Late Lunch

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Good afternoon! Is it afternoon already? Apparently, and by 4 hours. My how the day has gone.

Yesterday night I swear I could have eaten out the kitchen! Thank God we have such scrumptious food. First off, I made a bowl of oatmeal.

Tierra Farms Organic Maple Cashew Butter

I got this new nut butter in the mail to sample and review. I haven’t had cashew butter much, but I consider myself a connoisseur of maple syrup, so I felt well qualified to dive in 🙂

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Cashew Butter And Maple Butter

I wanted to top this also with pumpkin cream cheese but it was all moldy! 😦 Oh well, maple butter was just as unhealthy. Overall, this cashew butter was a bit of a disappointment; it didn’t taste very mapley. However, cashew butter has always been a bit on the savory side, which doesn’t work with oats. And this was most definitely a sweet nut butter, so it worked really well here, and for that I liked this. I think this on some banana oats with no expectation of maple would be perfection.

Red Delicious Washington Apple

After that I snacked on an apple while I waited for something to brew(I don’t even remember if it was a coffee or tea night… that probably means coffee). And then I decided to celebrate cookie Friday!

Fluten Free Life Flax Shortbread Cookie

This was one of two cookies Gluten Free Life sent me. I had it stuck in the freezer so it’d be good for another friday and it seemed like the perfect time to thaw it.

Gluten Free Life Flax Shortbread Cookie

This was really interesting. You might think flax would be used for a vegan replacement, but not here; this was just as rich and buttery as any shortbread should be. And oh my god was it delicious! Another great cookie by them. I liked how it wasn’t overly sweet. It wasn’t meant to be a sugar cookie, after all.

Running might be on a bit of a hiatus for the time I’m home. I’m trying to figure out how to go about this; it’ll definitely be too cold and snowy to run outside most days. I could join a gym but it’s hard to say how often I could get to it and use it(not to mention the cost). I’ve also been toying with the idea of cross training and resting for the month, which wouldn’t be a bad alternative either. Maybe even a “30 day cross training challenge” is in my future? Challenges seem to be popular with bloggers 😛

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Tempeh Bacon, Probiotic Chocolate Pudding With Yogurt

Well breakfast was not a challenge–I just went with my cravings! If you follow me on Twitter(EvanFMFF), you’d know those cravings were peanut butter, chocolate, and bacon. Yes, apparently I’m a pregnant man. This was soooo good. I added a little yogurt to the pudding to make it more protein-packed. And it was a nice break from putting things away.

Because there’s a HUGE storm acomin’ very soon, we needed to go out grocery shopping while my mom Christmas shopped. In theory, we were buying food for Christmas and beyond(because who wants to be out grocery shopping on the 26th?) so we needed A LOT and things that would keep. Beforehand, I made a snack because I knew it would be a late lunch.

Doctor Kracker Klassic 3 Seed Flatbread

Instead of toast, I decided on some seedy flatbread.

Klassic 3 Seed Flatbread With NuttZo

OMG yum! This was like a seed and nut heaven. I loved these flatbreads, and with the nuttzo it was perfection. I’ve been trying to think of snacks packed with more fat and protein than carbs; this definitely qualified and satisfied me. It might not have been as filling, but it gave me long lasting satiation during shopping, which was good because we were there forever. I figured the whole world would be out shopping before the storm, and I was right. The lines at Trader Joe’s were ridiculous! Thankfully, we really stocked up.

Root Beer Zevia, Sweet Leaf Stevia, Ciolo Pumpkin Cream Cheese

What I payed for was my “fun” groceries. None of this was on sale nor did I have a coupon, but it’s all stuff that I feel is a treat that I can pull out to make myself happy at some point. We did get actual food, don’t you worry.

Brussels Sprout Stalk

Like brussels sprouts. I find it so amusing how they are in their raw state; I actually didn’t know they came like this until I saw them on another blog! For 3.50, this was definitely a deal. I’m just glad I didn’t have to cut them off and clean them myself.

Soups, Beans, Chips, Teas, Bread

We got more than this, too, but these were the more exciting pieces. Amy’s soup was over 50% off and it’ll definitely be good for the snowy nights. I had a coupon and the tea was on sale–score! And I had a coupon for free chips 🙂 The bread is organic sprouted cinnamon raisin. That sounds so unique I can’t wait to see if it tastes the same. By the time groceries were away, it was almost 3! I needed a good, late lunch.

Lightlife Sausage Meat With Onions And American Cheddar, Broccoli

How ironic that, even when I’m home, I cook in the microwave. This is definitely one of my favorite meals. That sausage with some boiled off onions and cheese tastes so delicious, and yet you’d never know it wasn’t some fatty cheesy beef from a sub shop. Great description of a meal, right? Dessert was simple and also decided by my taste buds.

Green And Black’s Cherry Dark Chocolate

I love this cherry dark chocolate; I also think it counts as a fruit because there are whole dried cherries in there… just enrobed in the chocolate. I actually picked up another bar of this at Whole Foods today because it was on sale and I had a coupon, not realizing I only have 6 squares left of my last bar! Thank goodness. I swear it was light out when I started writing this; where has the time gone?


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14 Responses to “Late Lunch”

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Maple Cashew Butter sounds very interesting… mmmmm. I don’t think I’ve ever had cashew butter! Too bad it wasn’t more Maple-y 🙂

Ahhh, I know!! Time is flying by too quickly – need more study time 😦

LOVE dr. krackers.. as you know. They are a meal in itself.. I just had a bunch actually!

Have a good weekend, Evan 🙂

what is it about cherry and chocolate? such a perfect combo.

wow i’ve never seen a brussel sprout stalk before! thanks for sharing the pic.

and if facebook is telling the truth then you don’t live that far from me. we should go running sometime!

Yeah, tomorrow in the 12 inches of snow sounds good to me 😉 But definitely some time in 2010.

the sprout stalk is so interesting! so sad that we don’t see veggies in their true form more often!

Cashew maple butter, Brussle’s on the stalk, the GF cookies!!!! the dark choc & cherry G & Black’s…now this is what I call a great post 🙂

Thanks for the Thrive info. You know, I could never see myself actually following his diet/recommendations. But I do like his logic, his case is well presented, and I enjoy the recipes. But like with everything I’m a tweaker and there’s no way I could just lay down and follow it all without majorly changing it up!

Hey i’m new to your blog, love it already! Wow you have some great eats, i want to try everything you have pictured!

Where did you find the celestial seasonings holiday tea? I’ve been looking for it everywhere!

Whole Foods! On sale 2/5 this week. But I think I remember you mentioning there’s none near you in NH 😦

evan-i always read your blog and i cant believe im just now commenting (lame-i know) but your eats seriously always look AMAZINGGG! cashew maple butta? ive never even had cashew butter! im assuming it tastes like

free KK doughnuts?!?! i did not know about this! prob bc i just had my first doughnut last summer for the first time in YEARS (and i wasnt allowed to eat them when i was a kid–the horror)!

Dr. Kracker crackers and nutzo seem like the perfect crunchy combo. Yum!

p.s. I received my jars of nutzo on Monday and jar #1 is almost gone…Love those flax seeds in it!

Oh wow, maple cashew sounds amazing! I love cashew butter though, but I wish it weren’t so expensive :\
I also wish TJ’s would come to the south!
I dated a guy for a long time that would make waffle sandwiches with butter, peanut butter, and bacon. I always made fun of him but he finally got me to try it – this was my pre-veg days- and it was actually really good. And Elvis did it too!
I think you should do yoga challenge! There are plenty of bloggers, myself included, who could help you out with that.

Stay warm!

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