Tuna Two Ways

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I Love Lucy

That(besides whipping it) pretty much sums up my morning. I had no ambition to do much else but work my way through season 1. I got through 2 episodes, including the one with Mr. Merriweather and Ethel pretending to be a psychic. Anyone else remember that? Classy.


Mr. Montana was definitely feeling itchy this morning. I was thinking how productive it’d be to give him a bath but a) he wouldn’t let me pick him up to put him in the sink and b) that would have made a HUGE mess I’d have to clean up. Instead, I just scratched him as we watched Paula Dean use obscene amounts of butter in desserts. God bless her and may her arteries stay clear so she can keep pumping out those recipes!

For lunch, I had plenty of delicious leftovers to choose from. Not only that, I had a full kitchen to work with. And you know what I had?

Tuna And Whole Wheat Mac N' Cheese

Canned tuna and boxed mac n’ cheese I made in the microwave. Oh, the irony. I really didn’t want to make this because I know it’s the type of meal I’ll be eating all too much when I go back to campus. BUT it was what I was craving and I’m never one to deny that. At least the instant macaroni was whole wheat, right? Can anyone spy what television character those are shaped as? It’s hard to tell, and it’s a little silly. But I got the whole box for 77 cents so it was a major deal. So as to not fall off the green wagon completely, I pregamed(bet you didn’t expect to hear me say that) this meal with a green beverage.

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

I mixed 1/2 a cup of plain coconut milk kefir with Amazing Grass‘s green superfood. I’d been waiting for an occasion just like this to review this product. And I was wicked impressed with how UNgreen it tasted! Well, it still tasted green, but not displeasantly so. It was slightly sweet without a graininess to it at all. If you want to tell me I was getting the benefits of all the foods listed on the back, that’s fine with me and pass a glass. The kefir made it a nice, thick treat, too, and probiotic.

This afternoon was monumentously unproductive. I hoped to go for a walk since the sky was so blue… until I realized with the wind chill it was 19 degrees. I didn’t even really feel like cooking up one of the few recipes I have bookmarked to do because that meant cleaning up after myself. Boo. I realized that this is when normal people generally watch their movies, such as the one I bought over a month ago and still haven’t seen: Gettysburg. That was good enough reason for me to pop it in. I almost napped during the first hour, but eventually got into it. Halfway through I made a snack.

Stonyfield's Cookies N' Dream Frozen Yogurt And A Vitamuffin

And now that picture is making me want it again, darn it all. The frozen yogurt had a bit too much freezer burn on it but that was fine by me. And it went so nicely with the warmed muffin–yum! I knew Gettysburg was a movie about history but I didn’t realize it’s the longest movie in history(not really). But after 2 and a half hours, when it wanted me to change discs instead of being over, I was over and decided to save the rest for a rainy day. Thankfully, by then my mom came home and we were planning dinner.

Lemon Pepper Oil

My aunt gave us a Stonewall Kitchen Oil for Thanksgiving and tonight seemed like the perfect chance to open it. We had ahi tuna and rather than roasting I suggested pan searing after seeing it on Ada’s blog. The oil splattered on me a bit, but we got through 4 minutes of searing, 2 minutes per side.

Roasted Butternut Squash And Broccoli, Seared Tuna

It wasn’t perfect like at Tomasso’s, but I was pretty damn impressed with us. The lemon flavor really was soaked in there well, and the inside was a pretty pink. I topped the tuna with smoked Scottish salt, the butternut with salt and black pepper, and broccoli with plain sea salt. I ended up finishing the pan of broccoli “to be helpful with cleaning up” 😉 It’s a lot better than cleaning dishes!


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19 Responses to “Tuna Two Ways”

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Mm, love Cookies & Dream! What brand is that whole wheat mac?

so funny that you opted to end the movie instead of switching discs. i have no attention span for long movies! montana looks a tad bit disgruntled in that pic, lol. ahh when i watch paula deen i swear my arteries hurt.

I love Lucy, too!! 🙂 It makes me happy!

what is it about tuna and mac and cheese that is just so perfect?!

ahh I can’t remember the last time I watched I Love Lucy — such a classic!

your dog is so cute!

I had mac n’ cheese today also. Mine wasn’t whole wheat though. I was at Panera and started craving their vermont cheddar version. Maybe because it has been so cold lately.

i had can tuna for dinner tonight. and i miss watching i love lucy on nick at nite!

Mac and Cheese? Always healthy, esp in the microwave…and whole wheat. And the characters (which i don’t know what they are)…always makes stuff more healthy.

Love that snack during Gettysburg…and I remember watching that movie in American History in high school…oh so long ago (like, 2001?!)

LOL – why Gettsyburg?? For school?

LOVE THE SNACK – muffin and cookies n creme??!! After my heart my man.

Agreed about the cold. 3 more months of this?? Ughhh – I can barely stand going out at all…:(…I’m surprised you don’t mind being relegated to inside considering all your previous 10 and 13 milers on the infamous TM??!!! 🙂

Nothing wrong with mac and cheese. I wish I listened to my cravings more…sometimes I eat what’s left over even if I don’t feel like it…oh well, mistakes mistakes.

Oh and I’m doing a give-a-way for OIKOS if you or your readers are interested. Deadline by Friday!!!!


i love flavored oil! so easy to add some flavah to food wiht it

okay i have to tell you that your blog is one of my favs EVA! love all your eats! i cant TELL you how many times ive had canned tuna and easy mac! whooo!

Oh this looks sooo good:Roasted Butternut Squash And Broccoli, Seared Tuna
Back in the day when i used to eat fish, i loved seared ahi. In fact i cannot tell you how many dates i went on where i drank vodka and dined on seared ahi. It’s found in restaurants and it’s almost impossible to mess up. Well, ok, that’s a lie. It is, but it was a staple of my eating in restaurant days meal. Thx for indulging my trip down memory lane 🙂

that oil…wow. Never heard of anything like that. So cool!

ahhh roasted butternut and broc.. best combo!!! 🙂 Im with Averie.. Ive never seen lemon pepper oil.. interesting! I bet it gave the fish a unique flavor! 🙂
Happy Thursday!!

love love your pregame beverage!

stone wall kitchen has the BEST everything 🙂 your meal looks delish!

I had salmon two ways yesterday! Out of a pouch (gasp!) and baked. Better baked, much, much better.

Mmmm…I LOVE seared tuna. Y’all’s looks perfectly rare on the inside!

that lemon pepper oil looks delish! There is a small olive oil place where I live, they make the best tasting tangerine flavored oil. If only it wasnt like 11 dollars for a WEE bottle, I would actually buy some haha.

That lemon pepper oil looks awesome! I’d love to try experimenting with flavored oils but I can never decide what to do with them!

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