Walking Around A Ghost Town

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As you’ve heard me complaining mentioning, my last final is Friday. This in itself is a bit annoying, but c’est la vie. What really is annoying, though, is that that’s quite late compared to other classes. In fact, I’d bet half the campus has probably already gone, and every hour or so I’ve heard a new person running down the halls screaming “I’m done, I’m done! I completely f-ed up that last one but I’m done!” If anything has me pessimistic about the end of the semester, it’s that most of all. But let’s get to the eats, shall we?

This morning was one of those times where I didn’t even have to be slacking off to just feel “behind” on things. When you turn off your computer at 9:30pm and get off the treadmill at 9:30am, apparently the internet is still hustling and bustling–go figure. When I realized what time the day had gotten to I decided to make lunch, even though I wasn’t super hungry.

Al Fresco Pepper & Asiago Sausage

These seemed good and promising for a new product so I thought I’d give them a try then.

Roasted Red Peppers, Sweet Potato, Al Fresco Roasted Pepper & Asiago Sausages

This wasn’t my favorite sausage, but I also didn’t mind it. It just sort of was. It sort of reminded me of a kielbasa from when I was a boy eating with my Italian and Polish family, but I definitely wasn’t thinking “cheese” during it all. It felt good just to dive into a sweet potato even though I wasn’t hungry; those things always feel good.

I ended up finishing internet things during Days and a little bit of Rachael Ray, which had Aretha Franklin’s meatloaf recipe featured. I think that has to be the most ridiculous thing; go find it online if you can. She substitutes “traditional” ingredients with corn chips and tomato soup. Then again, i suppose she’s an icon for her voice and not nutrition/recipes for a reason.

I ended up walking around and going to the mail room, when I realized this really was a ghost town. On the other hand, as I watched a friend’s roommate climb into a taxi to go to an airport to fly to Las Vegas to get hoe, I also realized I’ll probably be “settled in” long before some of these other people, so I can’t really complain(though I have a fun time trying ;-)). While I was out I also picked up perhaps the most dangerous “food” in existence.

Zuzzy's Rocky Trail Cookie Dough

Pure cookie dough. Awesome. They used to sell this at my school’s cafeteria(which was really BU’s cafeteria) in High School but then it mysteriously vanished. As it turns out, it’s also sold at a certain dining hall here at Brown. It’s all-natural, with basically only ingredients you’d ever find in your own pantry. And the eggs have been pasteurized so they don’t carry diseases. Like I said, awesome.

Rocky Trails Unbaked Cookie

Things like this are why a food scale’s a good investment. Veggies? Pile them on the plate. Delicious bundles of rawness you might want to show a little discretion around. I remember eating the whole container(3.5 servings of not-so-goodness) many a day after Fencing practice. Anyway, it tasted like pure butter with sugar and chocolate chips. Like I said, awesome. This actually *might* be one of those cookies better cooked, and it was definitely better once it came to room temp. Afterwards, I realized I was still hungry. Don’t you hate when fun foods aren’t filling?

Vanilla Sugar Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt–she’s good. Sometimes, plain jane vanilla is the way to go. Though, to be honest, I hate buying the big containers. I’m so lazy, I’d just rather buy an individual sized one and pop it open. There–I’ve said it. I want to ruin the environment! 🙂 Next I’ll be tossing the plastic necks from my Zevia 6-pack into the ocean =-O Jk

Oatmeal With Mighty Maple

One last snack of the day and I was done writing my last paper! It came just to the page limit, and probably has more jokes than content, but I have the kind of professor who will appreciate that–I’m sure. Who wants to read 20 kids write about why Athens fell over and over again? Not he. I tried getting together with a friend for dinner but, as it turned out, he too finished up and went home today! I swear I’ll be the last person on campus. That was OK because I’m still eating a lot out of my fridge and was able to put together a nice little meal.

Al Fresco Sweet Apple Sausage, Whole Foods Stuffing, Broccoli With Pumpkin Cream Cheese

With coffee on the side, because I’m classy like that 😉 Seriously, this could have been served at breakfast and I’d be fine with it. This sausage is much better, to me(could be all the maple syrup they load in it that doesn’t hurt). I think after I get a PhD or whatever I’m doing with this education thing, I should throw it out the window and run a diner. Aren’t diner’s the most fun? I love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I wonder if Guy Fieri would come or I’d be to healthy for him…

I, like most bloggers, have no clue what day it is. I just got really excited for Survivor tonight and now I’m realizing it’s Wednesday, not Thursday :,-( Oh well. Modern Family, here I come!

Here’s a nuttastic giveaway from Meagan!

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11 Responses to “Walking Around A Ghost Town”

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Ahhhh I hate Guy Feieri! He drives me CRAZY… that being said the cookie dough to go looks SO, SO good!! Oh my gosh I wish they made that here! 😦
Hmm… Not that I can eat either, but I bet raw cookie dough in greek yogurt would tasste pretty fantastic!

Cookie dough? My passion – they just came out with a Cookie Dough Ice cream here called “milk and cookies” – uh yeah, it ain’t ‘natural’ but it’s sitting in my freezer now :)…i feel guilty for my inane eats compared to you foodies…oh well must deal…best of luck with the last final. And I know!! – I always think wednesday is thursday – agggghhhh – hate that – and I love Survivor, I didn’t realize this was finale week. I want Russell to get it – I know I know, but c’mon he’s just so darned devious you have to love him 😉

I love the idea of safe raw cookie dough. Although I think I’d rather not try it, because I can imagine it’s incredibly addicting…haha. 😀

Good luck with studying for your final on Friday!

I’ve got a giveaway going too 🙂

Sorry you weren’t totally into the Roasted Red Pepper & Asiago sausage – that one’s my fave!

cookie dough in a jar? I’ve never seen anything like that.

Good luck with the rest of your finals!

i hate it when ppl run around screaming their done. it’s like “we get it. stfu!” i’ve been done since monday just bumming around on campus and i don’t think i’ve told anyone except my friends that i’m done. it’s just so rude to those who are killing themselves now.

wow kind of a rant in a comment huh? haha

I dont know how Guy Fieri is still living.. the stuff he eats is a bit overwhelming. However, that does not stop me from watching his show every single Monday night. lol

Good luck on that last final!

Broccoli with pumpkin cream cheese? I’m pretty intrigued by that! Good luck with the rest of your finals – mine is late this year usually I’m done first week in December!

You know, vegan cookie dough is always safe to eat 😉 Sorry you’re stuck on campus so much later than others. Here at UW exams didn’t really start until today and they go through mid next week.

I was so confused about what day it was too, something is in the air.

Love that cookie dough, sounds so good right now.

I could watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives all day long if I could. My husband makes fun of me because as much as I love it, I wouldn’t eat half of the foods featured.

mmm i want some cookie dough now

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