Say Cheeese And A Giveaway!

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Road trip! Route: Memory Lane

Did anybody else eat way too many of these in their childhood? It might or might not be just a New England thing; I’m not sure. Basically, these are cheese sandwich crackers with peanut butter in between. They’re not exactly health food, but at least they don’t have trans fat or HFCS(anymore at least. I have doubts about when I was a kid). OK, well I didn’t quite have these, BUT I figured out a kickassbutt way to work them into my lunch.

Cheddar Pop Chips With Smart Balance Peanut Butter

While trying out a new flavor of Pop Chips. Pretty snazzy. Plus I had real food.

Snobby Lentils And Broccoli With Nutritional Yeast

And something tall and bubbly to wash it all down.

Blueberry Pomegranate Steaz

And then I moved this all to the couch in front of the television. No, really, I did. My stomach was still feeling funky for lunch so instead of tofu I kept it simple with overcooked lentils and snobby joes over broccoli. I think I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of nutritional yeast; you just need to add A LOT at the time. The soda was OK but the flavor didn’t blow my mind; it mostly just tasted like green tea.

Also “just OK” was this flavor of Pop Chips. It just didn’t have that same, overly processed flavor as other cheese snacks. But maybe that’s a good thing? It’s just what I’ve come to expect from cheddar chips. What was really good was them with the peanut butter. It was just like the crackers! The sweet and salty work so well together. I might have to buy a bag of Pop Chips just for that.

After lunch and television, I started working on dinner.

Wet Ingredients

Along with the meal plan, I was making some killer cornbread. This time, I tried a variation some variations on it: I sweetened with 3 tablespoons agave nectar, accidentally poured in about twice the salt, and cut in cold pieces of Earth Balance natural butter spread at the last moment instead of mixing in the butter well.

Killer Cornbread

I actually think it might have cooked a few minutes faster, but besides that it looked and smelled the same: delicious. I also made up a rub for the chicken.

BBQ Chicken Rub

BBQ Chicken Rub


  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon agave nectar
  • 1 teaspoon liquid smoke
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Combine the ingredients in a small bowl. Season to taste with salt, if desired. Rub over chicken before cooking.

Marinating Chicken

It might technically be a marinade. I’m not sure. But if it’s a problem for you, please take it up with my lawyers. After that I rewatched the newest episode of Unwrapped(because, really, you need to see it twice to let it sink in). As much as I hate to eat bars at home, I was craving something dense and chewy, much like a granola bar. It was that or cut into the cornbread early.

Nature's Path Peanut Butter Optimum Energy Bar

I won this bar from Nature’s Path‘s facebook page and had no reason to try it until now. It definitely wasn’t very peanut buttery, but at least it had peanuts in it, as well as fiber and protein. Probably didn’t need all that added sugar for sitting on the house and converting recipes, but c’est la vie. After a good while, I got a start on dinner by putting broccoli and the chicken in the oven, and made a snack while I waited for that.

Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt With Organic Strawberry Conserves

Vanilla bean sugar makes everything feel special 🙂 And I just noticed my strawberry is organic, which has me far more excited than it should. Now I feel like I’m saving the earth every time I have some, though that’s probably not the case.

Killer Cornbread, BBQ Chicken, Roasted Broccoli Fries

Killer Cornbread, BBQ Chicken, Roasted Broccoli Fries

Finally, some decent broccoli fries. The perfection comes in the patience; these roasted for over an hour. The chicken was really good, but it would have been better had we had the grill to use. Still, the notes of cinnamon and cayenne were perfect. And the cornbread came out much better than the last time, probably because last time I forgot to add 1/2 the sweetener. This batch we decided was definitively more “corny” due to the agave nectar.

You should enter this giveaway for Amy’s Kitchen products right after entering my…

Chobani Giveaway!

Now that you’ve seen me cook with Chobani, here’s your chance to win some. Would you like to win a case of fruit Chobani? I love their fruit flavors because fruit is always the number 2 ingredient right behind milk(except for with the raspberry flavor). To enter, go to the Chobani website and write in one of the recipes that looks good to you. For bonus entries:

I’ll randomly choose a winner Friday at 8pm(which spells Ghost Whisperer time in this house) so get your comments in by then and good luck!

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80 Responses to “Say Cheeese And A Giveaway!”

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Mmmm those little cheese/pb crackers remind me of halftime snacks at soccer games. I’m not from New England, and I ate a TON of these things as a kid. 😉

alllways had those cheese/pb things when i was little. they were SO good.

The lemon-blueberry chobani loaf looks delicious!

I left you a comment on your vegan meatloaf recipe! I can’t wait to try it.

Holy Guacamole! I can eat guac anytime anywhere. Having a healthified version is exciting. I can’t say I’ve ever added yogurt to my guac, will try.

Thanks Evan!

Your cornbread looks de-lish!

The Wonderful Chobani Cake looks absolutely delicious!

I was DEPRIVED of those cheese/crackers thingy. We didn’t have that in Singapore! But I did have a lot of peanut pancakes….mmmm…

I tweeted! 🙂

The wonderful chobani cake looks sublime! And so simple to make too! I love sweet quick breads.

left a comment on 5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies post

enter me. This is my main entry. hello this looks great: Warm Spinach Arti-CHO-ke Dip

i follow you and i tweeted it!

i commented on your pumpkin bread recipe! i’d love to try chobani! i can’t find it in any grocery store near me!

