Really? The Millennium?

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Really? All the radio stations here are doing a “look back at the millennium so far”. Do they realize it’s been 10 years and a millennium is 1000? Can’t we look back on the decade and be happy? Or even just the year because that’s all that’s ending? The media is never happy until it blows something entirely out of proportion(although, to be fair, they kind of called it on the Tiger Woods thing).

Soy Meat Stuffed Pepper With Cheese, Onion, Brussels

We had so many errands to run today, I literally took my meal “to-go”. The Lightlife sausage was yummy, as always. I don’t care if soy doesn’t agree with me; I’ll eat it till it kills. First we stopped at the bank to cash Christmas checks(chaching). I forgot my identification but thankfully the teller was super nice and my dad was able to cosign for me. Then we went to Macy’s to try and exchange the food processor.

Black & Decker Food Processor

Thankfully, this woman was not as talkative as the teller. She asked no questions and I didn’t have to lie at all! I just said “We bought this here two days ago and the chute piece is broken”. 2 college semesters of linguistics is a dangerous thing to wield because I really know lawyer speak 😉 After that we went to job-lot for some nuts to grind(1.50 for a pound of peanuts!) and then on to Whole Foods. 2 days ago they said they’d have my bacon chocolate bar today. Today they said they’ll have it Thursday. Ugh. We need to go to Whole Foods Wednesday to get food for a New Years Eve party so we’ll just go to one of the stores I know carries it then.

Banana Oatmeal With Banana Pudding And EB Almond Butter

When we got home after 3 hours of errand running, I was pooped(and hungry). I had a bananarama in this dish, with 3oz mushed banana in the batter and topped with 1/2 a container Zensoy banana pudding. The flavor to this was… interesting. It was a little watery but I think that’s characteristic of soy. The flavor wasn’t awful, but wasn’t perfect.

Earth Balance Almond Butter

I also found this at Job Lot for $4. I think that’s at least half the price of Whole Foods. I bought it from my Christmas fund for good measure. It was good but I think I wanted more of a funkier taste, like Smart Balance has. Maybe add more agave after putting it on the oats? Still, a great deal and great nutrition.

Tofu, Rice, Broccoli

I’m in charge of dinner(well, I thought I was until my mom came home 80 minutes before expected but I’m still going to hold the reigns). I decided I’d make maple tofu for everyone. They aren’t the biggest fans of tofu but I think the prospect of maple will convert them. I’m also throwing in rice, which my mom will probably eat mostly and I won’t touch, and broccoli fries. I hope this all comes out disaster free!

Bulk Bin Nuts

I also picked up these nuts at Whole Foods. Anyone want to take a guess a) what type they are and b) what I’ll be grinding up? 🙂


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20 Responses to “Really? The Millennium?”

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my guess (which i’m pretty sure is 100% correct) is they are hazelnuts also known as filburts, and youuuu are going to make some smashing all natural nutella!

gahh so sorry to hear that they have delayed your chocolate bacon bar!! thats a total bummer :[

on the other hand, that stuffed pepper looks crazy good!

I’m with Leah, they’re hazelnuts & you’re making nutella or hazelnut buttah!

Omg they look like acorns haha! But probably hazlenuts for nutella!

Those would be hazelnuts and you’re gonna rock out Nutella, Evan’s version 🙂

The Earth Balance Almond Butter Ive seen advertised in Yoga Journal of all places and it looks interesting.

Congrats on the food proc success story!!!!!!!!!

Great job with the nut butters. Yeah you could be a lawyer. Hazelmuts? How do you find your own butters versus the bought ones you have??

I hope you get out with some friends for New Years and enjoy yourself – you should take a break from your family and food for awhile kid – life should be balanced 🙂 Think about it.

i’ve been grabbing those zen soy puddings and sticking em in my grocery cart, only to put them back 2 seconds later bc i’m not sure if they’re good. since you’re not a huge fan i think i’ll skip it! yay about the successful return at macys!

I’m definitely going to guess hazelnuts! One of my favorites.

K initially I thought chestnuts but now I think Ill go with everyone else.. lol
Enjoy your tofu din din!

those look like filberts! (which are, you know, hazelnuts)

chestnuts? for chestnut butter? i hope that’s right!

i totally did something similar at best buy today. i’ve found that a big smile wins over hearts and no one asks questions haha

thats funny. I was just asking my sister today if she wanted to make stuffed peppers for dinner tomorrow night…i hope she agrees because I have been dieing to try them!!

YOUR FOOD IS AMAZING! i just got a food processor too! whats the best PB recipie uve tried?

My first thought was hazelnuts and it looks like I’m not alone!

I have heard such good things about ZenSoy, but am still leary of the soyness in the taste.

Is there anything better than bulk bins? I’m not sure there is…

stuffed pep’s are the best because you can eat the whole meal!

bulk bins are amazing! in college our grocery stores was wegmans and it is RIDIC with the bins…I would go nuts!

cant wait to see what you are making!

Hazelnut butter! Hope your dinner was a hit!!

Well, everyone has already said it….hazelnuts (I think)!

Banana Oatmeal with Banana Pudding?! Hello!

Glad you were able to solve the food processor problem with no problem. I hate it when you get new appliances and they don’t work!! That happened to me with a food scale I bought a while back. Grrr…

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