Ifs And Thens

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If you’re going to cook something for lunch that’s already going to make your breath smell bad…

Lightlife Savor Chick'n Smart Tenders

Then you might as well make the whole meal a stanky mess.

Savory Chick'N Tenders, Garlic Steamed Brussels, Sour Cream & Onion Popchips

A delicious, stanky mess, that is. That would be the tenders, brussels sprouts I steamed and then ground dried garlic on top of with sea salt, and a bag of Pop Chips which I got in the mail yesterday to review.

If you’re going to make a “healthy” potato chip…

Sour Cream & Onion Pop Chips

Then you better make them tasty. And boy do they! I think I’m in love with this flavor. This actually had me wondering: Who am I? Normally, I don’t like chips because they’re not really filling and poorly flavored. But THESE were absolutely delicious. And healthy? I’m still enamored about that last one. This was the first flavor I tried, but I’m 98% sure I’m buying a big bag of those from the classy Targe when I’ve had them all.

If you’re going to end a Thursday show with 2 cliffhangers, Days Of Our Lives, then you can expect I’ll be watching tomorrow’s episode.

If you’re going to make a healthy, vegan cookie…

Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookies

(Those would be my 4th or 5th batch of the vegan pumpkin molasses cookies adapt from Holly’s recipe made with erythritol instead of 1/2 a cup turbinado sugar) Then you should balance that with sugary maple cupcakes and dream of the cream cheese and butter you can slather on them.

Maple Syrup Cupcakes

I intended to make my vegan maple-apple morning cookies. Then I decided I didn’t want oats or apples in them. Then the flaxseed and wheat germ came out and an egg went in. Whoops. Then they magically poured themselves into lined cupcake tins and cooked for 16-18 minutes. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? I was drooling thinking about the maple cream cheese frosting or vegan maple buttercream frosting I could whip up(literally) for them, but after giving it thought I’m thinking these are going to hit the freezer and that would not work out.

If you’re going to be in the kitchen for 4 hours and not sit down…

Vegan Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll With Smart Balance Peanut Butter

Then you need handheld carbs and fat to keep going. 2:30-6:30. I think at some point my mind skipped out and found a place to sit and still hasn’t came back(hence me going for a gimmicky post to bemuse us all).

If you’re going to be handling raw food…

Raw Chicken Breast

Then chicken is not the one to be tempted to lick the fork after working with. I was thinking of Twittering my perils, but didn’t know what to say/didn’t want salmonella on my keyboard.

If you’re going to dream of peanut butter, maple, and bacon for your entire life…

Hickory Maple Peanut Butter

Then you might as well make a hickory maple peanut butter. This was my final kitchen work-up, and I’m a little disappointed. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and this one’s all over the place with consistancy. Maybe it just needs to sit a while.

If you’re going to leave me in charge of dinner…

Cherry Maple Chicken, Killer Cornbread, Parsnip And Carrot Fries With BBQ Dipping Sauce

Then you know it’s going to be maple flavored something. The chicken came out amazing(totally tooting my own horn here). But seriously, it was juicy and cooked just for the right amount of time, with a delicate sweetness. I saw cherry chiken on Jess’ blog and thought it sounded good. The fries never really crisped up unfortunately. And the killer cornbread? Still killer.

If you’re going to be hungry after your plate of food…

Pink Lady Apple

Then a fruit or vegetable is a smart call. Not a smart call? Going back for more chicken. OK, this wasn’t exactly unsmart(kind of like how that’s not exactly a word). But I like to eat 3oz of meat and be satisfied with that. But when I was still hungry and there was no fries, the chicken was way more appealing than leftover cornbread, and I figured a little extra of really good meat that I cooked myself wasn’t going to kill. Still had to have an apple after that, and now it’s sitting in me like a brick. Joy.

If I’m going to be posting at 7:52pm, then I better get out of my work clothes, take out my contacts, and figure out what shows are still on this season.

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15 Responses to “Ifs And Thens”

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gah, so much catching up to do on your blog. i apologize for my slacker nature. ummmm i happen to love the stanky mess. on all fronts, that meal looks delicious. i just found out today there is a GARLIC PARMESAN POPCHIP…ummm, have you seen those because i want them!

and yessssssss for pumpkin molasses cookies. your batch is making me crave them, because i haven’t made them in far too long!

have a good night!

Lol, when I thought about what Pop Chips I should try first it entirely crossed my mind to ask you after recalling your snackdiction. I’m thinking BBQ are next!

love all the baking!

whenever i see maple anything on your blog it makes me want to embrace my canadian heritage and go guzzle some syrup straight out of a tree. i’m weird, sorry. i agree, if you’re going to go with something garlicky, might as well go all out!

ohmigosh. If you don’t want that amazing hickory maple peanut butter, send it my way! WHoa holy whoa!!!

psst! Costco sells a MEGA bag of pop chips, too!

Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookies look amazing and I LOVE molasses. PERFECT but i bet they have gluten in them, oh well, i can sub out.

the muffin creation. NICE!!!!

Hickory Maple Peanut Butter would pretty much be a mouthgasm i think too 🙂

thanks for the details about being popular. I always wonder about this from a guy’s perspective and if it matters. I think it matters for everyone. Period. No one is immune, well, I wouldnt think. Anyway, thx for the weighing in 🙂

What a scrumptious stanky mess! (There’s an exclamation I never thought I’d say)

Pop-chips really are the greatest thing since slice, sprouted grain bread. I love the sour cream and onion flavor. It’s a close 2nd to the BBQ variety.

Those cookies look amazing, and just the mere sound of hickory maple peanut butter was enough to get my mouth watering.

Happy belated New Year!

I’ve been wanting to try those pop chips. Thanks for the review.

Hickory maple PB sounds delicious! You have some good eats.

Vegan Pumpkins cookies? RIGHT up my alley.. Im growing fond of molasses lately.. I need to try these out asap!!

mmm those cupcakes look sooo awesome! and hickory maple peanut butter?? I think the reason that your consistency was off, is that maple is a syrup and thus when its mixed with peanut butter it tends to crystalize the nut butter….I know this happened when I tried to make my own rice syrup peanut butter, or honey peanut butter…the peanut butter companies must use something so this doesn’t happen when they make their versions…

Love the “go hard or go home” approach to lunch. If your breath is going to stink, enjoy every stinky bite!

dang, I still haven’t made those cookies! the nut butter SOUNDS good 🙂

I LOVE your blog! And pop chips. And chicken tenders. And Days of Our Lives. 🙂

I think you should forgo your next semester at college and come be my personal chef…haha! Everything you make always looks so yum!

Evan- There was probably too much moisture (maple syrup, and I’m assuming you used liquid smoke?) Try again with smoked almonds or smoked peanuts with minimal liquid add ins- see how that works for you!

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