My Shirt Matches My Oats

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Good morning. I love that it’s a new week! For some reason, it just feels like everything’s nice and fresh and ready to start anew. Maybe I’m just happy to have the house to myself again? That’s probably it. I have a new goal! I’m new to Twitter and now I want to get 100 Twitter followers before I go back to school. I think that’s very practical so let’s do it! Follow me here. Last night there was so much dessert to choose from. My mom was first to dive in and gave glowing reviews for the peanut butter cups, which was funny because I just made those on a whim when I had leftover chocolate. Well, I figured I’d start with those.

Soy Yogurt With Homemade Peanut Butter Cup And Vanilla Sugar

Over soy yogurt, just like I like it. The irony was lost here because there was no milk in the chocolate and this was totally vegan 😦 I like irony. It’s tasty! But so were these peanut butter cups. Making these for myself is definitely a practice I should get into because it’s so much more frugal and still delicious. My mom actually set one aside to take as an afternoon snack today, haha.

Last night, against my normal Food Network nature, I wtched the Simpsons’ 20th year special. I’m afraid to admit it, but the Simpsons are older than me! And they’re still good. I find that remarkable. I really hope they never end, which is not the case for some of my other favorite shows as of late *cough*Leno*cough*. Sometime through, I had a ball.

Banana Bread Ball

Jess was pretty smart with these because they’re delicious! The thin layer of chocolate over breading is just perfect. It reminds me of a chocolate covered donut from Dunkin’ Donuts, but not as sweet and 10 times better for you. This would be a fun thing to make for a brunch; I don’t think I used enough cream cheese, thought(which is odd because I’m known for having a heavy hand with the cream cheese ;-)). I started watching Brothers & Sisters and decided to make some oats with a new product.

Oatmeal With Maple Cashew Butter And Agave Ginger Cashews

It’s so hard to find crunchy nut butters that aren’t peanut butter, so instead I just used a cashew butter and these new Tierra Farm’s agave ginger cashews. I was very impressed by these. I almost never deal with glazed nuts because I never find them flavorful unless they’re salt roasted but then they just taste like salt. But these were entirely different; at times I felt like I was chewing on ginger! Wowza were they hot, but in a good way. These would be very gourmet to put in a dish at a party, for sure.

This morning I woke up feeling like a little strength training would be good. I threw on my new Target shorts that cost 3.50 and an old t-shirt from Greece and did a full core, which consisted of

  • 40 push-ups
  • 50 standing lunges, 5 walking lunges
  • 70 side crunches, both sides
  • 100 crunches
  • 70 crunch pose-hold
  • 240 arm rotaries
  • 5 sets of 7 chair swings
  • 40 squats
  • 70 standing marches
  • 70 rower arms(forgot to do this)
  • 40 second rower’s pose hold(and this, too)
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 70 tricep dips
  • 100 air bike kicks.

Did you know when you do crunches you should have your legs elevated? It works your lower abs better. I put mine up on a desk chair. After that I grabbed something for protein:

Cookie Dough Luna Protein

Delicious, but really I just wanted not to have a partially eaten bar lying around; that drives me crazy! And I did 200 flights of stairs for cardio. It’s hard to tell how long it took because I had to stop not once but 3 times to let somebody outside to go to the bathroom(I’m assuming by the “let outside” part you understand it wasn’t me). I wanted to just decide to stop after the 3rd time because it made my workout feel less-so but I realized that’s not the right reason to stop a workout and it’s always better to finish no matter what. After that I showered up and made another seasonal breakfast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With NuttZo And Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Nog Greek Yogurt

Am I going to crave pumpkin in the Spring? I think I just might. I loved the NuttZo which is kind of sweet but has no added sugar, especially with the savory cream cheese–yum! And I had some Noggy yogurt which makes Christmas feel not so long ago. Thanks to Xanthan Gum, this was so nice and thick; otherwise it’d been runny like a fat-free Stonyfield and I can just not stand that. Xanthan does have a bit of a dulling flavor so it needed a little more sweetener. Afterwards I wondered why I went for NuttZo for breakfast…

