I Eat Chocolate Like It’s My Job

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I have a dirty, dirty secret.

Chocolate Stash

I have a chocolate stash. If that were all it might not be so bad. But I’m afraid that’s just what’s open… minus a milk chocolate orange and my chocolate chips. It’s only a problem if it’s an unwanted addiction, right? Sometimes I could probably get away with calling chocolate tasting my job; I am a product reviewer, right?

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

I already reviewed this bar here a few days ago. I was craving just a simple, good dark chocolate and that’s exactly what this was. There was 2/3rds left so I just went ahead and finished it off 🙂 After that, I decided to do a “taste test”.

Chocolate Nut Butters

None of these were new, but it’d been a while since I’d had some and never compared against each other. I’ve actually never been a fan of Dark Chocolate Dreams which gets a lot of love on the blogger world so I thought after a few months it deserved another try, also.

Oatmeal With 3 Chocolate Nut Butters

Fake taste tests are fun! And yet, it was just as I suspected. I loooove the chocolate sunflower butter. I wish it melted better, but oh well. It also has the least sugar of them all! Go figure, because it tastes just like chocolate. The dark chocolate almond butter was only OK and I’m still not a fan of dark chocolate dreams 😦 It got better with salt. Although I think I found grounds for a disqualification with the “dark chocolate” almond butter; it had milk powder on its ingredient list. In my book, if it has any form of milk, that makes it milk chocolate. Now if anyone made a milk chocolate peanut butter, I bet that’d be good!

Advent Milk Chocolate

Of course there was the obligatory advent chocolate. And maybe a spoonful of chocolate sunflower butter straight from the jar… maybe. Every night this week I’ve been going to bed earlier; I’ve just been exhausted. I think last night I was asleep before Leno finished, and only woke up once when my roommate came home around 1:30. When I woke up my legs felt a tad sore, but why wouldn’t they after yesterday’s 17 miler? Still, I went to the gym.

Great Date With Chocolate YouBar

Of course, the chocolateness continued. And oh my god was this fun running fuel. Seriously–love it. It definitely made my sluggish jogging on the treadmill sooo much better. And I have never seen the gym so empty. I ran for 1 hour 44 minutes for 12 miles and there were 6 other people there that whole time. Everyone’s gone for vacation but me! Oh well, I guess that was better than it being overly full. When I got back to my dorm I probably could have walked to the showers naked and back because it’s not like anybody’s around to notice.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Vanilla Yogurt With Banana Pineapple Rum Jam

I really think if I saw any chocolate at my breakfast I would have gone nuts; I just needed a break after all of that. Instead, I had yogurt with vanilla sugar and my favorite jam. I have a Pineapple Chobani in my fridge but this was way better. And the oats were simple pumpkin with a rich, buttery peanut butter–yum! And no chocolate, thank God 🙂

Have you ever worn yourself out of a food? I don’t think I’ve worn myself out of chocolate, but it’s definitely not going to be at the table any time soon today.

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13 Responses to “I Eat Chocolate Like It’s My Job”

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I like to make my own chocolate pb with chocolate chips (I don’t discriminate – white, milk, semi sweet, dark, etc. lol) and peanut butter microwaved together until it melts together! Great on pretzel for a salty/sweet snack 🙂

Only downside is only making a serving at a time – not sure how it would keep!

Haha, chocolate to you is like nut butters to me. I can’t stop eating my nutzo! I think I had nut butter 3-4 times yesterday 🙂

dammmnn nice stash you have there, Evan 🙂 I knwo where to go if I ever feel like snatching some chocolate!! (Juuuust kidding!!)

lol I know what its like to be the only one on your floor (or feel like it) but with my luck if I went naked from shower to room, gaurenteed I would run into someone lol

LOVE CHOCOLATE!! My favorite is dark chocolate and I like it bitter! I love the dark chocolate bars that are like 85% dark…so bitter and so good!!!

Okay, if I had a chocolate stash like that, I would seriously eat my way through it in three days 🙂

I’ve worn myself out on a few foods…but never the unhealthy ones 🙂

you should try to find a job where it IS your job to eat chocolate. how freakin’ sweet would that be (for you at least).

I’m a creature of habit, so no I haven’t tired out, haha 😀

LOVE This post. I love it so much that I think you and I were writing about choc at the same time. I have a stash of choc bars here in Aruba and decided that tomorrows post is gonna be all about chocolate! And so I was uploading PAINfully slow pics and writing my copy…and you were doing yours!

I have a choc bar stash that’s ridic too. The thing is, if I dont like it, I Dont keep eating it. I either save it thinking itll get better (it doesnt) or I wait to pawn off on hubs. In the meantime huge stash!

And the sunflower seed butter that’s chocolate?!!!! I had no idea that existed and SFSButter is my fave kind of nut butter by FAR, so that is like a wet dream for me 🙂

And I have polished off my one and only YouBar like the one youre showing here on this trip. It was great!

I once ate tuna fish sandwiches for 3 months straight in middle school then one morning I woke up and decided I hated tuna. My mom didn’t know what else to make me for lunch…

Again in high school I got on a coffee flavored Brown Cow yogurt kick. My mom worked at a natural foods store so she started buying it by the case. I think I ate like 3-4 a day. Then, with a brand new case in the house, I decided I hated it. My poor mom.

Such a weirdo.

I will gladly take that Dark Chocolate Dreams off your hands. I don’t like chocolate very much, but I love that stuff for some reason.

I wore myself out of tuna steaks once. I got a big box and ate them way too often. It took me a few years to eat tuna again! Good job on the 17 miler.

*check out my raw revolution giveaway*

Yes! Chicken and egg whites. Ugh!

how perfect would the world be if we could be professional peanut butter and chocolate tasters? ah, my dream job.

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