Dinner Standing Up

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I’m home and as you might imagine it is hectic! There’s so much stuff to move around it’s mind bogging. I’ve decided to quit for tonight and try again tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday today(it’s been that long) I made a quick lunch before my final.

Sweet Apple Al Fresco Sausage, Sweet Potato, Broccoli With Caramel Mustard

I really love this flavor sausage, especially with a little extra maple syrup! I studied a bit more and then it was time for the test at 2. The first annoyance was how people kept making jokes for the first 10 minutes; the professor isn’t strict and the class if filled with seniors who at this point just want to graduate so it wasn’t distracting for anyone else and I just let it slide. I basically just wrote and wrote and after 90 minutes I felt I did enough. It felt so good to get out! And even though I understudied for this one, I still feel like I rocked it–go figure. I needed a snack after that work out.

Peanut Butter Chip Granols Bar

Yum! See all those peanut butter chips? Yeah, but we can still say it’s “healthy” because it’s called a granola bar. I decided to go check my mailbox one last time. Honestly, I had no expectations, so imagine my surprise when I found some lovin’!

Kettle Cashew Butter And Extra Rich Milk Chocolate

My extremely awesome secret santa got me these goodies! I noticed Kristie was a new commentor a few weeks ago, through which I found and followed her awesome blog. She really nailed me with these presents! A cashew butter they don’t sell anywhere in MA and a milk chocolate bar I’ve never had. Thank you sooo much. I can’t wait to try both of these!(I love that I got a vegan to buy me milk chocolate, too. That just seems so ironic and funny :-)) I grabbed a celabratory drink for finishing finals.

Chamomile Tea

No, not that kind of drink. Tea! I wasn’t sure how this would be but I believe the cashier girl said “Chamomile is really yummy”. How could I say no to that? Afterwards my dad was at my dorm and we started packing up everything(read: I packed and he moved it to the car). I should have snapped a photo of when he lifted my box of nut butters–priceless. When we were finished, the room looked like how I got it.

Empty Room

Isn’t that depressing? What’s more depressing is knowing I have to refill it in 5 weeks… let’s not think about it. All that moving made me starving! I realized it was 5:30 and all I’d had since lunch was a not-so-healthy bar. I needed food. So we stopped at Whole Foods.

General Tso's Chicken And Broccoli

At first I just grabbed the chicken. Then I thought “I should have some healthy vegetables”. Apparently the roasted broccoli would have been too healthy because the tso one was just right. This tasted just how I was hoping it would: guilty. Sometimes there isn’t anything better than fatty vegetarian fed chicken. Although, in all seriousness, I would like to get more fat and protein into my snacks, except I don’t know how to do that without reaching for “meal food” like chicken. Ideas? We stopped at Market Basket to stock up on veggies and fruits, and then started unpacking as soon as we got home at 7. Needless to say, there wasn’t much motivation to make vegetables for a “dinner” while we were running around putting things away, so I kept it simple.

Gluten Free Life Apple Pie Muffin

Apple Pie Muffin And Pomegranate Yogurt

Ok, there wasn’t much “simple” in the making of this muffin, but oh my god was it good! It tasted so nice and fresh with whole slices of diced apple. And the cinnamon in this was perfect. Even the top had a crispy coating to it–heaven! And I love how Gluten Free Life uses whole grain sorghum flour so it was a healthy dinner, too. Of course, even healthy muffins don’t have protein so I had a little greek yogurt to boot.

Like I said, soooo done putting things away for tonight. I don’t anticipate running tomorrow, so that can be my workout. My google reader is insane and it’s getting past my bed time. Yikes! TGIF


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12 Responses to “Dinner Standing Up”

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wow you really moved everything out of that room!! granted i haven’t started to pack yet but my room is likely going to be pretty packed still. although that might just be a testament to how much stuff i have haha

did you end up finding a gym while youre home? it’s suppose to be not-so-fun outside over the next few days

GF Muffin…nice!
The S. Berger chocolate-extra nice!!!! I wish I coulda gotten in on this secret santa action, I was clueless people, clue me in next time! S. Berger choc is kinda like the Mercedes of Baking Chocolate from what my truly amazing (not raw) bakers and friends use. Score for you!

And the dorm room. God. I lived in one of those things for a semester. It sucked. I lived in apt’s from there on out. I worked multiple jobs in order to not live in a dorm. I couldnt take it..it was claustrophobic for me! Seriously!

Have a great nite and enjoy the Bora Bora!

Phew I am so glad you got the package before you left!!! I was contemplating letting you know that it would come to the mail room today so you should probably pick it up/not leave unless you go it 😉 And yeah, after all your talk about how much better milk chocolate is than dark, I figured if I were getting *you* a gift, it should be the milk chocolate. If I still ate dairy it would be my favorite too!

The apple al Fresco sausages are so good huh. Happy Christmas break!

congrats on moving outa your room – i just packed for 2 weeks and thought THAT was hard!

Mmmm…I can’t wait to try the sweet apple chicken sausages. They sound wonderful! And I like the idea of adding a bit of maple syrup to them. 😀

Cleaning out the room was always my least favorite part about living in the dorms. It looked so empty after taking everything out!

Congrats on getting moved out! Moving is a pain in the a$$ for sure – ugh hate it. Lucky you had your Dad for help. Does he mind always stopping for groceries all the time with you – or are your parents foodies too??

Hmm – I should do a give-a-way on my blog for some of these nut butters we have in Canada! Maybe once my viewership builds up…You’d be a good reviewer haha. Have you ever tried Cashew Butter? It’s soo creamy …and addicting yikes 🙂

That’s crazy that you have to empty your room for winter break!! Sheesh.

Oh, MB. I’m a New England girl, and I “love” my Market Basket. Kind of. Glad you mentioned it–it brought a smile to my face 🙂

Congratulations on finishing your finals! It seems like you just moved in! I hope you have a relaxing and fun filled winter break!

Yay for being done for the semester! There are few things better than knowing that there is nothing more productive you can be doing than nothing for 5 whole weeks (well, school wise at least!)

I love caramel
I love mustard

But caramel mustard?! Where do I try this!?

Happy weekend,


You have to move out of your dorm over Winter break??! Do you get the same room back? That is crazy! I haven’t ever heard of that before…

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