me because everyone else seems to love it!

nuttzo is terrific – i bet it would be good dipped in some chocolate!!!

I am loving Q.Bel right now!

And it’s such a bummer that there’s no WFs in NH – cause I always wanna try all the stuff you’re eating! The Nutzo sounded good to me when I was looking for somethin’ to buy with my coupon, but 22.00 for nut butter is crazy!

Congrats on being almost done!

I’ve never tried walnut butter, but I’d like to. That, and pecan butter as well.

I guess I’d try any nut butter, actually. I’m a nut butter whore πŸ™‚

Oh my gosh…definitely give a review of the walnut butter soon! I love all nut butter but haven’t ever seen walnut butter!

Actually, I reviewedit here over the weekend!: http://foodmakesfunfuel.com/product-reviews/nut-butters/artisana/walnut-butter/ The company sent me a sample and I liked it so much it definitely convinced me to just do it, haha

You’re the snack master! Especially with the dark chocolate in pomegranate yogurt. Double wowza. Glad to hear the almond and cashew bar served to your liking. I was eyeing that bar the other day at the health food store near the impulse bar buys, but ended up not purchasing it. Now, I’ll have to give it a shot.

nutzo is amazing! how can you beat a hybrid of all different nuts, am I right or am I right?

walnut butter is one I have yet to try — though I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of walnuts (unless their jam packed inside a warm fudge brownie, then they’re fine by me)

You’re almost done!!!! Hang in there πŸ™‚

I want to know how that walnut butter is!!

i just want to say, your greek yogurt with the chocolate always looks amazing and always makes me want some immediately. awesome idea.

HAve you tried the PB Wafer Rolls instead of the sticks? AMAZING! πŸ˜€

Pomegranate Greek YOgurt with Dark Choc is probably illegal in some states…haha!

i’m with you on wanting creamy pb…i hate it when it’s just in blocks and doesn’t spread out!

The the chickpeas look delish! Love Indian food SO much.

I hate when nut butters won’t melt, esp. when they won’t spread on bread or a muffin or whatev.
You’ve got some awesome goodies going on there, way to go!

So much dark chocolate, I love it! I think if I ever made a WFs salad bar it would probably cost as much as a down payment on a house. I love veggies too much!

mmm NUTZO let me know how it is, I havent tried it yet but dying to!!

the KIND bars ROCK, I love the walnut date flavor (I think thats what it is!)

good luck with the rest of your week πŸ™‚

I received my free Nutzo yesterday as well (thanks Kath!). I love the crunch! I made a big snack plate for dinner last night – apple slices, carrots, triscuits, and a whole LOT of nutzo.

Love your oatmeal combos, as usual!

Cool! Always love trying new things, this’ll be the next thing cooking!Thanks!Yuka

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