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*Check out my guest post on Tina’s Nuval Blog here*

I’ve never understood the phrase “That really gets my goat,” but right now it has a completely different meaning for me. I think that goat’s milk yogurt a few nights ago resparked my love affair with goat’s milk and now I’m craving it like crazy. According to Avery, it’s actually easier to digest because it’s closer to human milk than cow or soy. I just think it tastes amazing. So please, somebody, get my goat(or yours), start milking, and pass me a glass.

Did you know they make goat’s milk chocolate and goat’s milk fudge? Yes. That is what I was investigating last night, because I couldn’t imagine something to better feed my two loves. Because I didn’t have any of that, I decided to settle for chocolate that has no milk by Vivani.

Vivani Organic 72% Dark Chocolate

In fact, this chocolate has none of a lot of things; look at that ingredient list!

Simple Ingredients

3 organic ingredients and that’s it; I think I’m in love. And this bar tasted great, too! It was 72%, which is 2% over my usual and favorite cocoa content. This was just as good as I would have thought, with a great sweetness and a bitter touch. Chocolate will just never get old, will it?

Yesterday, Bobbi posted the recipe for “the healthiest cookie in America”. I have to admit: I was really tempted to make these(along with a few alterations to make them even more healthy). But we have so much frozen cookies right now, more would be ridiculous. Instead, I took out ingredients to recreate them in “the healthiest bowl of oatmeal in America”.

Better Than Roasted Walnuts

The cookies have dark chocolate(antioxidants) and walnuts(healthy fats) in them, so I grabbed some of the walnuts sent to me from Blue Mountain Organics. I kept trying to read the back of the bag to figure out exactly what they do and I must say that I’m still at a loss. But whatever they do, it must work! These were really light and almost like puffed rice. It was quite odd, but cool. The fact that they were so light made them really easy to break up for presentation.

Oatmeal With Dark Chocolate Almond Butter And Walnuts

I topped it with some dark chocolate almond butter to give it antioxidants and more healthy fats. I’ve probably made healthier bowls than this, but it wasn’t bad. I spent the whole time thinking about how they must “roast” the nuts at a really really low temperature and if I could do that. And about how this should be vegan but wasn’t because Maranatha puts milk powder in their dark chocolate almond butter. Doesn’t that make it milk chocolate technically? >:-(

I don’t think that was enough for a first-thing workout, but I just did not get hungry for anything else and ate that oatmeal minutes before falling asleep. But when I woke up I was still pretty drained. I thought I wanted to do cardio, so I set out for a nice stair session, but ended up only doing 100 flights. After that I knew I needed to just take a break, push it off until later, and eat a meal. The funny thing wa though that nothing really sounded “good” to me; thinking about greek yogurt and pumpkin made my stomach feel like it would have to work to digest, so I tried to keep it as easy and smooth as I could.

Banana Oatmeal With Earth Balance Peanut Butter And Fig Jam

Peanut Butter Soy Yogurt With Salt And Nutritional Yeast

The soy yogurt also sort of felt like a “compromise” that would be tough to digest but at least it was a tasty one. I added a little nutritional yeast to give it sort of a cheesiness more like really peanut butter has. And since I try to fit in protein to start the day, the 6g from peanut flour helped. Since pumpkin was too heavy, I used a small banana for the oats and some fig jam(which would go amazing with anything goat’s milk–just saying).

Now I’m wondering if lunch is going to be as hard to find something appetizing as breakfast. Tofu’s on the meal plan but I think I need something that goes down lighter. You didn’t hear it from me, but there might be a giveaway at the end of tonight’s post, following some recipes 😉 I guess you’ll just have to wait and see…

Or, for an instant giveaway, head over to Brandi’s blog for some delicious sounding jams!

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16 Responses to “Get My Goat”

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Congrats on your guest post, it was really great!

Fig jam?!? I’m all over that! YUM!

are things with goats milk more expensive? i’d love to try some stuff but i am a poor college student haha 🙂

Haha, unfortunately, yep. You don’t want to know how much I’ve dropped for a pint of goat’s milk ice cream before.

I think before I self crowned you the “nut butter king” but I am going to also say that you are one heck of an oatmeal eater too!! Exaclty how much oatmeal do you go through in a week?

Lol. At 2 bowls a day, 7 days a week, counting in a few “big bowls” and maybe an extra one, that’d be 1/2 a dry pound of oatmeal and 1/2 a pound of oatbran. Good thing Trader Joe’s sells oatbran by the 2lb bag!

3 ingredients in that chocolate bar?! I’m in love too! 😀

Milk Chocolate or not, I still want to try that Dark Choc Almon Butter! lol One of these days…

soy yogurt + pb + nutritional yeast? That is an interesting combination, my friend 🙂

Huh, I am glad you mentioned the milk powder in the Maranatha DC AB because I definitely almost bought it the other day without checking the label.

mmm that PB yogurt looks really good! That’s so neat you added yeast to it.. ill have to check that out. lovin all of the chocolate in this post 🙂

got to love foods that are equally tasty as they are healthy. Those oats sound perfect!

i think you are one of the most creative younger boy cooks/bakers/eater I know. my brothers would eat pasta for breakfast lunch and dinner if no one bought them anything else!

Goat’s milk yogurt is SOO good! I tried it before and reviewed it before my stomach attacked me… haha
A lot of perople who can’t digest cow’s milk can digest goat’s, so I thought I would take a chance! 😉

Oh, and the nut. yeast in peanut yogurt sounds really good!

I just came across your blog! You have some really good food on there :]

Fig jam. Wow. Divine.

All that choc and choc bars and spreads. Holy crap can i raid your cupboards. No, i AM raiding your cupboards 🙂

The parma in the last post…thanks for telling me it’s not that much superior to just standard issue nooch. Ok, good. I havent missed tons then 🙂

Goats milk closer to human milk. Indeed. And I am a certified lactation educator and childbirth educator and if women can’t nurse, goat’s milk is the best alternative. Well, actually camel milk. But if you’re not living in Saudi Arabi, then goat’s is usually the better option 🙂

Goats milk fudge. Wow. Now we’re talkin!!!! When i used to eat cheese and drink champagne like every day LOL I used to go vineyard hopping and eat the most amazing goat’s milk cheese and yes, it just rocks doesnt it!!!!

ahhh fig jam is sooo good

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