Whippin’ It

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Alternate titles: A Fruity Morning, Freezing My Potassium Off, and I Said I Wouldn’t. All very descriptive, the last one as in “I said I wouldn’t go back for more vegan meatloaf last night.”

Vegan Meatloaf

I had to. It was just too good. And, no, this wasn’t like I didn’t eat enough at dinner and needed a little more. I filled up on this at dinner(trust me), and this was me wanting this for dessert 2 hours later. I even thought about all the chocolate I could have instead. Nope. I wanted meat(sort of). This was probably a good choice to watch The Biggest Loser with. Did you watch it? I did, but honestly I don’t feel any connections with contestants when there are still so many. After that, I noticed a recipe on Facebook that was calling my name!

Vanilla FroYo Banana Whip With NuttZo And 2 Goji Almond Oat Cookies

The link was to a NuttZo blog post about banana whip ice cream! It looked so good, I had to break out the food processor. I blended 4oz banana(about 1 big one) with 1/4 cup really pure vanilla frozen yogurt, and then topped it with some Goji Gourmet almond oat cookies and a spoonful of NuttZo. This was so good! The banana ice cream had such great flavor and texture, and the cookies and NuttZo really hit the spot. And the healthy sugar here didn’t even keep me up at all so that I was sleeping pretty 30 minutes later.

By the way, did anybody else catch the Jay Leno Show? It was perfect. First Kim Kardashian deep fried Oreos with Guy Fieri, then Jillian Michaels came out and traded insults with Jay. She admitted her fat food of choice was Cheetos as a child. i could not picture her ever eating a Cheeto. Anyway, this morning I woke up in time to say goodbye to everyone heading off to work. I decided I needed something that felt like dessert for breakfast, so banana whip it was!

Banana And Chobani Whip With Xanthan Gum

Oatmeal With Vanilla Almond Butter, Strawberry Frosting, And Strawberry And Cocoa Granola

This time I whipped the same amount of banana with 1/2 a container of plain Chobani and some NuNatruals vanilla stevia. The texture came out more like a smoothie so I added xanthan gum and refroze it. I feel like a mad scientist playing with that stuff šŸ™‚ For oatmeal, we’re running low on pumpkin. W’ere not out, but dangerously close so that I want to save it for an oats emergency. Instead of break the little glass box that holds the last can of pumpkin, I made some plain oats and gave it a fruity frosting with my MojaMix granola that has dried persimmons and strawberries. Yum! It went great with the clean but earthy vanilla almond butter.

So far today, I’ve been very lazy(still in my PJ’s :-)). Morning TV has been eventful, though. First, Goji Gourmet was featured as Rachael Ray’s snack of the day! And it was the almond oat flavor I had last night–too funny. After that, on Regis and Kelly, a guest explained how you can use alternative natural sweeteners to cut sugar out of the American diet. Perfect! Except he said Fage yogurt was good for you “because it has only one sugar cube per serving”. Correction: Fage yogurt, and other plain yogurts, have no sugar cubes per serving. They have sugar, but it’s lactose which is completely natural in milk. Attacking that would be like attacking the sugar in apples. OK, I just had to get that out there.

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11 Responses to “Whippin’ It”

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Wow I love all your eats. That vegan meatloaf sounds amazing! And all your banana whips! Love it. I might break out of my food rut yet!=) For some reason I cant picture Kim K. frying anything, much less really cooking anything. haha. That would have been kinda funny to watch. Im bummed I missed the Biggest Loser! Totally forgot about it~! Hopefully they will rerun it…do you think its going to be a good season? Have a great day!!!

Embrace the PJ’s…everyone needs a lazy day! šŸ™‚

i love when people try and figure out sugar and forget that like, milk is a sugar. fruit is full of sugars. look on a jug of milk and there’s sugar on the nutrition info… natural sugar is difffffferent.

from what i’ve read/heard jillian michalls was fat growing up and had eating issues which i think is why she really taps into the emotions of the contestants on BL

Food artistry = Oatmeal With Vanilla Almond Butter, Strawberry Frosting, And Strawberry And Cocoa Granola.


I have never watched the biggest loser. I know, i am the only person in the universe šŸ™‚

Yummm…I want to try a vegan version of that banan whipped cream. Delish!

i used to eat cheetos every single day up until i was 20 (sometimes an entire giant bag for dinner). i haven’t touched one in 10 years!

Whip it good! Love that you defended the honor of Fage. I want to try the vegan meatloaf you are so enamored with!

That banana Chobani whip looks so creamy! I like! No hate from me on the PJs – I live in them šŸ™‚

I agree – I’m definitely not “gunning” for any of the contestants as of yet. Personally, I think the fact that any of them get eliminated is kind of ridiculous.

rant over.

that whip looks phenomenal!

Love to lounge in my PJs!

Great idea to add chobs to banana soft serve!

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