Leftover Loaf

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When it comes to leftovers, I usually have a love/hate relationship with them. At first, I dread the idea of having anything bearing over me in the future, like a time bomb in the fridge. After I get over the acceptance, I make it my mission to take the same food and make a completely unique and delicious dish with a layer of flavors. With my loaf, however, it was an entirely different story.

Vegan Meatloaf, Broccoli, Ketchup

I was looking forward to eating this vegan meatloaf just the way it was from the moment I made it. I mean, it’s a loaf, after all. It’s bound to taste better after resting a few days. I can’t say it was life-changingly different from how it first tasted, but I will say I enjoyed this very very much, and know I’ll be committing the recipe to memory so I can whip it up without turning my computer on. On the side I had some steamed broccoli and Trader Joe’s organic ketchip, as well as some of these:

Barbeque Pop Chips

More Pop Chips! I can not tell you how excited I was to try this flavor after hearing so much of it on other blogs. My opinion? Well, the Barbeque ones were by no means bad, but I definitely had higher hopes and liked the sour cream & onion ones way more. Oh well, there are some flavors left that might surprise me, too.

Also a slight disappointment? The death on Days Of Our Lives. I mean, death should never be something to look forward too… OK, who am I kidding? TV show drama is the bomb. But they kind of copped out by killing a character who hasn’t been present for 2+ years. Boo. They need another serial killer. OK, now that sounds weird(but it’s true).

Anyway, today I had plans for the afternoon; at my old high school they have an annual alumni basketball game where essentially all the alumni from every graduating class is invited to come play or watch, and then go bowling afterwards. My basketball talents are probably as good as Tiger Woods(I was a fencer throughout high school), but I was game for coming and chatting. On the car ride in to the city I had a chocolate tooth strike.

Amazing Grass Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar

Errign gave me this bar as part of her giveaway that I won, which I reviewed here. She figured me out so well 🙂 Besides the obvious(that they’re chocolate), these are amazing because they’re also raw, alkaline, and, most amusingly, green! That was definitely a surprise the first time I bit in and looked down.

I got to the game once it had already started, and was a bit surprised at how few people showed up. No love for the alma mater? Thankfully, there were some good friends from my class standing around who I caught up with while we watched the game. Oddly, it didn’t feel like much had changed over time; I think it’s the magic of connecting/reconnecting with Facebook and the internet. After an hour, we started heading back home, but made a pit stop at Shaws.

Barney Butter

I had heard Barney Butter was now at Shaws but checked the one closer to me to no luck. But in the city it was another story! Frankly, it was more than I normally care to pay for any nut butter, let alone one that’s not even flavored. However, I justified it in my mind by using money from Christmas that I specifically set aside for “fun” food purchases and the fact that I haven’t been and might not be in Boston for over 4 months. We hopped back in the car for a ride home through rush hour traffic. My, how I did not miss this. It was surprisingly light for a snowy evening, but we still got home a little late and I just wanted fast food.

Vegan Meatloaf

Greek Yogurt With Pumpkin Butter And More Pumpkin Butter

To quote Ms. Spears, Oops, I did it again! I said I was a food blogger, never that I wasn’t repetitive 😉 That was the last of the vegan meatloaf, which went down a little to fast and is now sitting a little too heavy. And because I hadn’t had yogurt or very much protein all day, I opted for that instead of veggies on the side. The pumpkin butter(from a local farm), kind of tasted like baby food. But I kind of wasn’t complaining, because I’ve been thinking about hitting up that aisle for some interesting oat concoctions. And now there’s a new Ghost Whisperer on, which is kind of 10 times better than making a fool of myself bowling. This loaf better not loaf around in my stomach too long because I could use some weekend dessert 🙂

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10 Responses to “Leftover Loaf”

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Who died? I haven’t watched days for about 10 yrs but Im assuming the characters/plot line is the same?? lol

I need to get one of those green superfoods bars.. I see em everywhere!

Can I just say that it totally cracks me up that you are a ‘Days’ watcher! I also think it is totally cool that you own it! haha!

i love leftovers just because that means i don’t have to cook the next day. and i totally used to watch days — i need to get back into it!

ooo that Ghost Whisperer was creepy! My mom and I were definitely hiding faces in the sofa pillows while we watched it…I feel like it isn’t always that creepy? I don’t regularly watch it though, so I don’t know, haha…and how much does that vegan loaf make? you seem to have tons of leftovers!

Haha leftovers don’t do well in my fridge either. I always feel bad about NOT throwing them away, but then end up forgetting about them until too late. =D

b t dubs… one of my friends just got into Brown for track… you’ll see him next year!

i love things that taste like baby food! but i always feel weird buying it, so i never do. just have to steal bites from my baby cousins’ jars haha. i have that love/hate relationship with leftovers too!

I’m all about the leftovers – I try to stretch my dinners as much as possible. That vegan meatloaf looks fantastic. I also really want to try the superfoods bars, green + chocolate = perfection.

Wow. Not only am I a food-blog-reader of over two years/nutrition and vegan enthusiast, but I am also the biggest Days of Our Lives fan ever. It’s just about the only show I regularly watch. Are we the same person? I agree — what a meaningless move today… I can only assume they’ll use it as a way to make something really dramatic happen when everyone’s gathered during a funeral. And what’s with EJ being on the inside?? =O Definitely revenge for Sami’s keeping him from Grace.

I make a fool of myself bowling too – I told B point blank when we first started dating, that we were never going bowling. Haha

I need to try greek with pumpkin butter when I make pumpkin yogurt – great idea Evan!

I’m so jealous that you were able to find Barney Butter, I have yet to find it in NYC. I’m glad you had a fun time at the basket ball game, it sounds like a fun little tradition:)

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