I was still eating those cheese crackers up until about a year ago! Unfortunately, they are devoid of any nuturtional beneift. Maybe the hot orange color should have alerted me to the fact that they’re overprocessed?

Chobani Pumpkin Muffins, any recipe that makes my favorite muffin healthier is great!

I left a comment on the chocolate avocado pudding. Looks fun to make and delish!

The lemon blueberry Chobani loaf looks delicious!

yum, i LOVE chobani! too expensive though, so this giveaway is awesome!

i agree with Aileen – the lemon blueberry loaf is a Must Try!

commented on your apple crisp!

(and now must make that too…)

entry #2

ok, so i don’t have a blog but i linked back to this post in my fb status – i hope that counts!

entry #3

… can you tell i REALLY love chobani??

those pop chips are addicting.. i polished off half a bag of the originals in one day! (uhh 3/4) lol

I feel like cornbread has been everywhere in the blog world in the past few days!! Yours looks good.

Lol– even when I was a fat little kid, the idea of cheese crackers and peanut butter never appealed to me. I DID, however, like the plain white pb crackers from Lance. There was a kind that tasted just like a cookie…mmmmm…

I would definitely make the chobani spinach artichoke dip!

just left a comment on your gluten free brownies recipe! can’t wait to make it soon!

the pumpkin muffins look soo good!

and i left a comment on your gluten free brownie recipe!

Hmm smashed chotatoes I think would be my first attempt

Link love in my post that is being written write now, will go up this afternoon

Commented on your vegan meatloaf

ooh the spinach artichoke dip sounds awesome! I’ve never thought to try that with yogurt.

Cho-nana Bread!

I always liked the regular crackers with peanut butter more than the cheese crackers with peanut butter. Did you ever have the cheese crackers with cheese spread inside? Those were ridiculous.

i want to try the holy guacamole recipe from the chobani website. i commented on your corn bread recipe re: the sweetener, and i’ll link back to your blog in my next post!

YUM i loved those crackers growing up, the color is soooo natural looking too. i think we had a different brand though

that fake orange color is totally what made me want them as a kid!!

i think i’d want to try to make that spinach artichoke dip! and i’m linking up to you when my post goes up this afternoon.

and i commented on your vegan apple crisp recipe

love using greek yogurt as a sour cream swap! any of their recipes sound good… the sweet cho-tato salad, spinach artiCHOke dip, choco nana bread! ok now i’m hungry 🙂

omggg lemon-blueberry loaf looks so good!
thank you~

also commented on that bombin banana bread recipe i am itching to try out !!

Oh…and I think the Chobani recipe that looks the best is the roasted beet recipe! I love beets!!

mmmm whipped chobani and berries, Yum!

I also left a comment on popovers… my favorite thing! I forgot to tell you theres a cafe in Portsmouth NH called popover cafe, that if your a true popover fan, they make a sundae filled with ice cream (a bit indulgent, but when shared its amazing)

Mmmm the Wonderful Chobani Cake!

I also commented on your Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe! Looks SO good.

[…] check out Evan’s giveaway and Marcia’s (Running off at the Mouth) giveaway! Cool stuff for sure. Leave a […]

i want to try the spinach artichoke dip

i commented on vegan apple crisp.

there happy now? 😛

The Sweet Cho-tato Salad is right up my alley. The kids love sweet potatoes and we all love Chobani Yogurt.

I linked back to the giveaway on my blog!

Lemon Bluberry Chobani loaf! I NEED some baked goods in my life right now! Oh, and I’ve never tried Chobani, so thanks for the giveaway!

And I commented on your five-ingredient pb cookie recipe! They look so yummy!

OMG the lemon blueberry Chobani loaf sounds so good!

That Cho-Nana Bread is calling my name! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

I just commented on your Banana Goodness Bread! Think I have a slight banana bread obsession?

The chobani pumpkin muffins looks great!

I commented on your crustless pumpkin pie – so far I’m the only one to comment on it!

Hey i commented on the Avocado Pudding. I’m seriously so excited to give that a try and i will let you know how it turns out with the BULLET!!

the lemon blueberry chobani loaf thanks

The pumpkin Chobani muffins looks delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

whipped chobani and berries! so simply, but sounds so amaze :]

commented on vanilla almond granola! (looks so good!)

tweeted!! (@carrothead)

Sweet Cho-tato Salad

The lemon blueberry Chobani loaf sounds so good!

vanilla granola! yum!

I used to eat those cheese & peanut butter crackers all the time, ahh good times…..

Anyway, the recipe that looks SO good to me right now is the Creamy Apple Pie, yum!

I think I’d like to try making the chobani curry sauce and putting it on tofu or tempeh, yum!

I also commented on your pb cookie post. I think I”ve been putting that one off because they might be addicting!

as much as I love using yogurt in baking sweet things, I would love to try the baked ziti on the Chobani website, how intruging!

I love this giveaway! Here’s a recipe that caught my eye: Salmon with Chobani-Curry Sauce

I follow on Twitter cdziuba and tweeted

chobani cake

The pumpkin muffins sound great!!

I follow you on twitter and tweeted. I am @butterjessfly

Left you a comment on your recipe for avocado pudding!

Wow! Hard to choose one!
But, I am a sucker for dessert so here goes!
Creamy Apple Pie looks sinfully good to me!

Thanks so much for the opportunity! I checked out their recipes and I think the Chobani Pumpkin Muffins sound great!

I just commented on your Fig and Almond Blondies recipe!

It’s between the Chobani Pumpkin Muffins and that Cho-Nana Cake!

I commented on your mouth watering Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!

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