Soups And Raw Eating

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I’m glad you guys found my format for the last post witty; I’d like to do stuff like that more often but it’s something that comes and goes(mostly goes). Maybe it was because I was watching sassy Sabrina, The Teenage Witch while working out? Maybe… For lunch my mom threw together for herself chicken noodle soup, which gave me a major craving for the stuff. After looking at what she made hers with, I actually had no clue what half the ingredients were(me, the person who has gone shopping for xanthan gum) and the ones I did recognize I was not willing to touch. Instead, I tried to supplement that with a replacement soup.

Amy's Lentil Vegetable Soup

Broccoli And Cornbread With Raw Cheddar And Vegan Organic Bac'Uns

Amy’s soup was only OK. I added dehydrated onions, pepper, and salt to it to boost the flavor(and it was already a sodium bomb). Really, though, it did not impress or feed my craving at all. On the side I had leftover killer cornbread and broccoli. Is microwaving raw cheddar cheese counterproductive? Something tells me that it is, but it was better melted. The Bac’Uns again were only OK; they had more of a general smokiness than a bacon flavor. By the way, I ate it along with this.

Looney Toons Utensils And A Scratch Ticket

Because if microwaving raw cheese isn’t hypocritical, maybe baby utensils and adult entertainment is–not a problem. After lunch it was still snowing but less so than it will be for the next few days, so we went to TJMaxx to return a sweater. Fun stuff, isn’t it? I was not so interested in the clothes shopping so I ran in to Sudbury Farms(a grocery store) right next door to grab a few things.

Full Circle Organic Chicken Noodle Soup

Such as this soup. Meat cravings cost money when you’re only willing to go free-range; good thing I don’t get them much. I was actually grabbing stock and whole wheat egg noodles first and then asked myself “Do I really want to actually buy a big chicken? And would I be motivated enough to make it all from scratch?”. Short answer: Buy the canned stuff. When we got home I could not wait to make an afternoon meal.

Organic Chicken Noodle Soup In A Parisian Soup Bowl

Chocolate Vitamuffin

With a muffin on the side, to make it a well-rounded meal 🙂 The soup definitely hit the spot, despite having like 2 pieces of chicken in it. Really, I probably could have drank chicken broth and been happy at that point. I picked up that bowl in Paris last year and thought it would be a fun time to use it. It fits, no? I don’t actually remember eating soup that trip… Anyway, afterwards I planned on making some roasted nuts, but realized if I did that I’d be all out! I hate running out of things which is why I usually have 2 cans of everything. Instead, I found another recipe I wanted to make.


I decided to go with Averie’s almost raw chocolate chip cookie dough balls. I think I was in love with this recipe when I saw it had 4 ingredients(5 with vanilla powder) and I could make it all in my food processor. I used 3oz cashews, 30g oats, 3 tablespoons maple syrup, and 2 tablespoons chocolate chips.

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies

These came out the perfect consistency. I made mine into 10 90-calorie cookies rather than into balls because I just like them more that way(Oh, the things that could be said here…). Of course, I needed to taste them and spoil my appetite 😉

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie

They were really good considering how simple they are. They kind of tasted simply like cashew butter; maybe next time I’ll add more vanilla and a touch of sea salt. Or I could put these in yogurt or ice cream like real cookie doughs. I’m liking the possibilities. While I was making(and eating) these, my mom made dinner for everybody.

Turbot With Smoked Salt, Baked White Potato With Habanero Salsa, Green Veggies With Nutritional Yeast

We picked up turbot at Whole Foods in Dedham even though we didn’t(still don’t) know that much about it. It tasted like any sort of white fish so I added some of my new, fancy shmancy salt to perk it up with smokiness. I’m liking the nutritional yeast more and more a as I eat it. And I don’t think I’ve had salsa on a white potato since Summer–long overdue. For dessert, I have wayyyy too many possibilities going around my mind. This should be fun…

By the way–I just looked around and asked if I was the last person not in my pajamas. My mom said “Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it might be rude, but…” and my dad asked “Are you feeling alright?”.

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13 Responses to “Soups And Raw Eating”

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im going to have to give those raw cookies a try- sounds interesting!

and im glad you finally found a soup (in a can, even!) to help with your craving! 🙂

those are tiny cookies — just means you can eat more of ’em 🙂

LOL – you are witty! love your writing style.

I have a few Amy’s soups here – they are high in sodium…but man you are sooo right – I ain’t cooking up a chicken and making my own anytime soon…

Wow you are really going all out with Vegan lately hey?! Love the chocolate vitamuffin yum!

Do your parents like the cookies? I assume she usually asks what you want for dinner – do you guys always eat the same meal together? Cheers 🙂

sweet another recipe for my food processor :)! haha sabrina the teenage witch…my dad banned me from watching that show when i was like 7 because it was “giving me an attitude.” guess i have to catch up on reruns now!

I love your Paris soup bowl! Pick me up one next time you’re in Paris?

I also love raw desserts – cookie dough balls (or flattened circles) are my favorite. Have fun experimenting with your next batch!

I’ve GOT to make some of those balls. If only so that I can repeatedly write “balls” on my blog.

But those really do look delicious!

Great job on my cookie dough balls!!!!! Here’s the link to the orig post
Not b/c you didnt do a fabulous job on them, just b/c if anyone else wants to see my step by step photos, well, I just thought I’d hook ’em up 🙂 You can delete this if you want to though as I know link droppage is kinda tacky. LOL

Anyway though, I always have 2 cans of everything b/c i run out of everything too! And I personally think TJ’s choc chips, the ones you show, are the best semi sweet chips around, beat nestle, ghirdelhi, 365 brand, etc etc. They are simply the best. I dont know if they are tech vegan and frankly, I dont care. They rock.

Great post, great brock photo too!

Happy New Year! I love that you made the raw balls into flat little cookies, they look even cuter that way!

Ok, I’m putting those almost raw cookies on my list of things to do this week.


Haha I love the the irony of microwaving raw chocolate. Your corn bread pictures always give me the biggest hankering for the stuff!

Oh wow, those cookies look good! I haven’t tried any raw desserts yet, but those seem like a good one to start with.

i would totally microwave raw cheese as well

Sabrina the teenage witch? major throwback. I remember when it was on TGIF.. oh, the good ol’ days.

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