NuttZo T-Shirt

Clearly, I’m not the smartest cookie since I was wondering for so long 😛 I forgot: I added cinnamon to my pumpkin oatmeal this morning for the first time. It’s not that I wanted to taste it, or even did, but I’ve been seeing so many commercials for cinnamon as a heart-healthy spice I thought I’d add it. Does my heart feel happier? Well, I don’t know, but it didn’t affect the flavor and I’m sure it didn’t hurt.

PS. Here are some reviews I rewrote last night, in case you’ve ever been interested in any of these. They’re all ice cream. Clearly, I had something on my mind.

WholeSoy & Co. Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream

Purely Decadent Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream

Purely Decadent Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream

Stonyfield’s Cookies N’ Dream Frozen Yogurt

Stonyfield’s Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt

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19 Responses to “My Shirt Matches My Oats”

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haha love the nutzo shirt! you are stylin with that on 😉 I crave winter foods even in the spring too!! the eggnog yog sounds too good just for 1 season, ya knwo?

I got your email abotu teh meetup this weekend, i am going to cape cod 😦 so this weekend isnt great but def sometime soon I think it would be great to meet up!

Your workout is awesome! I love that you are showing people that you don’t need some fancy gym membership to get a great workout in! I think so many people use not having a gym membership as an excuse not to work out and it just isn’t true! 🙂

Love the workouts!! They sound like a great session! That banana bread ball sounds awesome. I’ll have to check the recipe out. I have some old bananas that are ready to made into something=) Hope you had a great weekend!

Your workout is awesome!!! great nutzo shirt too. 🙂

I ADORE the Simpsons and could quote episodes for days. I’ve been watching that show since I was 4-years-old (when it originally aired). Over the past years, though, I haven’t watched it at all due to it not being as sharp as its earlier years. I did love the movie though! Also, I definitely need to witness the 20th Anniversary special.

All of your eats look amazing, per usual, but the one that got my mouth watering the most was easily the peanut butter cup yogurt blend. Holy. Yum.

that luna bar looks like a candy bar 🙂 yum. and idk if it’s just me but being on break makes mondays not seem like mondays and so my weeks never feel like they start. i guess that’s why i love being scheduled so much haha

Wow those banana bread balls look totally awesome, and I agree, the new Luna protein bars are amazing:)

Nice balls!

Love the shirt.
Team Conan 😉

i really need to try that luna bar, i feel like every blog i read is talking about it…making me crazy! and those banana bread balls are genius

I went in search of that bar today! but found something close…PB Choc. Expect a mention in a post of mine…soon 🙂

The balls. Be still, my heart. They look amazing and thanks for all those reviews!!!! wow you’ve been a busy boy!!!


i’m mad i missed the simpsons thing-i heard some of it was here in portland… (i actually used to live on Flanders St, like the character, here!)

I really need to buy some xanthan gum but I just can’t justify the $15 price tag. Why is it so damn expensive?!?!

I found mine for 10 at a health food store, and it has 500-1000 servings per container how much you use. I think if you can get it at 10 it’d be good. I really want to try to make HEAB’s protein ice cream! That must be amazing

Im with Jenny.. tad pricey! But sometimes the splurge is worth it!!

Love the shirt.. I want one! 🙂

thanks for the review, going to check them out. ice cream is a fun category to review!

Thanks for the ABs info! I always wondered why some people put their feet up and some people kept them down – feet up work lower abs! So interesting!
and what is “rower’s pose” ?

I’m pretty sure I’m making up the name because I have no clue what it’s called, but you sit on the edge of a desk chair and take your arms from frontward position to stretched out parallel to the ground behind your back while moving your head and chest forward like you’re rowing with oars.

Great strength training session! Those vanilla sugar sprinkles are so pretty!

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