I’d Never Do That

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I’d never sign up for Twitter. No, not me. Who cares what I’m doing at 2:03 on a Wednesday afternoon? My account name is soooo not EvanFMFF for those of you who don’t want to follow me.

Maple Mustard Tofu, Broccoli, Acorn Squash With Maple Syrup And Cinnamon

I’d never eat butter. But if I did I’d know to keep some around my dorm(probably more like Earth Balance but work with me here). And if I did I might have put some on this squash. And it might have made it 20 times better. But that’s not me. What is me is “baking” in the microwave with 15 minutes on really low power. it totally got the moisture out of the tofu and let the flavor absorb–yum!

Trader Joe's White Chocolate Fudge Coated Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

I’d never randomly scarf down two cookies in 2 minutes just because I wanted something crunchy. But if I did, it might have been these two. And it might have been because I was getting stressed out about my last final. And I definitely have came to the decision that I just don’t care at this point if I don’t do well because I’ve worked my butt off this semester and if they wanted me to be more invested in this final they should have put it in the beginning of the week like everyone else’s.

So Delicious Plain Agave Sweetened Soy Yogurt

I’d never eat a soy yogurt plain. Although this one might have snuck past that little rule. It was a lot thinner than their soy yogurt usually is, like they forgot to put the fiber in? Don’t get me wrong; this yogurt’s “thin” is still a lot better than plain yogurt’s consistancy, but still. It was weird.


I’d never eat another apple from the dining hall knowing how bad they are. I might have forgot that when I saw this on my microwave. It wasn’t so so bad. But reeeaaallly need to stop jumping at carbs right now for stress relief. Just sayin’, Evan.

I’d never go out when it’s single digits with the windchill. Seriously, why would I do that? To get coffee at Blue State and some veggies and fruit from the dining hall is the only explination I could think of. And you know what. It was cold. Two of my fingers I’m not quite sure where they are as I’m typing because I can’t feel them.

I’d never tell you about giveaways that I want to win, but if I did, I’d mention this tea giveaway and this Knock Knock giveaway

I’d never pressure family members. But if my dear father decides not to pick me up until Saturday, I just might go nuts.


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11 Responses to “I’d Never Do That”

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I love this post! Good luck on your last final & pressuring your dad to pick you up tomorrow!

haha, I tried so hard to avoid the temptation of Twitter, but totally gave in. I’ll be sure “not” to follow you 😉

haha looks like youre doing lots of things you didn’t think you’d do! my fingers are numb too but from my run (much) earlier today!

are you now going to play the drinking game? or would you never do that too?

“Maple Mustard Tofu, Broccoli, Acorn Squash With Maple Syrup And Cinnamon” that pretty much looks like the PERFECT meal. I would actually eat tofu against my better judgment due to soy allergy IF it was slathered in maple & mustard! NICE!

And I didnt Twitt til about 3 mos ago. I had resisted and just couldnt any longer. It enables me to score extra contest entries too easily LOL

No Twitter for me! 🙂

Ha, great post! I am NOT going to find you on Twitter. It’s strangely addicting for me, I will admit to it! Plus, I second Averie, it’s great for the contests 🙂

It was SO cold out there today. Gah!

Cute post! Check out my current giveaway for Raw Revolution bars, good stuff.

oh, i was/am just like you and stayed away from twitter, but somehow the username TryingToHeal became something I had to manage…;)

i gave into twitter too!( and still dont; really understand hwo it works lol)

I am SURE your father will pick you up tomorrow, no worries there 🙂

stay warm its FREEZING!!

twitter is a wonderful time waster. which is waht every college student needs.

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