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Good morning and Merry Christmas! I won’t even begin to try to recap Christmas Eve or this morning so far right now; so far the presents from mom and dad have been opened, breakfast has been made, and soon enough we’ll be driving up to NH to be with my dad’s family for the day and it should be a blast. Instead, this morning I thought it’d be fun to address this award.

We’re going to pretend that says handsome blogger and continue 😉 Some beautiful and funny bloggers like Averie and Anne called me out on this one and now it’s time to share 7 random facts about me(I feel like I do this a lot? So I’m not sure what will be “random” or unexpected).

1. I have 30+ jars of nut butter. It might or might not be 40+ now; I don’t count because I don’t want to know. And I still plan on getting and trying more. However, I think this blogger definitely deserves the title of peanut butter king(I’ll settle for prince though ;-))

2. I used to be a Diet Mountain Dew addict. I could put away 6 a day. If they ever made a natural or organic product, they could probably profit off of me alone.

3. I’ve taken 2 college linguistic course in High School and have long considered double-majoring in that for an actual “career” opportunity.

4. I’ve always wanted to be an actor even though I don’t act. I really just want to be involved in television some how.

5. Alton Brown is one of my (newest) idols. He has a great background where he started as a director working on music videos. Then he decided he could do a food show and went to culinary college on a whim. After all that, he made a pilot that sat around for years until Food Network picked it up in 2009.

6. My room is bright orange. I’m talking bright orange. The actual paint name is “orange alert”.

7. The Beijing Olympics is what inspired me to get into running and fitness. Before that, I fenced and played on the ultimate frisbee team at my high school, but I certainly wasn’t as fit then as I’ve become


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10 Responses to “Handsome Blogger”

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30+ Jars?! 40+!? Wowzers…it’s like a nutty butter emporium! 🙂

Oh I am so glad I helped to flush out these great answers from you!
Bright orange? never woulda guessed!
Nut butter, I dont feel bad that I have about 10-15. Not all open, but in my pantry and about half are open. I’m a total rookie compared to you…cool!
And Alton Brown is such a superstar, isnt he??!! My sister just finished her master’s degree in chemistry and food science. She was a chem major in undergrad and works in R & D for WRigley gum corp in Chicago and develops new gum, flavors, etc but she loved Alton so much she kinda got a degree inspired by him and his random facts he’s able to spew.

Merry Xmas, Evan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the 7 facts. Didn’t know that about Alton Brown, cool! How great that the Beijing olympics inspired you. Have fun in NH, merry xmas!

Great facts and thanks for the facts about Alton! You should do videos for your site. I think you’d be great!

great facts! bright orange?! haha

How did the Beiijing Olympics inspire you to get into running?? Is that what you were most interested in or just seemed like ‘the way’ to get into shape?
Interesting facts…and I thinkI would call you Nut Butter Boy for sure!! 🙂 Merry Xmas.

30 jars of peanut butter!! now that is what I call an accomplishment!
have a merry christmas 😀

You ARE definitely the nut butter king!

Haha love your facts – you deserve that award! 🙂

dannnnngggggg…you are the nut butter prince.

and love that your room is orange. mine is supposed to be green. bright green. mom and dad won’t let me.

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