What Is Fluff?

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Lately, I’ve been getting a few questions like “what is that?” or “what is Fluff?”…. What is Fluff? That seems like the silliest question in the world, to me. Fluff is Fluff! And then I remember: Fluff is mostly a New Englander thing, and I’m thankful to have a readership that not only crosses states but countries. Therefore, I think it’s time I addressed “Fluff”.

Firstly, Fluff is technically a brand–not a food item. It’s so common, however, that it’s come to describe the product they make. Fluff is actually a marshmallow spread. If you can’t imagine this, think of a melted marshmallow, but one that stays like that at room temperature and you can spread with a knife from a jar. That is Fluff.

Actual Fluff is made of 4 ingredients: corn syrup, sugar syrup, egg whites, and vanillin. Real healthy, right? It also comes in raspberry and strawberry flavored forms. Since vanillin is an artificial ingredient, what I eat isn’t actually “Fluff”. Thankfully, there are several brands of vegan alternatives which do use all-natural ingredients. The one I have is Tiny Trapeze which can be found at Whole Foods around New England. A more common brand across the company would be Suzanne’s Rice Mellow Creme.

Boulevard's Organic Hot Chocolate With Vegan Fluff

Even vegan and natural Fluff is still primarily spreadable, sweet vanilla. And that’s Fluff’s glory. How do I use it? Well, for one, it’s in some of my recipes like shortcut cream cheese frosting and the award winning fluffernutter cupcakes. On the other hand, it’s perfectly fine on it’s own as a topper over oatmeal. You know how fun it is to eat melted marshmallow? Yeah, that’s exactly what it’s like. You can also add it to hot cocoa for a sweeter twist. And lastly there’s the pride of New England: The Fluffernutter. I couldn’t begin to count how many of these I ate in my childhood: partially hydrogenated Jif, Fluff(the name brand), and 2 slices of Wonderbread white bread. Over the years I’ve changed so much and yet so little; I’m not one to turn down a sandwich of vegan fluff, NuttZo, and 2 slices of organic, whole wheat sprouted grain bread 😉

Are you a fluff fan? Had you known about it before?

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12 Responses to “What Is Fluff?”

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I actually HATED fluff for a really long time (I think I ODed on PB&F sammies on a young’in) but recently I’ve tried Suzanne’s ricemellow cream (same concept) and am OBSESSED!

I’m not a fluff fan! In CA I’ve always heard it called marshmallow fluff, and solely for the purpose of fluffernutter sandwiches! i should try out one of the newer vegan kinds, maybe i’ll like it!

I love Fluff. I go to the Fluff Festival every year in Somerville. It’s a lot of fun.
A natural alternative is always a welcome thing though 🙂

Vegan fluff is soo good! It tastes just like the “real” stuff, which is really a list of fake ingredients.

I have never had Fluff but now I want some!!

FABULOUS tutorial on fluff Evan. I had no idea what this was!! Thank you so much for the explnaation…now i won’t feel like a complete NOOB. 😛

ick. even as a new englander i do not like fluff haha

I used to LOVE rice krispy treats as a kid and you get better results with fluff than with melting your own m’mallows. Since childhood, I havent had much fluff. I need to check on the vegan fluffs or Jenny’s Ricemallow Creme. There are so many now but yeah, I love me some sugar and fluffy stuff and vanilla. I mean really, how could anyone say no to that??


Totally did not know that Fluff was mostly a New England thing. So totally disgustingly delish though!

Never had it or heard of it before you. It reminds me of Cool Whip though…which I think has the most horrible fake texture ever – ick! I’d rather heavy cream than that…but this must be different I guess. Oh, you New Englanders, hahah 🙂

Not a fluff fan, but I do love a good fluffernutter! I grew up in Kansas and I DEFINITELY knew about fluff!

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