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You all know I love my probiotics, right? And you all know I love my bar stash, right? So you must know I was flippin’ when I found a bar with probiotics. Pop Culture fortifies their two flavors with a special, shelf-stable strand of bacteria with 10x the viable cells of supermarket yogurt. I got the chance to sample and review both of their current flavors and here are my thoughts.

Yogurt Fruit & Nut

8.5/10: With 4g of fiber and a host of live and active probiotic cells, Pop Culture packs a lot into a 90 calorie, 1oz bar perfect for your pocket. The yogurt coating might have been slight, but I loved what there was of it; it reminded me exactly of yogurt covered raisins or pretzels. The fruit in the bar really came out more of a generic sweetness than any flavor, and the nuts were disappointingly unrecognizable, though I don’t know how they could have been with such a slight nutrition label. But in the end the yogurt coating saved it all and made this a tasty treat.

Chocolate Chip Granola

8/10: As a lover of probiotics, I’m always excited to find them in a new form. Here, Pop Culture takes the traditional and adds a huge twist; their unique strand of bacteria and methodology allows for a shelf-stable granola bar with probiotics. I liked the abundance of chocolate chips and the small, snack size. I also liked that it had protein from soy isolates to boost the nutrition so that this wasn’t an over-glorified granola bar. With only 1 strand of bacteria, though, this isn’t the best to rely on fully. And the texture was a bit chewier than my liking. Overall, this was a fun way to switch up the daily yogurt trend(and add a few more chocolate chips to my life ;-) )

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5 Responses to “Pop Culture Product Review”

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Oh you guys have some crazy things in the States. Do those Probiotics though really amount to much -I mean, what you eat in a single bar? Wouldn’t you have to eat alot of them? Great review though Mr. Review Man :)…and agreed, there should always be ways to add chocolate chips to life!

Thanks for the awesome review!!

Thanks for the great review, those look quite yummy. Sorry about the broken food processor, by the way:(

how did I not know about the fruit and yogurt flavor?!! those sound great!

Yum…those look great! Where did you find them??

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